How to Choose the Best 2 Slice Toaster


Buying the absolute best 2 slice toaster of 2019 sure looks like a complicated thing to do. With so many models available on the market, any customer can end up feeling baffled. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for buyers, as they launch new and improved units every year. Here’s what you should consider if you want to purchase the right toaster for your own needs and requirements.

Best 2-slice toaster

Desirable features

2-slice toasters are convenient, because they speak to the needs of people living alone or with a partner and even address the requirements of individuals with tight kitchens. Yet any toaster, regardless of its complexity, should come with a series of features.

First of all, the settings need to be clearly marked, and the crumb trays have to be both easy to empty and easy to access. Secondly, functions such as pause and check, bagel settings and defrost options are a must if you intend on using the toaster on a regular basis.


Consider the color and finish

Even though it might not look like the most important consideration, it might be worth having a look at the color of your future toaster, as you’ll end up hating it if it really stands out compared to the rest of your kitchen. People can opt for toaster and kettle sets that can add a little bit of color-coordination to anyone’s kitchen.

Matching other appliances with the finish of your toaster can be done in a timely fashion, provided you have an astute eye for interior design.



Some cheap, plastic toasters can be bought for as little as five bucks. On the other hand, high-end models can cost around two hundred dollars and even more, depending on what you might be looking for. Try to think of your personal preferences before choosing a certain unit over another one and most of all, estimate a budget that you’re willing to spend on a new small appliance such as this one.


Brand and recommendations

As a general rule, try to avoid Asian products manufactured by shady brands. Browse through some of the best 2 slice toaster reviews to know just what to expect from the model of your choice.


Top Rated 2 Slice Toasters in 2019


In order to make your buying process a whole lot easier, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed units out there on the market. All of the following have acquired the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike and are known for being convenient, durable and economical.


Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster


1.Breville BTA820XL Die-CastBreville has a long history of manufacturing top-quality toasters, and this one is no exception when it comes to the brand’s quality standards. Some online marketplaces sell it for over two hundred bucks, but we’ve found that Amazon customers can often benefit from the retailer’s sale discounts and get it for a more reasonable price.

This is a 900-watt classic 2-slice toaster that comes with a one-touch auto lowering function. It can be utilized for anything from defrosting to preparing bagels and regular toast. All of these functions are at the core of this product.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item. The Breville customer service is popular for speedily resolving the issues of buyers.

Let’s see what customers had to say about the Breville BTA820XL. This is one of the top rated 2 slice toasters we’ve analyzed, and it comes as no surprise that the model has gathered more than 500 positive reviews. The thing that seems to impress most individuals is that the unit somehow manages to toast both sides of the slice evenly. Some are in awe about the beautiful, unique design of the Breville, as it’s said it goes with pretty much anyone’s kitchen.

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Black & Decker TR1200SB Toaster


2.Black & Decker TR1200SBThere are three main details separating this model from the one we’ve showcased above. The first one is the price, as this Black & Decker unit is considerably more affordable compared to the Breville one. The second stands in the retractable cord. The third and final detail is that it is made with stainless steel, which largely contributes to its overall durability.

The rest of the features are no-brainers, as the model has all the characteristics of an easy-to-use, well-made toaster, ranging from the cancel function to the bagel frozen reheat one.

With a unique, sleek design and a nice combo of black and silver tones, the Black & Decker is definitely worth having a look at.

Considering the fact that over 900 people took the time to leave positive reviews on this model, we believe that it’s safe to say that it has gathered some of the best 2 slice toaster reviews out there. Most individuals speak highly of the value offered for the price. Others praise its ability to toast quickly and evenly, and the vast majority of buyers state that it goes really well with their kitchens.

Since some people have reported issues with the warranty on this unit, we recommend you purchase it from a trusted online retailer such as Amazon.

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Cuisinart CPT-320 2-Slice Toaster


3.Cuisinart CPT-320 2-Slice ToasterThe Cuisinart model is reasonably affordable if you’re looking for a good-quality unit but find that you’re unwilling to spend over a hundred bucks on it. The model comes with all the traditional advantages of a 2-slice toaster, such as reheat, defrost and bagel controls. Furthermore, the CPT-320 features a slide out crumb tray.

As is the case with the Black & Decker unit that we have previously described, this one has been manufactured using stainless steel. Yet again, this has a say when it comes to the durability and good construction of any type of toaster. Regardless of its build, the unit still manages to pack the 6-setting shade dial into a compact design.

Individuals looking to upgrade or opt for a large-size toaster can go for the 4-slice variant offered by the same brand.

So what did customers have to say about the Cuisinart CPT-320? Over 70% of the buyers were kind enough to provide positive ratings. Some individuals took the time to shatter other people’s reviews, which were complaining about the inability of the appliance to toast evenly. According to many people, this model does a consistent job every time and is great to use with frozen waffles and English muffins.

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