Top rated 3D TVs in 2019


In the present one of the most cherished devices, which has found its way in the heart of any home, is the television set. Furthermore due to recent technical advancements, the 3D feature is wanted in any future addition of television. This is the reason why once people read the best 3D TV review, regarding quality and effectiveness, the product best suited to provide meaningful viewing pleasure will become identified. A 3D television set can redefine the viewing experience adding an extra touch of special and uniqueness to the no longer simple act of watching a movie, seeing a concert or playing a game.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Screen size Price Smart functionality Refresh rate Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN105S9

105″ $$$$$ YES 120 Hz A+ AMAZON

Sharp LC-60SQ15U

$$$ YES 240 Hz B+ AMAZON

Samsung UN55JU7100

55″ $$$ YES 240 Hz A AMAZON

Sony KDL50W800C

50″ $$ YES 120 Hz B+ AMAZON

LG 60UF8500

60″ $$$$ YES 240 Hz C+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices 



Samsung UN105S9 3D Smart LED TV


Best 3D TVMake your entertainment become larger than life with the exceptional Samsung UN105S9 3D Smart LED TV. Absolutely magnificent at 105 inches, this top rated 3D TV will have an imposing presence in your living space. The curved design and lifelike ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K picture quality will compel everyone to just sit down and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with unbelievable watching experience of any movie, show, sport or streaming content that’s four times the resolution of full HD with UHD upscaling. Virtually eliminate motion blur with the high effective refresh rate of 1440 CMR, perfect for enjoying fast-moving sports, video games and movies.

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Sharp LC-60SQ15U 3D Smart LED TV


2.Sharp LC-60SQ15UThe Sharp LC-60SQ15U Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TV boasts the highest resolution in its class. Thanks to the legendary Q+ technology, this top rated 3D TV effectively divides every pixel in two, delivering 16 million pixels on the unit, which is 10 million greater than regular full HD. The TV can play 4K content through its HDMI inputs and is in fact the only HDTV to accommodate the 4K system. Engineered with Sharp’s Revelation Upscaler, the Sharp LC-60SQ15U makes everything more vivid and stunningly sharper. Built using Quattron technology, the Sharp LC-60SQ15U provides an incredible number of color shades to make images more lifelike and exciting.

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Samsung UN55JU7100 3D Smart LED TV


3.Samsung UN55JU7100The Samsung UN55JU7100 Smart LED TV is yet another top rated 3D TV from this brand. Enjoy the intense drama you can only get from images characterized by the brightest lights and the darkest blacks. Enjoy everything with striking vividness and a huge spectrum of color hues on images that have 4X the detail of full HD at an astounding 3840 x 2160 resolution. Connect the Smart TV without the clutter of wires for a wide variety of streaming and content sharing via a compatible Galaxy smartphone. Get access to your favorite live TV, program choices, streaming sources, video on demand, social media and apps in just a single easy-browsing experience.

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Sony KDL50W800C 3D Smart LED TV


4.Sony KDL50W800CEnjoy home entertainment like never before on the Sony KDL50W800C 3D Smart LED TV. This new 3D TV is also affordable to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the Smart TV experience. Helping you view sports, movies and TV shows with super clear quality, the Sony KDL50W800C can even enhance YouTube clips and videos on your smart phone with excellent results. Color, contrast and clarity are analyzed and enhanced in real time to create astoundingly natural images. Enjoy superb contrast and brightness thanks to the edge LED backlighting with frame dimming. With this feature, the TV screen adjusts to both dark and bright scenes in what you’re watching, producing a more lifelike picture.

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LG 60UF8500 3D 4K LED UHD Smart TV


5.LG 60UF8500When the LG 60UF8500 becomes available, make sure to grab it if you’re planning to acquire a new 3D TV in the future. This TV comes in a superb bundle and includes the TV unit with Web OS performance, a TV/LCD Screen cleaning kit, an HDMI to HDMI cable, an outlet wall tap with two USB ports, plus microfiber cleaning cloth. This is the ultimate TV bundle for any modern home. It offers 4X more resolution compared to full HD, effectively enhancing everything you watch with amazingly vivid detail. The specially designed IPS 4K display panel is capable of delivering true colors from any angle, so every seat is always the best one in the house.

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Samsung UN60F6400 3D LED HDTV


best 3d tvIf you want a new dimension to your favorite movies and games or enjoy the new features in terms of TVs this is what you need. Using micro dimming technology, Samsung succeeded in finding a terrific combination between contrast, brightness, colors and detail (1080p). It is also equipped with a built-in WiFi so you can access files from your computer, mobile or tablet. The wide world of internet can be easily explored due to the full web browser. The originality of this purchase consists in the remote control, which has an integrated microphone so you can interact with your Smart TV. Probably that’s why it is the best 3D TV in 2019.

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LG Electronics 60LA6200 3D LED-LCD HDTV


Image and sound of high quality, large area of connectivity with other devices, fast motion (120Hz) and 3D compatibility are just few from many benefits you can have by purchasing this model. Best 3D TV reviews accuse it of having the most modern remote control of all times. Besides the built-in microphone, it amazes by the ability of controlling your Blu-ray, HTiB, Set-Top-Box and sound bar. 4 sets of 3D glasses are included so you don’t have to fight with others for entertainment. In addition, those used in cinemas are compatible. It has a Smart Energy certificate so you can use the TV longer for lower costs.

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Sharp LC-60LE757U LED 3D HDTV


Because this product owns the full package that every spoiled customer would want, it received the top rated 3D TV in 2019 title. The 60 inch screen will bring more colors to your home thanks to the Quattron Technology. Also reality acquires new limits with the 1080p LED display. Social networks can be accessed from your TV using the WiFi option. In order to enlarge your connectivity it is equipped with a range of ports: 4 HDMI, 2 composite inputs and 2USB. This product offers you the chance to use as a remote control your iOS and Android devices. 2 sets of rechargeable 3D glasses are included.

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Samsung UN65F9000 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV


This 65 inches Smart LED TV comprise an ultimate HD with a Micro Dimming feature. This specific feature aims to deliver the best picture quality ever. Aside from that, Samsung UN65F9000 has a 120Hz Refresh Rate, which is good for all types of viewing, be it sports, video games or action films. This is why all people in our household and even my guests love this, because everybody gets to enjoy it whatever preference they have. This Smart HDTV’s uttermost convenience is further shown in its thin LED design and a built-in camera, further allowing people to interact and stream contents from the web. To top it all, Samsung UN65F9000 has gesture controls too, exemplifying its remarkable modernity.

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Samsung UN55C7000 3D LED HDTV


Top rated 3d TV in 2019More and more individuals state that a sublime cinematic experience, right in the intimacy of the house can be assured by the advanced Samsung UN55C7000 55-inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV. This HQ channel towards image clarity, live 1080p high definition movies, concerts, TV-shows or even game plays, can blend in any environment with ease. Through its modern aspect and compatibility with Blu-Ray players, game consoles, DVD-players, laptops and other devices, the Samsung UN5C7000 55-inch television set represents a smart addition to any home. It is no wonder that this model is one of the top rated 3D TVs in 2019, in many charts and online statistics.

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Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 3D Smart Plasma TV


This 65-inch Smart Plasma TV has a Studio Master Panel feature where people can view high-quality images, whether in a colored view or in black and white. In addition to that, it contains one sheet of a glass design to remove gaps and pixels in pictures and motions, delivering the best HD quality ever. This HD quality is further enhanced with a superior shadow definition, delivering a richer and a more sophisticated viewing experience. Many families on the best 3D TV reviews testified how grateful they are to have Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 because it saves them time and money, as more bonding time are being done at home where they can experience the same quality picture and audio delivered in cinemas.

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LG Infinia 47LW5600 LED HDTV


Once information begins to pill up, you will understand why thousands of people around the world is buying and watching with delight movies on the LG Infinia 47LW5600 47-inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV. This television set comes with four 3D glasses that enhances the viewing pleasure by bringing to life your cherished characters from the screen. The LG Infinia model detects the lighting conditions from your TV room, living, bedroom or office and adjusts its display for optimum viewing clarity. You don’t have to move an inch, the LG Infinia does it all in an exclusive automatic mode.

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Products which are no longer available



Toshiba 46WX800U Cinema Series 3D LED TV


Families need an extra member, always present and capable of delivering excitement or visual companionship; for more and more people the television fits this bill. After reading the best 3D TV review you will discover that the Toshiba 46WX800U 46-inch LED TV is one of the most advanced TVs on the market capable of enhancing the quality of the cinematic experience. With the Energy Star qualification, this Toshiba model consumes less power than other televisions in its category thus saving significant money on the monthly bills. With the 1080p high definition, you will be engulfed in pleasure while viewing a movie.



Sony Bravia KDL46HX820 3D LED HDTV


The expertise of Sony regarding high quality in television sets cannot be denied or ignored since millions of men across the world have had at least one model in their home. Sony Bravia KDL46HX820 46-inch LED high-definition television set embodies the highly acclaimed 3D experience that intensifies the viewing pleasure, right in the comforts of your home. With an internet-ready connection that can deliver a dynamic content which can help you to start the day, Sony Bravia is not only one of the top rated 3D TVs in 2019 but also a unique service channel towards high cinematic experience.



Vizio 32 inch class Theater 3D LCD HDTV


Best 3D TV ReviewsEveryone wants a television that can brighten the home cinematic experience and through the 3D feature to make it alive. The Vizio 32 inch class Theater 3D LCD HDTV reunites the advanced technical breakthroughs of high definition thus taking the viewer into a journey alongside the characters from the movie or TV-show. Coming with lightweight polarize glasses and the Vizio Internet applications that allows the streaming of movies this Vizio model enables people to stay connected and enjoy the latest releases, with friends or family members. As one of the top rated 3D TVs in 2019 the Vizio 32 inch class Theater 3D LCD HDTV is a great investment to any household.