Top rated 3D TVs in 2019


Who doesn’t love the 3D experience? Ever since James Cameron’s Avatar was released, people have been mesmerized by this unique way to become a part of the action and experience right alongside the main characters vibes of the adventure. Fortunately there are thousands of 3D HDTVs that can immerse you in a world of visual enthusiasm and vibrant colours. So, if you want to equip your living room or bedroom with a high quality 3D TV then you should read some of the current best 3D TVs reviews that point out the advantages and disadvantages of the top models. With specific information, you will be able transform the selection process into something very easy.Upon careful reviews on the basic and additional features on the current best 3D TVs, we recommend you to choose one of the following models.


Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 3D TV


Expert 3D TVs reviewsIt’s time to enhance your daily TV experience by adding an award-winning model in your living or bedroom. For some time now, Viera Series from Panasonic managed to impresses both technical specialists and users from all over the world. Upon reviewing the top models from Panasonic, we warm heartily recommend TC-P60ST50 Plasma 3D TV. This model delivers breath-taking deep black levels with accurate shadow detail, enriched colors, all in an impressive 1080p Full HD resolution. It features Viera Connect IPTV, a cloud service that brings you closer to movies, social networking, news, games health, music, fitness and many others. Furthermore popular applications will delight you at any moment: Twitter, Facebook, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and many others. This advanced 3D TV Smart includes the unique Panasonic technology that accurately converts 2D images into 3D ones, generating a detailed depth of each image. You will benefit from a natural and realistic take on most of the 3D images you see, day or night!

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Vizio E3D320VX 3D TV


Bring the 3D experience into your life, always accessible at a click of a button. Out of the many 3D HDTVs currently available on the market, one model stands out: Vizio E3D320VX, a model that delivers a smooth and realistic 3D world all around you. The model comes with internet-connected entertainment, due to the WiFi feature, thus giving instant access to thousands of online content that will delight you day after day. Let’s emphasize on the 3D theater-like quality that the TV can bring in your home. Vizio Theater 3D will provide crystal-clear images one you put on the active shutter 3D glasses. Receiving high marks from the recent best 3D TVs reviews; this model has a stunning 1080p Full HD resolution and a brilliant 200.000 to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio render system which means clear and sharp images. It is completed by the high-speed 120 Hz refresh rate that maintains a smooth and super-sharp viewing experience, ideal to enhance the visual pleasure while you watch sports and various action packed movies.

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LG Electronics 47LA6200 3D TV


If you are reading this article it means the time has come to add an advanced 3D TV Smart in your home. Well, LG Electronics has a special model for you to check out: 47LA6200, a model that combines 3D Cinema with the functionality of a high quality Smart TV. Equipped with the highly intuitive Magic Remote with voice, this TV sets new standards for program control. Due to the presence of an advanced LED technology which maintains Full HD 1080p resolution and the TruMotion 120 Hz, 47LA6200 represents a clear opportunity of visual delight day and night. With a WiFi built-in, this model from LG is a platform of unlimited video and musical content, letting you access sources like Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix and many others without breaking a sweat. Every member of the family will now be able to see something that he likes! The 3D cinema experience is assured by the lightweight 3D glasses that deliver brilliant picture quality and realistic 3D effects, thus placing you in the heart of the action.

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LG Electronics 55LM6200 3D TV


The next generation in 3D technology can be a daily companion in your home. How? Well, take a closer look on the functionality of LG 55LM6200 3D TV and understand why thousands of people consider it one of the best models out there. Once you turn the TV on, you will be greeted by a meaningful picture depth, realism and pure entertainment! Slowly this 55” inch LED TV will create a home theater without comparison. Your guests will be impressed every time you invite them over. The crystal clear 3D experience provided by 55LM6200 is an intense adventure through passionate movies and heart-braking action games. One thing is certain: you will never get bored once the TV is on. LG Smart TV allows you to access unlimited online content so movies, applications, videos and games will be at your disposition with ease through the easy to use interface. Magic remote will help you control with precision the TV. If you are a sports or action movie fan say goodbye to blurry images or lag time! LG 55LM6200 features 120Hz technology that permits you to see action packed movies, sports and high-speed video games without any motion blur!

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