Expert Buying Guide on 4 Slice Toasters


There’s nothing like a hot bagel or a nice piece of toast in the morning. Yet buying the best 4 slice toaster of 2019 is a tricky thing to do, as the market’s filled with good quality products with affordable prices. With so many alternatives, any customer can end up feeling confused. Since we’re here to help, we have put together an informative buying guide, which can assist you with making up your mind about what you’re looking for in such an appliance.

Best 4-Slice Toaster

Desirable features

4-slice toasters are large size variants of 2-slice toasters, so there really is nothing to worry about in matters of feature complexity. As is the case with their smaller counterparts, you’ll need to look for details like slot size, the variety of controls, and warm and reheat settings. Since it’s difficult to figure out just how easy it is to clean a toaster particularly when buying one online, look for nonstick or porcelain interiors, as wiping these down is as easy as pie.


Trusted brands and recommendations

Some of the most trusted manufacturers of 4-slice toasters include Cuisinart, Black & Decker, Oster, Krups, KitchenAid and others. Most of these famous names have a withstanding reputation of building well-constructed, durable toasters. As a general rule, try to stay away from products manufactured in Asia by shady brands. If possible, choose an American or European brand.

As for recommendations, the best 4 slice toaster reviews are solid gold for any customer struggling to understand which model he or she should pick. The opinion of other buyers can let you know just what to expect in matters of convenience and usability.


What are you willing to spend?

While some models go well over a couple hundred bucks, cheaper, plastic ones can be bought for less than fifty dollars. Judiciously estimate your budget and correlate it with the features of the product, with its reputation and with the way it goes with the rest of the kitchen. No one ever said that a ugly toasters are more long-lasting compared to pretty ones.


Top Rated 4 Slice Toasters in 2019


For your consideration, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models on the current market. All of the following have managed to acquire the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers alike. They’re reasonably affordable, dependable and most of all, durable. We say it sure would not hurt having a look at them.


Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Toaster


1.Cuisinart CPT-435Cuisinart normally produces small expensive appliances, but this isn’t necessarily the case of this one, as some online marketplaces sell it for less than one hundred and fifty bucks. Amazon customers might even be lucky enough to get it for less than eighty, but it all depends on the retailer’s occasional sale discounts.

This is a stainless steel toaster, which evidently contributes to it being so long-lasting. Its blue LED functions are easy to visualize. 7 shade settings stand at the core of this unit, and bagel, defrost and reheat options make it pretty hard to say no to. The crumb tray on this toaster is removable.

The model can be utilized for anything from English muffins to regular bagels, according to the needs and personal preferences of the user.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this product. Since over 350 people took the time to leave 5-star ratings on this model, it’s safe to say that it has gathered some of the best 4 slice toaster reviews out there. Some individuals state that it performs well and that it offers great value for the price. Even the people who ended up buying it on account of the customer feedback wrote positive reviews.

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Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice Toaster


2.Oster TSSTTRWF4SOne of the main differences that sets the previously mentioned Cuisinart toaster from this Oster one is the price. Even though the Oster is considerably more affordable, a low price does not mean low quality. In fact, the toaster has all the settings one might ever look for: bagel, frozen, reheat and cancel. Furthermore, the retractable cord largely contributes to its usability, as customers can store it anywhere they please.

The unit is safe to wash in the dishwasher and its crumb tray is removable. Obviously, this means that the Oster model is easy to clean.

There is a feature that both the Oster and the Cuisinart share, and it stands in the 7 toast shade settings. The control panel on the Oster might be user-friendly, but it is not backlit.

So, what’s the opinion of customers when it comes to buying the Oster toaster? Some say that they have researched the entire market before settling for this model, and they regret nothing up to this day. The same individuals admit that it might look pretty basic compared to other, more advanced models, but it does a great job at what it is supposed to do and does so by toasting bread perfectly.

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Krups KH734D Breakfast 4-Slice Toaster


3.KRUPS KH734D Breakfast 4-Slice ToasterJudging by its price, the Krups alternative is neither cheap nor expensive, as it falls between the prices of the formerly described Cuisinart and Oster variants. Nevertheless, this one is the right pick for people whose kitchens feature silver appliances. The Krups is nice and sleek and will prove to be a nice addition to anyone’s cooking space.

The functions of this unit include toasting, defrost, reheat, bagel and cancel. Unlike the two other toasters we’ve tackled above, this one has just 6 level adjustable browning controls. The toasts can be picked up by using the high lift lever. The entire ensemble can be cleaned by removing the crumb tray. It really doesn’t get easier than this, does it?

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

Built with stainless steel, the Krups breakfast 4-slice toaster is definitely worth giving a shot, what with its over 200 5-star ratings. It seems that it is one of the most popular models in the line, considering that it has been known to perform very well and to toast bread evenly. Many buyers emphasize the fact that it really blends in with other stainless steel appliances, but its looks aren’t everything – its performance is.

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