Top rated 40 inch HDTVs in 2019


The TV technology is now advancing into the generation of smart LED HDTVs. The list of the best 40 inch HDTV reviews prove that there are now a whole range of models and brands to choose from. What used to be simple family entertainment has now evolved into a more enjoyable family bonding experience; that is, experiencing cinematic viewing right in your very own home.


Our recommendations


Samsung UN40F6400


Best 40 Inch HDTV ReviewsPerhaps one of the best reasons why this model is often mentioned in best 40 inch HDTV reviews is its capability of engaging the viewers in a cinematic 3D experience without having to leave the comfort of home. Whether watching movies and TV alone or with loved ones, you won’t miss any detail thanks to its precise images and deep, vibrant colors. Plus, it includes the Samsung Smart Hub, which serves as a central menu to help you organize your entertainment.

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Samsung UN40F5500


2There is no mistaking why this model is considered one of the best 40 inch HDTV in 2019. Its unique feature of communicating with your favorite smart devices, makes it possible to watch what is currently on TV on your smart phones. Also, it can provide an uninterrupted viewing experience in your smart devices, regardless of your location.

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Samsung UN40F6300


3Included in the list of the best 40 inch HDTV in 2019 is this Samsung UN40F6300 Smart LED HDTV.  With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, this model has a clear advantage over its competitors that run around 60 Hz refresh rate. This means that images are captured faster and also with a higher degree of precision, allowing you to never miss a single detail from your favorite movies and shows.

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Vizio M401i-A3


4The list of the top rated 40 inch HDTV in 2019 would be incomplete without the Vizio M401i-A3 Smart LED HDTV. This model does not only take pride in its modern design, but also in its ability to deliver sharp and crisp pictures while being incredibly energy efficient. It also features a variety of innovative user interfaces that helps viewers quickly and easily navigate through its menus and features.

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Seiki Digital SE40FH03


5Produced by one of the largest and leading TV manufacturers in the world, this TV model is designed to exceed the expectations of most average viewers. The greatest advantage  is that it is also marketed at a more affordable price than other competing brands. Without compromising its brilliance, this model delivers satisfaction and entertainment for budget conscious consumers.

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