Top rated 55-inch 3D TVs in 2019


Who doesn’t want a great 3D TV as a daily source of visual pleasure? Well, according to recent statistics it seems that most recent television sets come equipped with 3D technology, which brings the viewer next to its favourite characters. Now, you have the possibility to invest wisely in a great product, designed to redefine your entertainment levels! You should consult the best 55 inch 3D TV reviews, drafted by specialists in the field, in order to see different movies and TV shows in crystal clear clarity and smooth visibility. We managed to go through some of the best models out there and determine that some need your attention.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Resolution  Price Smart TV HDMI Ports Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN55F7100

1080p $$$ YES 4 A+ AMAZON

LG Electronics 55LA7400

1080p $$$ YES 3 B+ AMAZON

Vizio M551d-A2R

1080p $$$$ YES 4 A AMAZON

LG Electronics 55LA6200

1080p $$ YES 3 B AMAZON

Samsung UN55FH6030

1080p $$ No 2 C AMAZON



Samsung UN55F7100 55 inch 1080p 240Hz 3D


Best 55 inch 3D TV reviewsAre you looking for a high quality 3D TV, ideal to install in your living room? If your answer is yes, then you might want to learn more things about Samsung UN55F7100, a special TV which brings new levels of entertainment to light. As one of the top 55 inch 3D TV in 2019, this model is very easy to control, invoking the popular “talk” commands. Basically, you talk to your TV and it will respond accordingly. Furthermore you can access the new and intuitive Smart Hub which reunites all your favourite content. You will be able to enjoy Full HD 1080p video resolution in 3D.

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LG Electronics 55LA7400 55-inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D


Are you looking for a high quality 3D TV for your home? If you are then you might want to take a closer look on the functionality of LG Electronics 55LA7400, a superb 55 inch 3D TV. This product is a lively entertainer which doesn’t disappoint! You will adore its Smart features and Magic Remote with Voice that make it pretty fun to control different video content, from the internet especially. You will be able to access Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus with ease! It uses LED technology and Full HD 1080p, for enhanced viewing experiences, every time you turn it on.

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Vizio M551d-A2R 55 inch 1080p 240Hz 3D


One of the best 55 inch 3D TV in 2019 on the market today comes from Vizio, M551d-A2R, a carefully designed television set which impresses through its crystal clear images. This model incorporates Internet Apps Plus which allows you to enjoy top movies, music, games, applications and TV shows with complete pleasure. It offers crystal clear and bright 3D television, bringing all your favourite characters alive! This 3D TV from Vizio uses Razor LED technology and Smart Dimming which keep the whole visual experience vibrant and with deep contrast levels. In addition, this TV features 240 Hz refresh rate that maintains the picture smooth even while playing high action videos.

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LG Electronics 55LA6200 55 inch Cinema 3D


Most of the present best 55 inch 3D TV reviews, written by specialists and satisfied users underline the efficiency of LG Electronics 55LA6200. Very popular in the United States of America and Canada alike, this superb TV comes with Smart technology and the highly intuitive Magic Remote with Voice. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Cinema 3D and advanced Dual Core processor for advanced cinematic experiences, whenever you desire. It uses advanced LED technology for a vibrant Full HD 1080p video smoothness. This TV offers you the possibility to access all your favourite movies, applications and videos with ease, day and night.

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Samsung UN55FH6030 55-inch 1080p 120 Hz


According to the present best 55 inch 3D TV reviews it seems you can opt for Samsung UN55FH6030, a model very popular in the North American continent. This carefully designed television set offers a stunning Full high definition experience in 1080p video resolution in 2D and 3D as well. It is completed by 120 Hz refresh rate which maintains the overall viewing pleasure under strict high clarity. You will enjoy general viewing at highest standards even while playing video games or high action movies. This HDTV offers something truly wonderful! You won’t be disappointed by this high definition TV!

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