If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best air conditioner money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered lots of information on the best products for sale on the market by looking into claims in expert review sites then carefully comparing the reviews and ratings with what actual owner feedback says about those specific products. Thankfully, out of all the products we have looked at, we have found what we believe is the bestselling one on the market, the SPT WA-1222S. This model provides three fan speeds to satisfy every user’s specific needs, so it is neither too hot or too cold but just right in any room that even Goldilocks would be able to sleep soundly in. This is a fantastic unit to own thanks to its versatile operating modes that include Sleep, Energy Saver, Auto and Dry. The top air discharge ensures a nice and even air distribution complemented by the Fresh Air Vent that delivers impressive air circulation and efficient odor elimination. The unit also boasts advanced thermostat controlled energy saver so you can take a breather in your utility bills. Should the SPT WA-1222S run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 that is designed to be just as good.



Buying Guide


A room air conditioner provides a less expensive means of getting sufficiently and comfortably cool when the weather heats up. A window air conditioner is also an energy-efficient alternative to a central air conditioning system and a great complement to a top rated electric fan or ceiling fan for cooling a room, with some models even removing enough moisture to keep your space comfortable during those warm summer months. So how can you distinguish a great air conditioner from a low-performing one?

1.SPT WA-1222S

Suitable size for your space

A room gets efficient cooling with the right air conditioner. A unit that’s too large will not be able to remove enough humidity, leaving your space uncomfortably clammy and damp. On the other hand, one that’s too small will leave you more stressed because of inadequate cooling. To be able to find the right machine for your needs, consider the room’s measurement in square feet by simply multiplying the room width by the room length.

Do not forget to take note of the air conditioner’s British Thermal Unit Rating that determines how much heat it can remove from a room. You can expect greater cooling power fit for a large room if the rating is high. Make an effective comparison of the BTU rating and the room size. Ideally, you should install a 5,000- to 8,000-BTU unit if the room measures between 150 and 350 square feet. A 350- to 550-square-foot room will require a machine rated at 8,000 to 12,000 BTU. For a room 550 to 1,050 square feet large, you will want an air conditioner rated between 12,000 and 18,500 BTU. You will want a unit rated from 18,500 to 25,000 BTU to cover a room measuring 1,050 to 1,600 square feet. When deciding on this element, bear in mind that for every square foot of space, you will need 20 BTU.

Additionally, the condition of the room can also influence its cooling needs. A room that is constantly shaded will have less cooling needs compared to a room that gets plenty of direct sunlight or that regularly has more than two occupants. An added 600 BTU is necessary for every additional person. For heavily shaded rooms, you will need reduced capacity by up to ten percent. Sunny rooms will need a larger capacity machine. A ceiling fan can disperse air to make the room cooler.

The weight and size of the unit is directly proportional to the BTU rating. Thus, a small and less weighty model logically comes with a low BTU rating. Moreover, you should also think about the room’s ceiling height, plus the size of the doorways and windows. Adjoining rooms that have no separating doorways should have their square footage added together to ensure that the air conditioner can adequately cool both areas. If you intend to install the unit in the kitchen, you will need to increase machine capacity by 4,000 BTU.


Comparison Table


Product Type Price Cooling Capacity Colors Our Rating Where to buy

SPT WA-1211S

Window $$$ 12,000 BTU White A+ AMAZON

Whynter ARC-12SD

Portable $$$$ 12,000 BTU Frost White A AMAZON

Honeywell MN10CESWW

Portable $$$$ 10,000 BTU White, black and more B+ AMAZON

Frigidaire FRA093PT1

Portable $$$ 9,000 BTU White B AMAZON

Soleus Air LX-140

Portable $$$$$ 14,000 BTU White C+ AMAZON



The right model/type for your needs

A window type air conditioner can be a small model with a capacity range between 5,000 and 6,500 BTU/hr rating to cool a 100- to 300-square foot room. Medium window ACs offer a capacity between 7,000 and 8,200 BTU/hr for a 250- to 400-square-foot room. Large window ACs range in capacity from 9,800 to 12,500 BTU/hr, cooling a room measuring from 350 to 650 square feet.

A portable air conditioner is ideal for homes where building regulations and window configurations prevent window-type AC installation. BTU ratings are between 5,000 and 15,500. Portable ACs are not as efficient in cooling as their manufacturers claim. Noisier than a window AC, a portable model carries a weight between 50 and 80 pounds that can be quite the antithesis to its type, being a bit unwieldy for rolling across the threshold or carpet.

A split ductless AC offers a sensible means of adding air conditioning to a small number of rooms without the need to split walls apart to accommodate ductwork, as what you will need with central air conditioning systems. This type offers a remarkable job cooling spaces and is generally much quieter both outdoors and indoors compared to window ACs, especially on the low setting. More expensive than either window or portable models, split ductless units are less pricey than central air conditioning systems.

2.Frigidaire 10,000 BTU

Convenience features and effortless maintenance

You can easily set the machine to switch on and off at specific times to reduce power consumption if the unit has a programmable timer. Adjusting the cooling level and fan speed is easy and simple with mechanical controls, but electronic controls offer greater flexibility for maintaining a set temperature. You can incrementally increase the set temperature over a period of time before returning to the original setting after several hours if the AC has a sleep setting. The AC can effectively eliminate impurities from the air if it features an electronic ionizer. With venting options, you can choose how air is redistributed in and out of the room. Different models are equipped with different dehumidification methods. To determine this element, look at the amount of moisture removed per hour in pints and ounces. For convenience, you may want a model that comes with a remote control, which can serve as temperature sensors in some models. Maintaining a window air conditioner will be easier if the unit has a filter alert that lets you know when it’s time to clean the air filter.



Top rated Air Conditioners in 2019


There are plenty of models and styles of air conditioners on the market, and this can make the shopping experience more difficult for the average consumer. Hopefully, the buying guide above will help you make an easier shopping decision. We also encourage you to seriously consider the products we have showcased below for more help.


Our recommendations


SPT WA-1222S


1.SPT WA-1222S 12

Designed for cooling down a single studio or room, the SPT WA-1222S ships to you with a window kit to allow trouble-free installation for the left or right side of the unit into a vertical opening window. It comes with three fan speeds so you can get the right level of cooling you need without wasting energy. The operating modes include Dry, Auto, Energy Saver and Sleep, which will enable you to cool your space sufficiently. This Energy Star rated machine comes with top air discharge so air is recirculated without heating up the room temperature unnecessarily. The fresh air vent provides efficient air removal and air circulation. The user-friendly controls and remote enable easy and convenient AC setting.


Buy from Amazon for ($295)




Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1


2.Frigidaire 10,000 BTU

The Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 is a 10,000 BTU 115-volt window mounted unit with a compact footprint designed for cooling a room up to 450 square feet in size. It offers quick cooling on hot days while ensuring quiet operation so you can relax and sleep peacefully. This model starts up with low power while conserving energy when running, helping you save money on operating costs. Equipped with ready-Select electronic controls, this model enables effortless comfort level setting according to your preference. The convenient temperature readout shows the selected temperature. The remote control doubles as a temperature sensor so you can easily see, set and maintain constant temperature even when seated across the room.


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SPT WA-1211S


Best Air Conditioner ReviewsAccording to the best air conditioner reviews, the SPT Air conditioner WA-1211S is the most efficient and convenient AC unit on the market today. It can be set using remote control which allows you to adjust the temperature, fan speed, timer, sleep mode. The timer feature allows you to set the AC to shut off at a particular time for you to be able to save electricity. You can also direct the air using its adjustable vent. Aside from that, it has washable filters and digital display.


Buy from Amazon for ($399.99)




Whynter ARC-12SD


Nowadays, it is very wise to invest on energy efficient appliances at home – and that is exactly what the ARC- 12SD Air conditioner is about. It transforms the warm and humid air into fresh and cool air. The auto-drain technology is designed for condensation control. It also has dual hose venting system which is very easy to install. Aside from all its great features, the ARC-12SD has a very sleek design, making it the best air conditioner in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($382.78)




Honeywell MN10CESWW


Since portable air conditioner are becoming more popular these days, you should definitely check out the Honeywell MN10CESWW portable AC. It has the power to cool ad dehumidify areas of up to 400 square feet. This AC unit has a functional remote control that allows you to adjust the settings from across the room. It is environment friendly and it works efficiently – no wonder it is the best air conditioner in 2019.



Buy from Amazon for ($388.78)



Frigidaire FRA093PT1


If you need an air conditioner that can cool and dehumidify a room of up to 425 square feet, the Frigidaire FRA093PTI Portable AC is what you need. It is a very powerful and efficient AC unit that operates without producing noise. There are 3 different fan speeds that makes for more cooling flexibility. It also sports an antimicrobial filter which makes the air clean and safe for everyone in the room.



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Soleus Air LX-140


The Soleus Air LX-140 Portable AC is listed as a top rated air conditioner in 2019. It is a portable air conditioner which has a very powerful machine that can cool a room of up to 600 square feet. This AC unit is capable of reducing moisture through its evaporative technology feature. Aside from that, it also has a digital thermostat which is conveniently programmable, a multi-color display, and LCD remote control, and a 24-hour timer.



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