Top rated air filters in 2019


Air filters are a necessary part of ventilations systems due to physiological or production reasons. They are here to reduce operating and maintenance costs of the equipment and to provide the level of cleanliness essential for our health. With so many air filters on the market one might find difficult to choose the right one. The following is a list of models that have been mentioned in the best air filter reviews based on their performance and quality.


Filtrete Allergen Defense Filter


Best air filter reviewsThis air filter model is almost always mentioned in all best air filter reviews present on the internet. Filtrete is an established brand in this field and judging by the performance of this filter it is no wonder why it is so popular. The biggest advantage of this air filter is that it works on microscopic level without any problems. It attracts and protects the space from smog, smoke and allergens such as pollen and mold spores. This model can be used only in residential areas.

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Holmes HEPA Type Filter


This package comes with 2 replacement filters (HEPA filters) and it comes with a guarantee of 99.97% removal of airborne pollutants and this is probably the main reason why many experts in this field consider it to be the best air filter in 2019. The ability to function without being replaced for more than few months is another reason for its popularity. It is easy to change and it even protects from bad odor. Those who are interested in buying this product should check its dimensions because many people find these filters unsuitable for their model of purifiers.

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Honeywell Air Cleaner Filter


This long lasting air cleaner filter is highly efficient against microscopic particles. It is worth mentioning that unlike many other air filters the installation process of this filter is really simple. It comes in various dimensions suitable for all Honeywell models but it is also suitable for Trion Air bear, Space-Gard and Aprilaire models too. This air filter is perfect for residential use, although many people working in offices that are not that busy use it too.

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Fram Rigid Panel Air Filter


You can rarely find an air filter today that was scientifically engineered and this is exactly how this model was engineered. This is the best air filter in 2019 according to many car owners and the reason behind its popularity is mostly because of its high durability and its ability to protect the engine for a long period after it is installed. It keeps the dirt particles out of the engine and provides 2 x engine protection.

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Fram Rigid Panel Air Filter


Fram is definitely one of the leaders in the automotive air filter industry and it is not exaggeration to say that they have one of the best air filters in 2019. Their CA4309 model proves their quality with its performance. Built from synthetic and round fibers, this model not only protects the engine from dust and other dangerous particles but it also provides improved performance at the same time. On top of that this model comes at relatively low price compared to its competitors.

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