Top rated air ionizers in 2019


Air ionizers have proven to be highly effective devices when it comes to air purifying. They are good for people suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Because of the increased demand for these devices, a lot of manufacturers are trying to produce their own models, which makes the process of choosing the right model a little bit difficult for average customers. These models were part of the best air ionizers reviews and they certainly represent the best features of these useful devices.


GermGuardian Air Cleaning System


The modern design and the interesting appearance are not the only things that are good about this air ionizer device. The designers from Guardian Technologies have managed to produce a HEPA filtration system that is able to capture almost 100% of allergens (99.7% to be more precise). The perfect combination of UV-C light and the filter can eliminate all mold spores, viruses and bacteria and reduce the unpleasant odor produced by pets or by smoking. The multiple layers of filtration certainly make this device one of the best air ionizers in 2019.

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O-Ion Ionic Air Purifier


Highly effective, silent, cost affordable and durable are the words that best describe this air ionizer. Although this is the only air ionizer produced by O-Ion it surely does the job. This air ionizer doesn’t require much energy and it has filters that don’t cost much and last long. Those who are worried about air quality during night should definitely check this model because it doesn’t produce much noise making it perfectly suitable for night usage. It has implemented UVGI technology proven to be efficient against bacteria and viruses.

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Miallegro Air Ionizer


This air ionizer comes in a form of tower fan which enables it to operate in larger rooms. Although it is a tower fan it doesn’t require much space because of its optimal design. It is very quiet and works in 3 modes/speeds. The opportunity to use a programmable shut-off timer is the reason why so many people list this model as the best air ionizer in 2019. People who want to use air ionizer while they are sleeping will find this model really interesting too.

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Lasko Air Ionizer


Air ionizer fans are getting really popular mostly because of their ability to cover larger areas. This particular model comes with 3-speed oscillating tower fan specially designed to maximize air allocation. What people find really useful about this model is that it is really light and it can be easily moved from one room to another. It circulates and cools the air at the same time. Light sleepers might find difficult to use it over night because the fans are a little bit noisy.

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Five Star Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer


The elegant and modern appearance combined with powerful features make this air ionizer the best air ionizer in 2019 for many people.  This is actually a ionizer that is using several technologies in order to provide quality air in the space where it is placed. For example, the UV light kills bacteria and germs while the ionic technology can eliminate microscopic pollutants and larger particles too. Users can adjust the speed depending on the period of the day (there is a low speed mode perfect for those who want it to use this device during the night).