Expert Buying Advice for Aluminum Tripod


A tripod is characterized by three legs, hence the name, although there are models that incorporate a fourth leg for even more stability. It’s important to get a quality tripod that will enable you to prevent camera shake, take time-lapse photos or be in the picture. Read the best aluminum tripod reviews to get a good idea of what to look for.

A.Aluminum Tripod


You won’t find any plastic tripods in the best aluminum tripod reviews due to their easy breakability and unreliable stability. Although plastic tripods are lightweight and less expensive than all the other types, they are prone to vibrations, which defeats the purpose for which they are utilized in the first place.

A basalt tripod is cheaper than one made of carbon fiber , and is about 20% lighter than a product made of aluminum. Although generally not as rigid as the other two types, a basalt tripod does what it’s supposed to do: provide stability.

With 25% less weight than other products, a carbon fiber tripod is generally resistant to heat and cold. Cold weather does make the more expensive carbon fiber tripod brittle and breakable when dropped, but this is not usual. Stability can be compromised due to the light weight, especially when the legs are not extended fully.

There are plenty of best aluminum tripod reviews simply because the type of product featured in them is the most readily available. Do keep in mind to go for a higher quality aluminum tripod, as cheaper ones might not have the stability you can expect from high-end products.



When checking out tripod reviews, or the best aluminum tripod reviews for that matter, make sure the weight of the camera can be supported by the device. Manufacturers usually include the maximum weight load that the tripod can accommodate. The weight specifications for the legs and the head of the tripod may be different, so take note of those as well. Some lenses can be quite heavy so do make sure to consider that when computing the load capacity of the tripod.

The minimum and maximum height you choose should conform to your requirements. Also, take note of the tripod’s own weight to determine if you can manage lugging it around with you.



The system by which the head is attached to the tripod can be one of two varieties.

A pan-and-tilt system is less flexible but cheap. Some pan-and-tilt heads feature gears that provide small, precise and measured movement control.

Ball-and-socket heads utilize just a single knob instead of the three that their pan-and-tilt counterparts use. Lighter and easier to carry, ball heads use that single knob to carry out all three directional adjustments simultaneously: rotational, horizontal and vertical. Premium-quality top rated aluminum tripods 2019 with ball heads are able to support heavy loads without sagging and without requiring repositioning.

The legs can be locked by screwing, a flip-lock mechanism or by twisting. The tripod should be easy to set up.


Top Rated Aluminum Tripods in 2019


You know what you want so choosing an aluminum tripod should be easy, right? Wrong! With so many products on the market, making just a single choice can be a challenge. There are features to consider, load capacity, build, etc. To help you along, here are three products worth investing in.


Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series Aluminum Tripod


1.Dolica GX600B200Definitely the best aluminum tripod 2019, the Dolica GX600B200 is made for both indoor and outdoor photography. Lightweight at just 2.5 pounds, the tripod is made of aluminum alloy. It can support up to 15 pounds, so you can use it with a wide variety of camcorders and cameras. The legs are four-sided cylinders that are built with extra-firm rubber feet , which ensure a no-slip grip on the floor or ground. The retractable spikes add more height and greater stability. The three-position leg angle adjustment locks work great when using macro lenses.

The B200 ball head supplements the aluminum alloy tripod to give you a full support system for your SLR camera with lens, DSLR with lens and point-and-shoot. The tripod is geared with NBR foam grips that enable easy handling in extreme weather conditions, for problem-free tight grip without slipping from your hands. The ball head also comes with a quick-release plate plus a 3.8-inch mount for cameras. The plate attaches to the ball head and locks the camera in place, ensuring that the camera stays securely anchored even when the plate is loosened.

The legs can be individually adjusted to four different levels to ensure exceptional stability.

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Ravelli APLT2 Light Weight Aluminum Tripod


2.Ravelli APLT2 50Exceptionally lightweight at just over a pound, the Ravelli APLT2 50″ Aluminum Tripod is every avid camera user’s reliable photography companion. It has a minimum height of 16.5 inches, so you can take photos close to the ground. The maximum height is 50 inches, allowing you to capture images at higher levels or from far away while ensuring stability. The pan-and-tilt head attachment allows you to employ either a landscape or portrait orientation for your camera. The lever leg has locks to restrict vibration and movement. This is essential when you have to ensure that photos are vivid and sharply focused. This tripod will not weigh you down, so you can take along other pieces of photography gear.

The aluminum legs keep the tripod steady and amply supported no matter how high or how low the camera needs to be. The rubber feet on the legs ensure a no-slip grip on a variety of surfaces. The legs are built with extendable segments that enable you to modify the height according to your needs. The extendable gearless center post allows you to move the tripod from one area to another easily, and to make adjustments when needed. The included carry bag provides easy portability of the tripod from one location to another.

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Amazon Basics CA014-1 Aluminum Ball Head Tripod


3.Amazon Basics 62-Inch AluminumEasily the best aluminum tripod 2019 for photography enthusiasts, this product helps you get the best shots all the time. The ball head design enables you to secure your camera in any position. The three legs are fully adjustable to virtually any angle, with angle leg stops that lock into place for stability. Taking low-angle shots is quick and easy. Simply invert the center column and position the camera below the tripod. The quick-release mounting plate allows easy positioning of the camera. Just push the button to remove the camera. The rotating leg locks provide control of the four adjustable leg sections that slide in and out easily.

Extending and locking the legs can be done quickly using the twist knobs. For outdoor use, the rubber feet retract to expose the spikes that you can use to securely anchor the tripod to the ground. The built-in level helps you ensure that your shot is properly focused. The tripod has a panoramic dial that helps you take precision landscape or wide shots. The legs are padded, so the tripod is easy to carry and hang on to. You can supplement the unit with separately purchased tripod weights for even more stability. The carrying bag with handle allows easy transportability.

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