Top ratedĀ Angle Brooms in 2019


Do you wish to keep your house clean and dust free? Do you have troubles in reaching for the edges and corners when cleaning the floor and walls of your room? If the answer to these questions is yes then you can utilize the angle brooms for achieving the clean and tidy look in your house. Since there are many brands to choose from in the market, we share the names of some specific models which have been specially rated in the best angle broom reviews.


OXO Good Grips Angle Broom


Best Angle Broom ReviewsThese any-angle brooms by OXO have been specially designed to provide effective cleaning at the edges and the corners of the room. This any-angle broom has been highly regarded by the users and has been named in best angle broom reviews. The user can easily keep the broom head into place at various angles by the tap of his/her foot. The broom features a lightweight aluminum pole which is ideal for maneuvering and sweeping. It has feathered tip bristles for grabbing dirt and dust.

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Libman Precision Angle Broom


This precision angle broom by Libman Co has been considered as the best angle broom in 2019 by many satisfied users. This angle broom can be effectively used to clean and sweep different kinds of floor and walls. It has got flexible bristles which can capture all the dirt and dust without spreading the mess. This angle broom features a steel handle which facilitates in easy cleaning and sweeping. The sweeping surface is 11-inch which facilitates you in cleaning more with less effort. It also includes a durable dustpan.

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Weiler 44305 Upright and Whisk Angle Broom


This high quality angle broom by Weiler is the preferred choice of most customers. It has also been referred to as the best angle broom in 2019 mainly because of its durability and versatility. This upright and whisk broom can be employed for various purposes including commercial and heavy duty industrial applications. The brooms are made from good quality synthetic material and fiber which makes it tough and long lasting. It has got a large 12-inch sweep face. It also features angled trim to access the corners and hard-to-reach areas under low cabinets.

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Libman Extra Large Angle Broom


This extra large broom by Libman Co has been claimed as one of the best angle brooms in 2019 by many individuals. This angle broom features a solid resin block and steel handle. The handle has been designed effectively to help the users in easy maneuvering and cleaning. The broom is durable and has long lifespan mainly because of its good quality polymer fiber. The fibers have 2 contrasting colors and have been made from recycled materials. The large broom block is ideal for cleaning and sweeping large areas.

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Quickie Mfg 754 Large Angle Broom


This large angle broom by Quickie is ideal for sweeping and cleaning all kinds of walls and floors. These come equipped with long and tough fibers which can effectively clean and remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. It features a sturdy and unbreakable broom block which is resistant to all kinds of impact. The large 14-inch sweep helps to clean bigger areas with ease. The broom features a powder coated handle which is 48 1/2-inch in length. This broom is suitable for all kinds of household and commercial cleaning applications.

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