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Product Magnification Price Max range (yards) Water resistant Our Rating Where to buy

Bushnell 202442 The Truth

4x $$$$ 850 YES A AMAZON

Simmons LRF 600

4x $$ 600 YES B AMAZON

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT

6x $$$ 400 YES C AMAZON


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When you’re serious about honing your skills and being really good at the sport, the best archery range finder reviews can take you places you never thought possible talent-wise. You may not become the ultimate Olympic-caliber archer, but you will at least be able to do better than shoot at trees.

Best Archery Range Finder

Range and Magnification

To correctly gauge the distance to the target in average conditions, you will need a product that has gotten some of the best archery range finder reviews and which offers an appropriate parameter to cover the right distance. Some models normally report a distance based on line of sight. Units with angle compensation calculate by including essential factors, such as when you’re high up in a tree.

A 7x or 8x magnification is commonly chosen by hunters. Keeping images steady is a challenge with anything higher.


Target Priority

You will often have to stalk your prey in thick cover to enable you to get within range of your game. Even the top rated archery range finders 2019 will pick up a bush or a branch between you and the prey. To compensate, some rangefinders are built with a target priority feature. Different manufacturers use a variety of descriptors for this element, such as first and distant priority, or Brush mode and Bullseye mode. Split readings make the device report the farther of the two.


Size and Design

The best archery range finder 2019 should be comfortable for the hunter to use. Vertically-held units are typically more lightweight and compact than horizontal types. Horizontal units are utilized for long-range purposes such as rifle shooting due to their stability. The important thing here is the smaller the size, the easier it is to have the rangefinder through a tether system for instant access. The LED display should be bright enough to enable easy view for the hunter.



Best Archery Range Finders in 2019


It can take plenty of patience to read many of the best archery range finder reviews just to bag a unit that is useful for you. However, doing a bit of research will help you get a good purchase. To assist you with your shopping, we have described three great products below.


Our recommendations


Bushnell 202442 The Truth


The Truth from Bushnell has an extended maximum range of 850 yards, higher than the original Bowhunter rangefinder with a maximum distance rating of 800 yards. This device easily gets top ratings as the best archery range finder 2019 due to its ability to report angle corrected readings to 199 yards. This proves really useful when you’re hunting from a tree stand, as the difference of a few yards can spell success when bow hunting.

Equipped with 4x magnification, The Truth offers greater advantage on field of view at closer ranges. This is advantageous when you need quick target acquisition at a range of 50 yards and below. The Bow Mode enables the device to display both the angle in degrees along with the angle compensated distance for greater precision. The Perma Focus eyepiece ensures that the device is prefocused from the factory so you won’t need to do adjustments any longer.

The Truth is covered by a warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship. This is a super affordable rangefinder that provides immediate feedback on the shot clearance owing to the built-in ClearShot technology. It allows you to easily calibrate it to match the bow speed using the sight system.


Buy from Amazon for ($309.8)




Simmons LRF 600


Providing the exact distance to your prey from 10 to 600 yards, the Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder offers simplicity of use. With 4x magnification, the device provides a larger field of view at a close range so you can quickly acquire your target. The bright, crystal-clear optics enable you to have easy sight of your next trophy. This device offers amazing accuracy in simple aspects.

The lightweight device has a compact, comfortable-to-use design that proves highly efficient for hunting purposes and enables easy handling and carrying. It merely weighs 9.8 ounces, easy enough to sling along with a tether or a lanyard. To ensure convenient portability, the unit comes with its own carrying case. The weather-resistant housing endows the device with reliable durability. The in-view LCD display lets you see the exact distance to your target.

The device deserves mention in the best archery range finder reviews, as it offers accuracy up to 300 yards for moose and elk and up to 225 yards for deer and antelope. It provides precise range performance to +/- 1 yard. The single button operation allows confident distance measurements. Utilizing digital technology, the rangefinder calculates distances by measuring elapsed time for each pulse to travel from the device to the prey and back.


Buy from Amazon for ($119.99)




Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT


This revolutionary handheld measurement tool helps hunters and target shooters enjoy the sport more while sharpening their precise shooting abilities. Providing a maximum 500 yards to the reflective target as well as a comfortable 6x magnification, the Halo XRT Laser Range Finder enables sharp and miss-free shooting. Use the scan mode for consistent ranging with accuracy up to +/- 1 yard. The water resistant housing and ergonomic design ensure that you have a user-friendly measurement tool that you can always count on during the hunt.

The ergonomically shaped housing features rubberized finger rests and dimpled grips for problem-free handling. The user-friendly interface comes with single button operation. The button is conveniently located within easy reach at the top of the housing. You simply press and hold the activation button to utilize the Scan Mode, which can be highly useful for real-time ranging of moving targets. You can also use this to scan the visual scene.

The Scan mode is also useful for determining the distance to objects in proximity to your target, preventing misses. The device has power-saving automatic deactivation after inactivity lasting 20 seconds. The 6x magnification optics transmit a 7-degree angle of view. The device comes with a nylon case to facilitate easy carrying.


Buy from Amazon for ($339.95)