If you’re here just to find the best automatic milk frothers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected much information about the best automatic milk frother on the market by looking at ratings in expert review sites for kitchen gear and comparing those with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Epica Automatic Electric stands out because of its ability to create froth in both hot and cold milk, perfect for making iced drinks or cappuccinos, latte and other hot milk-based beverages. Impressively designed with a detachable carafe form, this product is constructed of stainless steel with vacuum insulation to help the contents remain at the optimal drinking temperature. If the Epica Automatic Electric is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the Secura MMF-015 as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Having your own milk frother at home enables you to enjoy cafe-quality lattes, cappuccinos, and many other frothy milk-infused drinks without having to shell out coffee money every time you want something great-tasting to drink. Before purchasing this type of kitchen equipment, you will have to compare products and how each one comes up to your and others’ expectations based on the reviews of milk frothers. The ones that stand out are noteworthy in the following aspects.


A milk frother should easily complement the rest of your kitchen layout, therefore contributing to a neat, nice kitchen. Plenty of milk frothers come with modern designs, with majority constructed of well-polished chrome material.

Drinking your favorite morning beverage becomes greatly enjoyable if your milk frother looks classy.

Electric milk frothers are quite popular nowadays as they eliminate the need for an additional cup to hold the milk. Electric milk frothers need less work, with the frothing process taking only a minute or two depending on the device. Although milk frothers are at the high-end in their product category, they make up for the extra cost by saving you time while delivering terrific results.

Battery-operated milk frothers may be small devices, but they are engineered to do a great job of frothing milk. In fact, battery-powered units perform well. Just place the device in a hot cup of milk then switch it on. The end of the stem and handle has a spiral metal that creates decent-quality froth.

A manual milk frother allows use anywhere, so it is suitable for camping, RVing, and people who live alone. Steam frothers are found on the side of an espresso machine and are typically a simple, thin stainless steel bar extending like an arm.



To optimally enjoy your favorite frothy beverage prepared on your own, the milk frother should be superbly easy to use. Most electric frothers are quite easy to store, use and clean up. Simply plug the machine into a wall outlet, pour cold milk into the receptacle and push a button to create froth.

The machine in an electric frother performs the major task, so you just scoop out the frothed milk for blending with your coffee. Taking just a minute or two, the length of the frothing process will pretty much depend on the machine.

A battery-powered milk frother needs only to be placed in a hot cup of milk and switched on. At the end of the stem and handle is a spiral metal that creates the froth. This type is best for those who aren’t extremely picky about the consistency of the produced froth.

Most battery-operated handheld milk frothers allow effortless cleaning, but it should be done right away using a little water and soap for rinsing. This should be followed by drying the unit, and that’s about it. A battery-powered milk frother needs very little space for storage.

Prior to using a manual milk frother, you just pour the milk into a receptacle and pump for 15 to 20 minutes. The pumping action activates the internal frothing mechanism to froth the milk up while you control the temperature.

A manual milk frother needs to be used with preheated milk, so it requires extra effort from the user beginning from the task of heating the milk to pumping it up. That said, it requires no electricity or batteries to use.

Steam frothers in espresso machines feature a knob that releases scalding-hot steam. The knob controls the steam, and this gives you a stiff froth on top of the milk, which can be used for a latte or cappuccino.

When coffee or espresso is made in a coffee machine, it already becomes hot. Some of the heated water is added by the machine to the water tank, then mixed with air to create the steam that froths up the milk. The extendible arm is just placed a third of the way into the milk, which bubbles up to create froth.



You want a machine with a strong motor that can handle your favorite type of milk. This enables you to use coconut, soy, almond, hemp or any other type of milk. Bear in mind that some milk types provide better frothing than others. Cow’s milk froths best. It is important to take note of which type of milk can be used with the frother.

Some models have a carafe design with vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature of the contents. Make sure the unit is made of quality material for long-term use. Level indicators are highly useful.

Another thing to check out is the milk temperature the frother works with. Different people have different preferences on how hot they want their frother to get, while others simply choose to heat the milk first before using the device. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Electric frothers are known for producing creamy and stiff froth with fewer bubbles. The steam frother on an espresso machine produces the second best froth consistency, followed by manually pumped devices. Battery-powered frothers create the least stiff froth.


Top Rated Automatic Milk Frothers in 2019


The market offers plenty of options on milk frothers, and this can somewhat complicate the entire buying process. Hopefully, the above buying guide can help you make an easier decision. The best products have been showcased below for even more help.


Our recommendations


Epica Automatic


Expertly engineered to make hot or cold milk froth up, the Epica Automatic Electric is a fantastic addition to any modern kitchen. This carafe-style milk frother enables you to prepare cappuccino and other iced drinks and also heats milk for making a terrific latte and other hot beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The carafe boasts stainless steel construction and comes with vacuum insulation to ensure that its contents do not go bad. The vacuum insulation is geared to maintain the temperature of the carafe contents for enjoyable drinking.

Moreover, the carafe detaches from the base to allow easy pouring into cups. For frothing, the carafe has a capacity of 125 ml or 4.25 ounces and can heat milk at twice that amount.

Get the ultimate gourmet coffee experience with creamy cappuccinos or fantastic lattes just like what you can buy from your favorite cafe.

Buy from Amazon for ($25)




Secura MMF-015


Designed to make hot and cold milk froth up, the Secura MMF-015 is the perfect investment for gourmet coffee lovers everywhere. This machine is useful for making your own version of cappuccinos using cold milk froth and lattes using heated hot milk. No need to shell out money just to indulge your hankering for cafe-style coffee.

This device handles a maximum milk froth capacity of 125 ml and 250 ml for hot milk preparation. This means you can make a cup of cappuccino or latte for yourself and another one for a friend. The carafe features two maximum level marks. The lower maximum level mark is for milk frothing purposes while the upper one serves for milk warming use.

The lower frothed-up milk volume safeguards against overflowing since milk expands after frothing. This is also the minimum level mark for the least amount of milk you can put in the cup.

To provide dependable corrosion-free performance, this model features a stainless steel exterior with vacuum installation, which enables the receptacle to keep the contents at a consistent temperature for enjoyment.

The detachable base makes it easy to pour the contents out into a cup for drinking and also facilitates easy and safe clean-ups. To ensure it is cleaned well, the unit ships with a free cleaning brush.

Buy from Amazon for ($35.99)




Secura MF-020


Be able to prepare both hot and cold milk froth that can be used for cappuccinos or hot milk froth for lattes with the Secura MF-020. Capable of frothing up your favorite milk for gourmet coffee use, this model does a great job in just a few short minutes so you can sit down to some awesome coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen.

For hot milk preparation, this model accommodates 425 ml, while for milk froth making, it offers a capacity of 250 ml. The two maximum fill level indicators are supplemented with a minimum level fill indicator to eliminate the guesswork and prevent waste of contents due to overflowing.

The maximum or upper-level mark is for heating milk, while the lower level mark is for frothing milk. The high-impact lid provides a factor of durability for safe drinking. Attached to the lid is the whisk holder to which the frothing whisk is also connected. The transparent lid comes with a silicone seal to ensure spill-free and secure performance.

The stainless steel container is removable for less effortful pouring and easy clean-up thanks to it being dishwasher-safe. The Cool Touch plastic used in the base ensures extra safety when preparing hot milk.


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