How to Buy A Reliable Axe?


Whether you intend to cut hard wood or do some splitting, you will definitely need a good quality axe to help you in your endeavor. There are many best axe reviews out there, pointing at one model or another, so you may feel a bit at a loss. The following guide will help you make a better decision and spend your money wisely.



A good axe is one that gets the job done. The purpose you need the axe for plays an important role, because an axe designed for felling may not be as good at splitting as one that is made exactly for this end result. Always keep this little aspect in mind if you want to spend money on a good axe that will help you streamline your activity and become more productive.


The handle quality and length

Many people focus on the quality of the head when trying to find the best axe 2019. They fail, however, to understand the importance of having a good handle. Here is a small tip on how to recognize a good quality handle: the handle should be made entirely of wood, and the grain in it should run towards the head of the axe. Also, check the length of the handle; for a felling axe, you will need a longer handle. You can measure its ideal length, by placing the model next to your forearm. If the handle is longer, than you have a winner, and that will be a good companion for felling trees. If you are just going to use the axe for splitting wood, a shorter handle could work just fine, as well.



An axe is a powerful tool, one that can help you in hard working activities just as felling trees and splitting hard wood. However, a strong axe that you cannot swing too well will not be a clever choice for you. In case you are uncomfortable swinging the axe, you will not be able to harness its power for the best results. Make sure that the axe you are going to buy can be lifted with ease and placed with the head on your shoulder.


Top Rated Axes in 2019


Since there are so many great quality axes on the market, and top rated axe reviews list plenty of models to choose from, we decided to narrow down your search and offer you a short list with the best axes available for sale right now. See our selection and decide which axe is the best for you.


Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe


One of the most popular axes 2019 is, without a doubt, this Fiskars axe. Ideal for taller individuals, it is made for splitting wood, and it does an amazing job at it. The first thing you will notice about it is its very long handle, and that is because it is particularly designed for taller users.

Its power is on the higher side, as well. The number one reason why this axe enjoys such an overwhelming number of positive reviews is its ability to offer great results. With its help, you can split medium and large logs with great efficiency. The model is designed so that you can split logs in just one strike, which is the maximum efficiency you can hope for in a splitting axe.

Despite its large size, the Fiskars axe is not heavy. Made with balance of power to weight ratio in mind, the axe is capable of rendering a perfect swing and focus the entire user’s strength when the axe hits the log. You do not have to worry that using this axe will be too straining for your muscles. The DuraFrame handle is designed to absorb most of the shock, as many best axe reviews point out.

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Husqvarna 576926201 Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe


If you are not the type to focus on a single type of activity, such as just felling trees, or just splitting wood, you will find this Husqvarna axe to be the best axe 2019 for you. Its medium size makes it a good choice for many users, and you will not be limited by your height or strength in order to use this axe with maximum efficiency.

The handle is made of hickory wood, while the blade is made of Swedish steel. Its durability makes it very popular with many users, and you will definitely love having it handy when you decide to do some woodwork.

The design is a great plus for this model, too. The curved handle is meant for ergonomic use, which means that you will experience no discomfort when you will use it, even for prolonged periods of time. The manufacturer provides a leather sheath with the axe, so you can protect the blade – and yourself – when the axe is not in use. The company selling these axes uses the services of one of the oldest axe makers on the planet, and the quality resulted from this association is visible in products such as this particular model.

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Estwing E45A Campers Axe


If you do not plan on spending a lot of money on an axe, a good budget choice is this Estwing model. The handle is made of metal, just like the blade, so it may not be as versatile and comfortable as the models described above. Nonetheless, many consumers prefer this simple, yet efficient axe for their wood cutting work.

One of the important traits of this axe, as most appreciated axe reviews show, is the nylon vinyl shock reduction grip used for the handle. When you are using an axe, you are focusing a lot of strength with each hit, and you do not want too much of that strength to turn against you after you land the hit. Technologies for shock reduction are, therefore, more than welcome, and this axe in particular offers a good experience.

The model is perfect for chopping wood, and it is designed for this purpose in particular. It has a 4 inch cutting edge that makes this activity easier, and you will find it easy to use, as it is not as heavy as other similar models. The leather sheath is an added bonus that you will surely use when you’ll store away the axe.

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