If you are in the market for the best baby bathtub but you lack the time to go over the information we have put together about this product category, we can help you out! After taking into consideration aspects such as buyers’ feedback, specialized reviews and overall brand quality we have reached the conclusion that the Fisher-Price Calming is the best option out there. Due to its secure fabric sling with padded headrest, you can rest assured that your baby is safe in just the right amount of water. Moreover, the three “grow-with-me” stages that the model was designed with allows you to use this product for a longer period. Also, the model is a great fit for both single and double sinks and comes equipped with a drain plug that makes emptying it easy. If the Fisher-Price Calming is out of order, check out the Fisher-Price Precious as this is a great alternative.



Buying Guide


In the market for the best baby bathtub but you just cannot decide on a model? Because we know how difficult it is to set your mind on a particular product, we have put together a list of important features you should have in mind when shopping for such an item. Therefore, read ahead and see what to look for in such an item!


One of the first aspects anybody interested in buying the best baby bathtub on the market should have in mind is the size of the model he/she decides settling for. Because this kind of product aims to accommodate all types of kids, from infants to toddlers, before making your acquisition you should check to see whether or not the product you like is appropriate in this regard.

In other words, pay attention and avoid buying a product that is either too small or too big. The problem with the latter kind lays in the fact that a bathtub that is too large might be dangerous to use while bathing small infants. To make sure you have selected a suitable item, be sure to check the product’s dimensions as well as the response given by previous buyers. This way, you’ll be able to check and see if there are any other unforeseen issues with the model that are otherwise difficult to intuit.

Besides, if you want a model that can be used for longer periods of time, settle for a model that is capable of accommodating growing babies. As a result, you won’t have to think about having to make further investments.



Another appealing feature you should look for is what manufacturers usually call a `baby stop`. This option aims to prevent the slipping and sliding of the baby. By opting for this feature, you can make sure that your baby is safe and comfortable during this bath and that no unfortunate accidents can happen.

Moreover, there are models that were designed with additional features. One of these other options that you could check out is the ability of the device to produce comforting vibrations. As a plus, models that come with this the peculiarity of producing soft vibrations, are capable of soothing the baby and keeping him/her relaxed. In no time, bathing time will no longer be a freighting experience, but an agreeable one.


Ability to drain and fit

One feature that all best baby bathtub reviews are prone to point out as important is the ability to drain the bathtub. Because you will want to avoid having to deal with emptying these rather large products manually, we advise you to opt for a product that was designed with a drain plug, because this feature is prone to make your life easier. However, if you are looking for an inflatable baby bathtub, this particular detail should not be a considered problem.

Moreover, keep in mind that usually these models are constructed to be placed (when used) above a sink. Therefore, some products were designed to fit different kinds of sink models. To make it effortless for you, look for a more versatile model that can suit both single and double sinks.



Top Rated Baby Bath Tubs in 2019


In the section below, you can find what we believe to be the best models on the market at the current time. As we were carrying out our research and before arriving at these conclusions, we had in mind all the above-mentioned features as well as other aspects such as buyers’ feedback, reviews, and price to value ratio. So, because this decision belongs to you, keep on reading and choose the model you think will best fit your needs.


Our recommendations


Fisher-Price Calming


With great reviews from current users, the Fisher-Price Calming model is, according to buyers, one that is worth investing into. This product is highly appreciated due to the fact that it comes equipped with a handful of features such as its comfy sling that lets baby rest safely in the water and that ensures that infants are kept away from high levels of water.

Moreover, the product has what manufacturers call a `grow with me function`. This consists of an additional insertion that keeps the newborns in the upper part of the tub. Once removed, older babies can sit up and play. Additionally, the grow-with-me insert prevents slipping and sliding and it supplies extra comfort for your baby. Besides, the soothing vibrations that the model produces calm the baby.

Also, this model is quite practical as it comes with a plug that is used for draining and a hook that ensures space-saving storing by offering you the possibility of hanging it on the shower rod or door. Furthermore, the model was built to fit all types of single and double basin sinks. As a result, if you end up buying it, you won’t have to worry whether or not it will go together well in your home.

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Fisher-Price Precious


Another great alternative that you should consider is the Fisher-Price Precious. Designed to cater to both you and your baby’s needs, this model comes equipped with many practical features. Ideal to be used for bathing infants and toddlers, this model comes in a fun, whale-like shape so that your child is sure to love it.

Constructed with the same adaptable design that the previous tub had, this model was also created so that newborns are kept away from dangerous levels of water. As a plus, this product features a soft-grip, non-slip foam surface that keeps your baby comfy and does not allow him/her to move in a dangerous way. Therefore, all causes of accidents are minimized.

The additional baby whale cup goes along with this tub’s aquatic theme and allows for gentle rinsing or play. In no time, bathing your baby will be fun and effortless for you and your little one.

Another great feature of the device is its plug, designed to make draining the product as easy as possible. Moreover, due to the fact that this model is quite versatile, you can use it in various rooms of your home such as the bathroom or the kitchen. No matter the location, the fun looking product is likely to make your baby happy and clean.

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Inflatable Baby Bathtub 


We couldn’t have ended this top before mentioning this great inflatable tub alternative. Ideal for babies between 0 to 48 months, this model is easy to use and store. Because it is made out of environmental green non-toxic PVC, this product is both reliable and convenient. Besides, because it is light weighted, this product can be easily folded and used when traveling, an option that many other products cannot supply.

To make sure that babies are comfortable and safe, the tub was designed with a textured bottom that aims to keep your baby from slipping.  Also, the anti-skid design of the product is provided by its inner center cushion that prevents your baby from sliding beneath the water level.

To ensure that the product is used safely, the manufacturer in scripted the interior of the tub with a signal that warns parents about the water line. Also, ergonomically designed, the product keeps your baby in a reclined position at 45 degrees so that the baby is comfortable during her/his bath time.

Last but not least, the model is easy to take care of. After you have used it, just drain the tub through the drain hole that is located at the bottom of the tub, clean it and then put it in a well-ventilated place to dry.

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