If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best baby carrier money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have looked into what expert review sites say about different products and compared the claims to what actual owners say about those products. This extensive research and evaluation has led us to believe that the BABYBJORN Original is the number one baby carrier on the market. Why? This awesome piece of baby gear can be used from the time a child is a newborn till they’ve grown, but not enough to walk on their own. You can keep your baby in your embrace while keeping your hands free without worrying about the fit, which is exceptionally secure while providing adequate back support for your baby, from the head, neck and spine to the hips. This baby carrier even allows you to carry your child facing forward when they are able to support their head on their own. Should the BABYBJORN Original run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option for sale, the BABYBJORN Miracle.



Comparison Table


Product Available Colors Price Fabric Weight Limit Our Rating Where to buy


Black and more $$ Cotton 22 lbs A+ AMAZON


Black/Silver $$$ Cotton Mix 26 lbs A AMAZON

Britax Baby Carrier

Black $$ Polyester with Cotton Bib 32 lbs B+ AMAZON


Black $$$$$ Mesh 26 lbs B AMAZON

ERGObaby Organic

Lattice/Taupe $$$$ Organic Cotton 45 lbs C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


It’s pure bliss to hold your baby in your arms anywhere you go, but your arms are going to need a break after a time of embracing baby so close to your heart. This is where the baby carrier becomes a true godsend, especially when caring for older babies who just can’t be left alone pattering around the house while you do any chores you can while they’re awake. What makes a baby carrier worth investing in?

1.BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

The right type and fit

You want the baby carrier that offers a natural, easy fit for you and your baby. Baby Bjorn, an acknowledged baby gear manufacturer, has plenty of baby carriers varying from those for plus size women and even for men so both mom and dad can share in the carrying task while being able to establish close contact with baby during that critical growing period when baby needs the assurance of parental physical touch. Able to support your baby in a snug embrace, a baby carrier can be one of three types.

Soft structured carriers, mei tais and front packs are classified as front carriers. They hold your child in an upright position. You fasten them using long tied straps or buckles. A soft structured carrier is equipped with two padded shoulders pads outfitted with buckles plus a supportive waist belt. This type transmits the weight load to the hips, giving you stability and ensuring less fatigue to the arms. Front style baby carriers can come with snaps or zippers that help you adjust the size of the transport device, so it conforms to the size of your baby. Others need an infant insert to deliver a correct fit for a small baby. This type keeps the baby’s face next to the parent’s chest, with some models even allowing forward facing babies to be carried on the back of the adult. Many front carriers allow babies with the ability to support their head and neck independently to face outwards in the carrier on the front of the parent’s chest. For petite women, this type can be used with straps crossed. One-shouldered hip carriers used for larger babies belong to this classification.


Rectangular shaped carriers known as mei tais are inspired by traditional Chinese design. They have long straps, which may be padded or constructed wide to ensure comfort when worn spread out. Two straps go over the adult’s shoulders to cross and tie behind the back with another pair of straps that go around the parent’s waist. A mei tai enables sharing among different adult caregivers because it is re-tied every time. It just needs a few minor tweaks with rolling or cinching down to ensure a snug fit even for a small baby.

Front packs come with a padded body made of fabric with bound leg openings. The body is attached to shoulder straps along with a waist belt most times. The baby can be carried either facing in or out, depending on whether they have independent head and neck control.

The second type of baby carrier is the sling, which may have a ring design, pouch style or wrap structure. This type forms a hammock-type seat to hold baby snug in an upright, seated position against the parent’s body. The sling fabric holds the baby’s neck when the carrier is securely strapped. A pouch can be constructed of a simple fabric bought to size, or a buckled or snapped adjustable pouch. This is not a baby carrier of choice for newborns.

Wraps are constructed of a long piece of fabric wrapped or tied around baby and the caregiver. Inspired by the traditional way of carrying baby along in many parts of the world, wraps have evolved to modern versions in the US to woven or stretch units in jersey fabrics that work nicely for giving snuggling comfort to your baby. Your child can be carried in a wrap in different chest-to-chest or upright positions.

Framed backpack-style carriers are perfect for hiking with your tot. It is suitable for trips to the mall or zoo or around the neighborhood with an older baby who can fully support their head and neck on their own. This type can be used to carry your child and hiking gear totaling 30 to 50 pounds.

A fourth type is the hybrid carrier that combines a warp and a pouch sling. Ready to wear, this type should be bought in the proper size. It resembles a fitted T-shirt and is quite easy to use. It doesn’t permit shared use.


Ease of use and comfort

Most baby carriers can be worn easily without the need for assistance from a partner. You can just support baby with one hand, particularly when the child rides in the facing-in position in front of the caregiver’s body. Baby carriers will have to be worn at the back of the caregiver’s body with a partner holding the child till baby is securely strapped in. Spot cleaning can be done but the material should be machine washable. Most baby carriers can be bought in nice patterns and colors along with fabrics suitable for hot days. Some wraps and slings enable you to nurse your baby on the go. You want adequate padding on the straps and strong fabric to evenly distribute baby’s weight.

2.BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle

Safety, strength and convenience

The leg holes should be loose enough not to cut off blood flow in your baby’s thighs but not extremely loose to let your child slip through easily. The seat and straps should deliver secure support. All belts, snaps and buckles should be top quality and working well. Detachable hoods keep the sun off the child’s face. They should be of the proper size to ensure adequate airflow to your child in the carrier. A lot of models have pockets to carry small items such as keys or a phone, maybe even an extra nappy. Some have binky loops or small backpacks for carrying some baby gear.



Top rated baby carriers in 2019


There are plenty of baby carrier brands and models on the market, and the variety of choices can easily become overwhelming. The buying guide above is designed to help you make an easier buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below for a smoother shopping journey.


Our recommendations




best baby carrier

Considered by thousands of satisfied parents as one of the best baby carrier in 2019, the BabyBjorn baby carrier original comes with one of the best care systems from the ones available on the market. The model keeps the baby close and the parents hands free thus setting the context for a better manoeuvrability. The BabyBjorn has an easy to install and buckle system which makes it very easy to use the baby carrier. All adjustments of the model are made in the front and it also comes with wide padded shoulder straps.


Buy from Amazon for ($79.99)





Most of the latest top rated baby carrier reviews underline the fluid and unique design of the BabyBjorn Miracle soft cotton mix baby carrier, a very popular product in the United States of America. The model has an ergonomic waist belt which is adjustable thus providing optimal comfort for you as the child develops. Furthermore the BabyBjorn Miracle baby carrier has an easy adjustment set in the front that allows you to choose how the baby should be carried in any location with greater comfort.


Buy from Amazon for ($159.99)




The COMPLETE Airflow by LILLEbaby 


1.SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby

Offering versatility, style and comfort, the COMPLETE Airflow by LILLEbaby allows easy carrying of your child at 360 degrees or on any side of your body. Designed for all baby ages and stages, the baby carrier is a lightweight unit that can be used to take baby along with you from birth to the toddler years. A comfortable, ergonomic fit is assured thanks to the adjustable seat as well as the tall neck support. You can carry your child in six different positions. The two-way shoulder straps are generously padded to ensure comfort. Constructed from soft, durable 3D mesh fabric, this carrier ensures that your child can breathe comfortably.

The sleeping hood offers sun protection for your child, along with privacy while nursing or napping. The baby carrier offers lumbar support to protect your baby’s delicate spine. Both baby’s essentials and yours can be stored in the large signature dual front pockets. This carrier is equipped with temperature control for all-weather use.


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Mothers on the Move Mo+m® Classic 


2.Mo+m® Classic Cotton 3

Approved by chiropractors, the Mothers on the Move Mo+m® Classic baby carrier is engineered to distribute weight evenly so you won’t feel stress on your back and shoulders when bringing baby along. This baby carrier is easy to use since you simply put your baby in and do your chores with your two hands. The vented window ensures adequate air circulation so baby is always cool in the carrier. Baby’s head is kept comfortably shaded thanks to the extra soft hood.

This baby carrier allows three different easy carrying positions in the front, backpack or hip style. This baby equipment has been tested safe for baby use as proven by its ASTM F2236 – 14, CPSIA Sec.101 and Cal. Prop 65 certifications. It comes with pockets to hold baby’s on-the-go essentials as well as yours. This machine-washable baby gear easily fits in a diaper bag thanks to its compact design that is still able to support babies of different sizes.


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Britax Baby Carrier


Britax always created high quality products, designed with attention to details and reuniting vast technical expertise. To this extent the Britax baby carrier makes no exception. The model is equipped with the solid carry long system and padded waist belt and shoulder straps that distributes weight across shoulders, back and also hips thus providing extended comfort. Furthermore, this model from Britax delivers multiple carrying positions and versatility during any trip. This is the reason so many people consider the Britax model as one of the best baby carrier in 2019.


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ERGObaby Organic


The present top rated baby carrier reviews written by technicians and specialists in the field, underline the solid design of the ERGObaby Organic baby carrier model known for its efficiency in keeping the infant safe and comfortable. The baby carrier is made out of 100% cotton offering the maximum comfort to the child there is. Furthermore, the ERGObaby is made out of 100% organic cotton twill body with 100% organic cotton sateen lining, making it very special at touch and usage.


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Unavailable products





The majority of the latest top rated baby carrier reviews underline the solid structure and unique design of the BabyBjorn baby carrier Active, a product known for its efficiency. The model has a breathable mesh fabric that reduces heat and moisture thus keeping the parent and baby cool and comfortable. You should also know that the baby carrier has an enhanced lumbar panel that provides optimal support for lower back. The baby carrier is comfortable and easy to use, without causing disturbances of any kind irrespective if the travels are long or short.