Useful Buying Advice for Baby Monitors


There are many reasons for modern day parents to feel the stress from both a newborn baby and their daily chores and house activities. Coming to the help of parents, baby monitors allow them to watch upon their babies while going about their various tasks around the house. Unfortunately, getting a good new baby monitor requires quite a lot of research and time, resources parents do not exactly have at their disposal. This article will help anyone who wants to know all about baby monitors and their functionality, helping them save money, time and avoid additional stress.

A.Baby Monitor

Sound monitoring

Sound monitoring is the main monitoring option offered by all the baby monitors currently available. Being able to alert the parent whenever a baby cries is crucial for a good baby monitor. Regardless of any other functions, this one must be always present in a baby monitor. Before making a decision to buy a new baby monitor, read about its sensor quality and detection range. The best baby monitor reviews rate all baby monitors starting with their sound monitoring capabilities.


Video option

A more and more popular feature today is the video streaming option. A small video camera monitors the baby during his sleep and broadcasts the images on the baby monitor. Helping the parents visually inspect their precious baby will greatly improve their monitoring capability and lower their stress levels. When aiming to get a baby monitor with a video camera it is best to enquire about the camera’s resolution and quality. The best baby monitor reviews give extra points to all monitors that come equipped with high quality video cameras. Being able to clearly see the baby will not generate any unnecessary emotions to the concerned parents.


Signal range

Baby monitors must be capable of transmitting the sound and image from the baby’s room to the desired house location. Today, most baby monitors use radio signals to communicate with the nursery. Having a good radio signal will greatly increase the usefulness of the monitor, making it fit for use from far away rooms. When it comes to the radio signal range, all the best baby monitor reviews agree that a powerful signal is always better than a weak one. Remember to check the signal range before purchase and aim for models that boast the biggest signal range.


Top Rated Baby Monitors in 2019


While reading all about baby monitors, we stumbled upon three popular models praised by all the best baby monitor reviews. Loved for their functionality and versatility, these models stand apart from the rest, constantly rating higher on all baby monitors charts.


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


1.Infant Optics DXR-8Designed to deliver the best possible video and audio surveillance, this baby monitor satisfies even the most demanding parent. Using three different video lenses, the Infant Optics DXR-8 can deliver an excellent quality video image, helping the parents view their child in perfect conditions.

This baby monitor is the only one that comes equipped with two additional camera lenses. Besides the normal camera lens that allows a regular video monitoring, the extra wide and focus lenses allow the baby monitor to focus on the child or the entire room as needed.

Together with its unique lens feature, the Infant Optics DXR-8 gives the parents the option to rotate the camera and zoom in the image, helping them to inspect more closely the baby and her room. Using its excellent 3.5 inch wide full-color display, this baby monitor delivers the best possible quality image, making it an instant hit among all its users.

With its focus on quality, simple to use and adjust, loved by all for its functionalities, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is regarded as the best baby monitor 2019. This baby monitor is the perfect choice for anyone who desires to buy the best of the best for them and their child.

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Levana Ayden 32115 Digital Video Baby


2.Levana Ayden 3.5 DigitalUsing its high versatility, the new Levana Ayden baby monitor is offering an impressive range of functions and capabilities that put it on top of all other baby monitors available today.

Through its superb 3.5 inch portable screen, the Levana Ayden will give you the best quality image anywhere in the house. Allowing you to move freely from room to room while being in constant connection with your baby, this monitor will greatly improve your life quality during these stressful moments.

Especially useful for first time parents, the sound alert and night vision mode will make them rest assured that they will be ready to check each time their child cries. Through a dual mode speaker system, the parents can talk back to their child, calming him down and even making him go back to sleep. Additionally, the parent can remotely start three lullabies that will comfort the baby and make him stay relaxed and sleep well.

With so many functions and options, the Levana Ayden is placed on top of many best baby monitor 2019 charts. With its simple controls and excellent features, this baby monitor is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the best out of their money.

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Graco 1773028 Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor


3.Graco Secure CoverageWhen simplicity and efficiency matter most, the Graco Secure Coverage baby monitor is the perfect choice. Featuring an excellent range and superb audio sensors, this baby monitor is regarded by many to be one of the top rated baby monitors 2019.

Focusing on efficiency and comfort, the Graco Secure Coverage baby monitor is extremely simple to use. Its sound sensors are capable of picking out any noise from the baby’s room and deliver an audio or visual alert to the portable unit.

The portable unit can be easily clipped on the belt, leaving the parent’s hands free and helping them to stay active throughout the day. With its extended range, up to 2000 ft, this baby monitor is an excellent choice for active parents. Another excellent feature is its own low battery alarm that will tell the user when the time to change its batteries has come. This way, parents will be sure all the time that the monitor functions properly and that they are in constant touch with their baby.

Compact and powerful, this monitor will keep parents in touch with their babies, alerting them as soon as the child makes a noise. Efficient and comfortable, the Graco Secure Coverage is regarded by many to be one of the best sound monitors available on the market today.

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