How to Buy One of the Best Baby Monitors under 50


Expecting parents usually have a long shopping list, and on that list, a baby monitor is often present. Since many parents want to know that their baby is fine, a baby monitor can help them by offering them the needed information without having to check on the infant all the time. Reading more about baby monitors will help you decide on the best model around.

A.Best Baby Monitor under 50

Range and frequency

If you want the best baby monitor under 50, always check the range and frequency of the model. The range will make sure that you can move around the house, and even outside of it, without losing touch with your baby. A good transmitter is necessary to eliminate all interferences and white noise from other devices, such as phones, and even microwaves.



You most probably do not want a large, bulky unit, if you plan on taking the baby monitor with you around the house. Pick a model that is easy to carry around, as portability does matter.


Extra features

Certain features are, without a doubt, more helpful than others. The best baby monitors on the market come equipped with multiple receivers, multiple transmitters, temperature tracking and many other features.


Highest Rated Baby Monitors under 50


A good and reliable baby monitor does not have to be expensive. If you are looking to save some money on a competitive product, the following list will help you decide on a good quality baby monitor. Appreciated by parents everywhere, these devices offer everything you need to ensure your peace of mind.



VTech DM221 Baby Monitor


1.VTech DM221The VTech DM221 excels in portability, efficiency and quality. Equipped with a belt clip that allows you to carry the receiver around the house with you, when you are doing chores, this baby monitor will let you know right away whether you should go check on your baby or just soothe him/her with your voice.

This brings us to another excellent feature of this baby monitor. The 2-way intercom allows you to speak to your baby and even sing her a lullaby, so she can go back to sleep.

The transmission offered by the VTech DM221 is very dependable. In case you need to go outside, the area covered is up to 1,000 feet, but inside, it is up to 150 feet, since the walls reduce the power of the signal. Nonetheless, this type of performance is commendable in a product this cheap.

Sound quality counts, although most baby monitors right now deliver good results in this respect. This particular product provides clear transmission, and it is capable of eliminating the annoying white noise that may happen to be produced by other electronics in your house.

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Graco 1773028 Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor


2.Graco Secure CoverageAre you looking for the best baby monitor under 50? The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor may be just what you want for your peace of mind.

A good, dependable transmitter is necessary to ensure that your baby monitor does not interfere with other electronics around the house. This model operates on the superior 900 MHz frequency, so your phone will not interfere with the baby monitor, thus preventing you from hearing with crystal clarity, what happens in your baby’s room.

In case you need to turn the volume off once in a while, the light alert will let you know that your baby woke up and needs you. The belt clip comes in handy, because it allows you to see about your daily chores, without having to keep an eye on the baby monitor all the time.

The 2,000 feet range is another commendable aspect of this baby monitor from Graco. Although inside the house, the range is somewhat reduced, when you have work to do outside, nothing rivals this great product in terms of transmission range.

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Sony NTM910YLW-WHT Nursery Monitor


3.Sony NTM910YLW-WHTNo matter how dependable baby monitors are, parents always feel like they should be close to their offspring all the time. However, this can become tiring, and babies do not need exhausted parents, going out of their minds with worry. How about purchasing a baby monitor that lets you know when you are out of range then?

The Sony NTM910YLW-WHT is a product built with focus on the parent’s needs, not just the baby’s. In case you are going too far away from the nursery, the baby monitor will start beeping and lighting up to let you know about this.

As expected from a Sony product, sound fidelity is given a special place on the list of great selling points. You have 27 FM channels to choose from, so you can easily find the one with the clearest transmission. Operating on 900 MHz, the Sony NTM910YLW-WHT already packs the best sound quality available for baby monitors, so you do not have to worry that you will not be able to hear the sounds in your baby’s room.

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