In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best baby stroller? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. After consulting many expert review sites and doing product comparisons based on what actual owner feedbacks say, we have come to believe that the BOB Revolution SE is the number one product for sale in this category thanks to how easy it is to maneuver both through straight paths and around tight corners, so you can take baby along conveniently when you need to go for your morning coffee run or go grocery shopping. Truly an exceptional piece of baby gear, this model is equipped with a carefully engineered suspension system to ensure a smooth ride. Your child won’t feel all the bumps and other inconsistencies on the terrain during your outdoor trip as the stroller has two-position shock absorbers that cushion your baby against those elements. For total safety, the baby stroller also features a five-point padded harness with dependable fasteners for tightening via pull rings to keep your precious bundle strapped in securely during the trip. If the BOB Revolution SE is not available, we highly recommend the second best option, the Baby Trend Expedition Phantom.



Comparison Table


Product Max Weight Price Wheels Colors Available Our Rating Where to buy

BOB Revolution SE

70 lbs $$$$ 3 Black, Orange and more A+ AMAZON

Britax B-Agile and B-Safe

55 lbs $$$ 3 Black, Red A AMAZON

JJ Cole Broadway

50 lbs $$$$ 4 Black/Gray Drops B+ AMAZON

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

50 lbs $ 4 Fire Red and more C+ AMAZON

Summer Infant 3D Lite

50 lbs $$ 4 Black, Tropical Green and more B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Keeping your baby safe and comfortable during those walks in the park or grocery runs is achievable when you’ve got a great stroller that has gotten good reviews in various consumer reports and expert review sites. Often, your baby gets what you pay for but you don’t have to shell out several hundred dollars just to ensure a sensible baby stroller purchase. What distinguishes top rated baby strollers from the unremarkable ones?

1.BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

Safety above all

The packaging or the stroller itself should carry a sticker testifying to the manufacturer’s commitment to the certification program designed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) for such types of baby equipment. The key tests administered by the JPMA include evaluation for stability, stroller brakes, harness system, locking systems and leg openings, in addition to the absence of potentially hazardous sharp points and edges that can injure either your baby or you. There should be no points of weakness in the frame or loose components or parts that can get a tiny finger caught accidentally.

A five-point restraint system keeps your baby strapped in at or above the shoulders, between the legs and at the waist. It ensures that your baby won’t slide or fall out easily from the seat in case of jerks on the path. You want the buckles to be easy to operate but difficult to undo by tiny hands. A proper fit should be ensured by the buckles.



Suitable type for your baby’s needs

Single strollers can be the traditional type, which are the market’s workhorses as they move across growth boundaries from your child’s birth to the time they no longer need a stroller. Plenty of traditional strollers are easy to maneuver and go well in any riding situation. Some of them come with seats that recline fully, which allows the young passenger to ride in safety and comfort, while others are compatible with infant car seats. A select few can handle both.

A single combination stroller, otherwise known as a modular unit, are designed for adaptability to accommodate a growing child’s needs. Some easily interface with an infant car seat while others need a separately purchased adapter to facilitate car seat integration. A removable seat that reclines perfectly flat provides a relaxing resting area for your child. Reversible seats allow your child to either sit in the forward facing orientation or facing you.

Umbrella strollers are lightweight baby transportation devices usually outfitted with curved handles resembling that of an umbrella. They are best for traveling thanks to their folding configuration that makes them easily portable. They are ideal for babies who can sit up on their own or for older children. Some umbrella strollers boast hassle-free car seat integration using a supplied adapter.

Full travel system strollers, which are best for newborns, come with all that your baby needs to enjoy an outdoor trip, including a car seat base for vehicle setup and installation, along with an infant car seat and the stroller component. On the other hand, car seat carrier strollers are equipped with a lightweight frame and no custom seat. However, they accommodate more than a single model and brand of infant seat.

A relative newcomer on the stroller market is the transformable car seat/stroller, which is basically a car seat constructed with a stroller frame, which folds under the seat. This allows installation of the car seat onto a separate vehicle base for journeys in a car.

Double strollers can be in the side-by-side configuration and are best for twins, since they are designed to carry children of the same height and weight. Built with a design that resembles two strollers affixed together, double strollers are easy to maneuver and can have reclining backs for each seat, which can be separately adjusted.

Double/tandem strollers offer stadium style seating for two children, with one seat directly behind the other. Having the same width as a single passenger stroller, a tandem stroller can easily fit through aisles and doorways. One thing to take note of with double strollers is you can’t recline the front seat without cutting back on the available space for the child seated at the back. A good solution is present in models that have the two seats facing each other instead of being one behind the other. Some models also have the back seat positioned slightly lower. Other models even accommodate triplets.

Jogging strollers comprise three wheels, with the front wheel usually locked in the forward facing position. Jogging or running strollers feature a hand brake in addition to a parking brake that can be activated using your foot. The air filled tires are larger than average. More recent models feature a swiveling front wheel that can be locked in place, for versatile maneuvering on smooth surfaces at option. The fixed setting is used when traversing rough pathways.

2.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Comfort and convenience for you and your baby

Seats can be made to face forward or backward. Strolling with baby will not cause too much back strain for tall parents if the handlebars are height adjustable or reversible. Parent and child trays or consoles can hold cups, and storage pockets can be used to hold keys, your cellular phone, some reading material, or baby essentials. Some models have an iPod connectible built-in speaker so baby can be entertained during the outdoor trip. Newer models now even come with a canopy pocket for a table or iPad so baby can watch videos during the outdoor trip. Modern strollers can be outfitted with a drink holder, bug netting, sun visor or canopy, rain cover and other accessories, but these can drive up the acquisition costs. It is best to determine what you want in a stroller and negotiate on a good price.



Top rated baby strollers in 2019


There is a limitless number of brands and models of strollers on the market, and this can unduly toughen up an otherwise pleasurable shopping experience. Hopefully, the buying guide above can help you make a decision much easier. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


Our recommendations


BOB Revolution SE


best strollerThe BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller includes an adjustable front wheel so that you can easily maneuver it in any are. So whether you are headed to the zoo, beach, or in heavily congested areas, you won’t have to experience any hassles with this. With a handy, two-step folding system and a lightweight frame, this stroller can certainly be brought anywhere with the convenience you need. Aside from that, it has an innovative and easy to adjust suspension system that enhances easier and smoother ride. Aside from the comfort of the carrier, the makers of this unit also made sure that the baby is secured and comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Its ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat and a five-point padded harness offer the uttermost comfort for your child.


Buy from Amazon for ($549)




Baby Trend Expedition Phantom


1.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Outfitted with a front swivel wheel that ensures easy maneuvering and locks for jogging, the Baby Trend Expedition Phantom provides a relaxing day out with your child, thanks also to the large bicycle tires that roll over different surfaces with ease. This JPMA certified stroller ensures your child’s safety, thanks to the reclining padded seat with five-point harness system to keep your child securely strapped in. The large canopy protects your baby from the elements. The storage basket provides a convenient means of holding your baby’s on-the-go necessities along with a few items of your own. The child and parent trays both have cup holders so you and your baby can stay hydrated.


Buy from Amazon for ($77.7)




Graco Click Connect Literider Kyte


2.Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller

Your baby has never travelled more safely or comfortably than in the Graco Click Connect Literider Kyte. This baby stroller comes with a secure one-step attachment for effortless integration with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats to assemble the baby’s own convenient travel system. Supporting up to 40 pounds total weight, this lightweight yet durable baby stroller is extra portable with its one-hand collapsible frame with storage latch for easy-folding transportability. Perfect for the perennially mobile mom, the stroller features a luxurious padded seat that reclines to multiple levels to ensure a comfortable resting position for your child. The two deep cup holders on the parent’s tray enable you to take along your favorite beverage on the go.


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Baby Jogger City Select Onyx


3.Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat

The Baby Jogger City Select Onyx is the perfect stroller for two kids or twins, suitable for your growing family. The supplied Second Seat Kit lets you configure the seats in a variety of ways for positioning with separately purchased car seats, bassinets and seats according to your family’s needs. It offers 16 different combinations including a single seat combo and bassinet. The exclusive Quick-Fold technology allows you to fold the stroller in just one simple step. The telescoping handlebar enables problem-free pushing at a comfortable height. The hand-operated parking brake ensures that the stroller won’t slip out of your grasp when you make a brief stopover or are navigating an incline.


Buy from Amazon for ($699.99)




Kolcraft Cloud Plus


1.Kolcraft Cloud PlusThe Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is an affordable piece of baby gear that is designed to be travel friendly. Weighing in at less than 12 pounds, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is easy to fold down into a compact unit. It has a three-tier extended canopy that provides maximum UV coverage for your precious passenger. Your baby is protected from the sun and the elements when riding in this stroller. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is made of polyester and steel to ensure durability and protection for the rider. The reclining seat adjusts to multiple positions so baby can rest comfortably during the ride. The five-point harness system can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds for safety and ease of use.


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Summer Infant 3D Lite


Summer-Infant-3D-LiteMade with a durable and stylish aluminum frame, the Summer Infant 2019 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is definitely among the safest baby equipment on the market. The large seat area ensures that baby is deep in the seat without easily sliding off. The four-position recline ensures a comfortable ride, while the five-point safety restraint system keeps baby strapped in securely during the stroll. The anti-shock front wheels shield baby from the bumps and uneven surfaces on the terrain. The Lockable rear wheels ensure that the stroller doesn’t roll away accidentally when the caretaker lets go of the handle during stops. The stroller has a new and improved compact fold mechanism and comes with a carry strap for easy carrying.


Buy from Amazon for ($64.96)





Products which are no longer available



Kolcraft Jeep Cherokee


Best baby strollers 2019One of the best baby strollers in 2019, according to the latest user feedback and professional reviews, is the Kolcraft Jeep Cherokee sport baby stroller model. This is the stroller dream to any parent that wants to keep his child safe and also in comfortable space. It is convenient and set within an affordable price range, while offering to the user a free hand to other activities, complementary to the one caring for the child. The structure is solid, compact and light weighted just perfect for any easy travel to different places or walks.



The First Years Jet


top rated baby strollers reviewsMost of the current top rated baby strollers reviews underline the efficiency and beauty of the First Years Jet model, one of the most cherished and popular products available on the market. The structure of the First Years Jet stroller has a durable frame that can hold by up to 50 pounds which is just great and reliable for any young parents. The model has taller handles, multi position recline, 5 point harness system for a secure ride everywhere you go. The Fruit Years Jet stroller has a large parent console and also a lower storage basket that helps the parent to take greater care of the child during any circumstance.



The First Years Ignite


Top rated baby strollers in 2019 The First Years strollers are renowned for their efficiency, professionalism and durable structure during any circumstance or walks. To this extent The First Years Ignite stroller is easy to use for you and extremely comfortable for the baby (by up to 50 pounds). The Ignite stroller comes equipped with the euro styled frame combined with a delicate fashion sense thus bringing a touch of beauty everywhere you go. With large wheels (6” diameter) allowing you to control better the stroller indifferent of the surface you walk on. Thousands of satisfied parents have named the First Years Ignite model as one of the best baby strollers in 2019.



Contours Options


Receiving strong marks, notes and descriptions from the top rated baby strollers reviews, the Contours Options 3 wheel stroller is a durable and professional method to walk the child while also protecting him in a comfortable environment. Contours stroller has a solid infant car seat attachment, a controllable five-point harness system which makes the model adaptable from the first years of the child to the ones the follow. The solid structure also includes a three position seat recline, an adjustable foot rest and a solid built-in stand that helps the parents to observe better the infant.



Britax B-Agile and B-Safe


This travel system provides the best protection and comfort it can bring to your child. Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System has a side impact security that balances crash forces to keep the passenger secure in case of accidents and protects your child from head to toe. It weighs 55 pounds that can carry for up to 30-pound weight. It also has a handy aluminum frame, an energy-absorbing foam liner, and a convenient one-hand folding system. Its five-point harness is tangle-free. This unit has also received constant praises from buyers on best baby strollers reviews because of its three-wheel design that gives easy and smooth steering control.



JJ Cole Broadway


Considered by parents from around the world as one of the best baby strollers in 2019, for its solid structure, compact and modern design, the JJ Cole Broadway model brings a touch of fashionable comfort in taking care of any child. This stroller was designed for convenience and great mobility because it can swivel a full 360 degrees to convert into an infant car seat or an adjustable handle height. You should know that the JJ Cole Broadway received certifications from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and respects all the American Society for testing and materials safety standards.