Top rated banjos in 2019


The Banjo is really a great instrument. If you are already a guitar player, you won’t find it really hard to play or manage a banjo. What is hard though, is looking for the best banjo model and brand on the market. You need to consider a lot of things before you can actually buy one that has everything you are looking for. Good thing I have made a compilation of the best banjo reviews which are based from the ratings and comments of customers.


Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo


Best Banjo ReviewsThis model has one of the simplest designs and the greatest tones when played. It deserves a spot on the top list of the best banjo reviews being a great banjo with a rather competitive price. It is pretty light, which makes it really ideal for camping, travelling, or going to the beach. Banjos always have a vibrant tone but this model makes it more authentic. It is a great banjo for starters and a decent one for long time banjo players. This model is a perfect mix of quality, style, and affordability.

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Gold Tone CC-100R Cripple Creek Banjo with Resonator


2What makes this banjo model really interesting is its added resonator feature. It is an entry level banjo with a quality of the top end models in the market. It is a very competitive banjo especially for its price point. The Gold Tone CC-100R’s low string action plus its amazing durability are the reasons why it belongs in the list of best banjo in 2019. It has a strong maple neck and a convertible resonator. This resonator has a purpose of increasing the tone and volume whenever the banjo is being played.

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Deering Goodtime 2 5-String Banjo


3The best thing about this Deering banjo model is its resonator back which provides the best projection of sound. It is made with the same tools that make the best banjo models in the market. This model is specifically designed for enthusiastic banjo players who wish to learn playing the instrument even with alimited budget for an instrument. Its quality is too good for its price and that makes it the best banjo in 2019.

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Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket


4This model has a closed solid back plus a geared 5th tuner, and is definitely a classic top rated banjo in 2019. It is a full size banjo made of mahogany and is designed with slim and fast necks which are perfect for easy and comfortable playing. Its mahogany resonator has thumb screws and its armrest is nickel plated. Its highlight feature is its geared 5th tuner, making it an impressive banjo model considering the price that it bears.

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Fender FB-300 Banjo Pack, Natural


5The authenticity of a banjo instrument makes it a great contribution to country and bluegrass, and sometimes even in jazz and rock. The fender FB-300 is a unique instrument which sounds like no other ad it is really fun to play. With the perfect model like this Fender FB-300, you will surely enjoy playing the banjo. It’s a great starter banjo that comes with a gig bag, additional strings, tuner, and of course an instructional book.

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