How to Buy One of the Best Bassinet Strollers


Buying the best bassinet stroller of 2019 can be a complicated thing to do. Nowadays there are so many models out there with so many features that any parent can become a little confused. As is the case with other products destined for the use of babies safety is the most important feature.

Try to spend as much time as possible on reading the best bassinet stroller reviews, because going through additional info can help you make up your mind about which model you need to purchase. Moreover, performing a thorough research can help you understand what you expect in a product of this line.

A. Bassinet Stroller


Bassinet strollers are different from traditional models. They usually don’t come with any safety features, as the baby will be lying on his or her back on the entire duration of the journey. The main problem is that some parents become concerned that this detail might prove to be a hazard in the event that an accident happens.

If you really believe that bassinets aren’t safe as they are, try to look for a model that comes with straps. These are wonderful additions for babies who are overly active and who can sometimes become slightly agitated. They provide enough restriction so that the child remains in the bassinet even in the case of an incident.


Think of you and your baby’s needs

Bassinet strollers are destined for the use of babies with ages of up to 3 months. That’s why they’re usually smaller-sized than regular models but that doesn’t make them any less safe. Some parents even use this type of strollers as sleepers, if the child is really comfortable inside the bassinet.



Fortunately for stroller buyers, the world is full with mothers and fathers who have also purchased one at some point. These users will undoubtedly express their opinion on the quality and features of their chosen models, particularly if they’ve encountered any issue. It’s up to you to look for the best bassinet stroller reviews so that you pick a model that best aligns with your preferences.



If you’re looking to buy one of the top rated bassinet strollers of 2019, it will probably cost you. Low end models can be as little as $120, but premium ones will often times make you spend more than $500.

After having gone through a plethora of models, we can honestly declare that the following three are among the most acclaimed ones on the market today. Remember to accurately assess your needs before choosing a model over another one. Talking to some more experienced mommies may also be a good idea.


Top Rated Bassinet Strollers in 2019


i’coo Photon Stroller


1. i’coo Photon StrollerThis i’coo product is a simple yet great alternative for people looking to buy one of the best bassinet strollers in 2019. It comes with an elevation feature. This setting allows parents to place various items in the basket that can be found under the bassinet. Additionally, the model features an adjustable handle, which can be customized according to various heights.

The neat thing about this model is the fact that its seat can be converted into a bassinet in a matter of minutes. To protect your baby from the nasty issues that may occur due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, this stroller even comes with an extendable canopy.

Moreover, the model features a multi-adjustable footrest. Since weather conditions are difficult to predict nowadays, you might take your baby out on a stroll and get caught in the rain. Fortunately, the product comes with a rain cover which is a truly convenient detail and does a great job of protecting your child.

Considering the fact that this model has over time gathered some of the best bassinet stroller reviews, it certainly is a must have. Many buyers claim it’s a bargain for the number of features it comes with. Some customers have stated that both the carriage height and the handle height are customizable.

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4moms Origami Bassinet


2. 4moms Origami BassinetThis model is among the cheapest ones we’ve found. Its friendly price does not have a negative impact on the high quality of the materials which were used in manufacturing the stroller. It’s true that it might not be so versatile as the aforementioned i’coo model, but it will do its job honorably.

While most bassinet strollers speak to the needs of babies that are younger than 3 months, this one can actually be used until the age of 6 months. The fact that it comes with footmuff and sunshade is great addition.

To make sure that your baby is comfortable at all times, the manufacturers have even included a soft mattress. Needless to say, the actual bassinet comes with a carry handle.

If you ever feel like using the bassinet with a different stroller that you might have already bought for when your child grows up, you can do so with this model. It comes with an adapter that is compatible with the majority of strollers and traveling systems out there.

The 4moms model has gathered some of the best bassinet stroller reviews, considering the fact that most buyers praise how easy it is to use it. It does come with a heavier weight than other products belonging to the line, but this doesn’t seem to be an inconvenience.

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Dream On Me Acrobat Stroller and Bassinet


3. Dream On Me AcrobatThis Dream On Me model is a bit more expensive than the 4moms we described above. However, it comes with a set of amazing features. It has a bassinet that can be turned into a reversible seat. This detail is a plus for people who at times want to look over their child and at other times want to allow him or her to have a look at what’s happening outside the bassinet.

The seat features a 3 position recline. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable handle bar which can be used by various people, on account of the fact that its height is largely customizable.

The wheels of the model make it the top choice for people who want to take their baby on a stroll in the park. Considering the fact that this is the single model which features a 5-point safety harness, it can also be used by individuals who love jogging.

Dream On Me has been in the business of manufacturing baby-related items for many years now and during this time the company has gathered a large number of admirers. The brand is known for offering excellent customer support on any issue you might encounter with any of their products.

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