In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best BB trumpet? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information on the best products for sale by looking into claims in expert review sites and comparing the products there with what is said in actual owner feedback. Thanks to the exhaustive product research and evaluation, we have been able to gather enough information that has made us believe that the Jean Paul USA TR-330 is a truly outstanding product. The TR-330 is pitched in key of Bb or B flat, so it delivers just the perfect brassy sound for most jazz band and concert band music. Bb trumpets just happen to be the most common size of trumpet used throughout the world in these times. The trumpet also comes with a strong contoured carrying case to enable hassle-free transportation and reliable protection for the instrument. The trumpet itself boasts a lovely yellow brass body construction with a gold lacquer finish to ensure durability and protection from rust and chipping. Should the Jean Paul USA TR-330 be difficult to find, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L.



Comparison Table


Product Body Finish Price Mouthpiece Case Our Rating Where to buy

Yamaha YTR-2335

Yellow Brass $$$$ 7C Deluxe A+ AMAZON

LJ Hutchen 4218

Clear Lacquer $$$ 7C Plush-Lined A AMAZON

Etude ETR-100 Series

Lacquer $$$ 7C Hard B+ AMAZON

Mendini MTT-BL

Blue Lacquer $$ 7C Hard Shell B AMAZON

Conductor Model 200N

Silver Nickel $$ 7C Zippered Canvas C AMAZON



Buying Guide


It’s a great blessing for the trumpeter that there’s such an instrument as the Bb trumpet. This instrument is perfect for students and those just starting out, but is commonly seen in marching, concert and jazz bands. Though there are many factors to consider when buying a Bb trumpet, only a few essential aspects need to be considered.

1.Jean Paul USA TR-330

The right type for the user’s skill level

Majority of trumpet makers manufacture a range of models specifically designed for those just starting out on instrument playing. Beginner level or student Bb trumpets are built both for durability and affordability. They come with features that can make students have a fun and easy time playing the instrument. This includes a smaller bore that enables effortless production of a full sound without causing strain to the student.

Beginner-level models may be too restrictive to most advanced students, so trumpet manufacturers integrate some advanced features so developing players can derive a richer sound from the instrument. This is without blowing too much money on a full-featured professional instrument. Professional-grade Bb trumpets boast the finest materials in their construction, along with meticulous craftsmanship while keeping the seasoned instrument player’s needs in mind. These masterfully-designed devices offer the best responsiveness and tone.

A marching band Bb trumpet is not strictly focused on a specific playing level but is more geared for the needs of marching bands. As expected, marching band instruments are expected to offer durability to withstand the rigors of marching band use, and the marching Bb trumpet is certainly no exception. Furthermore, marching Bb trumpets are equipped with larger, strategically-mounted bells to ensure a more robust projection and solid construction to enable effortless and fast maneuvers.


Quality components and craftsmanship

The internal diameter of the tubing measured at the second valve slide of the trumpet is called the bore. This is typically from 0.458 to 0.460 inch. Those with larger bores provide more playing power but will require greater effort from the player, making them ideal for professional or advanced musicians. Young and new players should opt for a small bore to enable easier support for a good tone. The tubing leading to the main tuning slide from the mouthpiece is called the leadpipe or mouthpipe, which can be made of sterling silver, red brass or yellow brass. For student use, red brass is preferred thanks to its resistance against corrosion. Yellow brass needs faithful cleaning. A reversed leadpipe characterized by a tuning slide that goes over instead of into the leadpipe is an upgrade feature thanks to how it reduces resistance.

The valve pistons are manufactured using various metals. Student trumpets generally carry nickel-plated pistons thanks to their rigidity, durability and ability to stay consistent despite infrequent cleaning. Another popular alloy for pistons is monel, which is more pliant than nickel and needs to be cleaned and lubricated more frequently to ensure consistent performance. The material is also extra resistant to rust, ensuring durability and wearing to an ideal feel. A monel piston is considered an upgrade of an intermediate instrument. Stainless steel pistons are very good. Intermediate and professional trumpets sometimes feature stainless steel pistons. You will want the valves to play smoothly and quickly, which is a result of hand lapping and which denotes manual work on the finish to ensure optimum work from the valves.

Bell materials can vary from yellow brass to rose brass and silver, a less common element commonly found in high-grade horns. Seldom seen today despite being common once is nickel plate. You want the bell to be solidly constructed, preferably one-piece and hand hammered into shape by a talented craftsman over a mold to ensure uniform vibration. Two-piece welded bells are in student and intermediate instruments. This is in contrast to one-piece bells in professional trumpets. Sometimes, intermediate instruments come with one-piece-like bells due to plasma welding technique. The size and taper can subtly influence the sound of the trumpet.

Typically, trumpets come with a buffed brass surface finished in clear lacquer. Silver plate is also a type of finish considered better than lacquer thanks to the thinner coating and because it allows vibration of metal molecules plus more ringing for a more resonant tone. Lacquered nickel plate instruments offer more appeal to players who’d rather steer clear of traditional looks.

2.Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L

Performance and ease of use

A Bb trumpet should be able to provide great performance no matter the dynamic level. Personal preference determines the instrument’s specific timbre. While other players go for a bigger and darker orchestral sound, some prefer a jazzy and bright sound. You want consistent intonation, with no errant flat or sharp notes or tones that sound distinct from others. You want free blowing from the tougher registers while eliminating a pinched feeling. You should not have to use too much effort to project with the instrument easily. Top rated brands make trumpets with smooth valves with first- and third-valve triggers or rings to accommodate adjustments to tuning. A stopper would prevent the third-valve slide from coming loose.



Top rated BB trumpets in 2019


There are plenty of Bb trumpets on the market, and this can easily overwhelm the consumer who just wants to play an instrument but is not familiar enough with the elements that make for great trumpet playing. Hopefully, the buying guide above can help you decide on a good trumpet for your needs. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.


Our recommendations


Jean Paul USA TR-330


1.Jean Paul USA TR-330

Designed to be a standard student trumpet, the Jean Paul USA TR-330 offers learners the opportunity to play a band instrument without boring a hole in the pocket. The trumpet comes with a large enough bore that enables effortless playing while allowing even beginner band students to execute precise hitting of notes. Constructed with a rose brass leadpipe, the trumpet ensures production of well-centered warm notes. The bell and leadpipe also ensure fantastic sound projection that will allow you be heard distinctly during performances with the school band in the practice room and also outside in the marching band. Pitched in the key of Bb, this instrument offers effortless yet accurate playing.


Buy from Amazon for ($189.95)




Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L


2.Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L

Rated high in Mendini Bb beginner trumpet reviews, this model is outfitted with an impressive 7C mouthpiece that delivers effortless playing. The gold lacquered finish ensures durability and resistance to chipping and rust, for years of use. Equipped with a 0.46-inch bore plus a 5-inch bell, a third valve slide with adjustable throw ring and a first valve slide thumb saddle, the instrument delivers great and consistent sound. The lead mouthpipe is constructed with phosphorus copper, which is only typically found on expensive instruments. The trumpet is also distinguished by smooth action valves as well as supple white faux mother-of-pearl inlaid buttons.


Buy from Amazon for ($109.99)




LJ Hutchen 4218II Mark II


3.LJ Hutchen 4218II

Geared with a rose brass leadpipe, the LJ Hutchen 4218II Mark II is equipped with a 5C mouthpiece for superior sound performance. The stainless steel valves offer durability to withstand the demands of band playing. Thanks to its free-blowing design, the trumpet produces a strong and powerful sound. Created only after more than one and a half decade of research and design, this trumpet has been the result of improvements to the brand’s line of instruments. The trumpet ships with its own hard-shell plush lined protective case for convenient and hassle-free portability. The included valve oil enables regular lubrication to ensure consistent sound delivery and superior intonation.


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Yamaha YTR-2335


As one of the best Bb trumpets 2019, Yamaha YTR-2335 Bb trumpet combines in innovative manner affordability with efficiency thus enhancing the ability of the user to reach various musical feats. YTR-2335 Bb trumpet has style bell and bore size that make it ideal for beginners desiring to learn how to play. Yamaha YTR-2335 features honed pistons with a precise fit between the valve casings and pistons which maintain a no air leakage system during musical rehearsal with it.  Furthermore this trumpet has a turbulent free and smooth air flow due to the rounded tubing which makes it ideal for a fast learning process.


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LJ Hutchen


Most of the present top rated Bb trumpets reviews underline the subtle design of the LJ Hutchen Bb trumpet with a modern Plush-Lined case that allows the user to enhance its musical talent. LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet has a professional bell and its bore size makes the device ideal for qualitative sounds, resonance and intonance every time it is played. In addition to its base structure LJ Hutchen has a clear lacquer finish with rose brass lead pipe that can ensure full and clear tones. The model also has efficient stainless steel valves maintaining musical performance and prevents the negative implications of corrosion.


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Etude ETR-100 Series Student


best Bb trumpets 2019

If you are a beginner and trying to learn the secrets of trumpeting than I recommend to you the Etude ETR-100, one of the top rated Bb trumpets in 2019. It is great for novices just like you that are learning the notes very hard. It is built so that it ensures a easy tone production, plus a loud and clear projection. The first-valve thumb saddle with the third valve finger ring which is adjustable make it easy to be handled and also secure as well. If you acquire this bb trumpet you will start to unravel some of the trumpet`s playing mysteries


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Mendini MTT-BL Lacquer


It can be pretty difficult to find an efficient trumpet that can help in creating beautiful music worth improving with daily practice. Still, once you come across Mendini MTT-BL Lacquer Brass Bb trumpet you will understand why this model is considered one of the best. With 7c mouthpiece, 0.46 inch bore & 5 inch bell, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve with a customizable throw ring, Mendini MTT-BL allows you to play without dealing with interruptions or other problems. As one of the best Bb trumpet 2019, Mendini MTT-BL trumpet is ideal for beginners and advanced players.


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Mendini MTT-N


top rated Bb trumpets reviewsIf you are a trumped enthusist and playing in a band or just at home, than the Mendini MTT-N is a very good investment for you. It has an easy grip thanks to the first valve slide thumb saddle and also the third valve slide that has an adjustable throw tring. The lead mouth pipe is made from the same material as the most expensive trumpets and this is phosphorus copper. Playing on the Mendini MTT-N will be a pleasure beacause it has all the neccesary qualities a good bb trumpet needs.


Buy from Amazon for ($119.99)




Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew Professional


Most of the current top rated Bb trumpet reviewsunderline the unique Bell Bead design of Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew professional model known for its efficiency and capacity to enhance the skill set of the user. The trumpet has a Hammered one-piece bell, laser-fused pluzuma welded bell, and hand lapped pistons and slides for better control, unbraced inner outer tuning slide, and all the necessary components for a smooth play. In addition to its solid structure, Yamaha YTR-8310ZS, one-piece, drawn gold brass leadpipe that maintains superb intonation, response and also the proper resistance.


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Conductor Model 200N


Identifying a solid and useful trumpet that can help the user learn how to play within a relatively short period of time is hard, given the high number of products available on the market. Still, once you understand more about Conductor 200N Bb silver nickel trumpet the search will stop. With a solid Brass Bb, 5” flare Bell, medium bore and also hardened valves Conductor 200N is ideal for beginners that want to solidify their grasp on playing the instrument. Furthermore the model has an adjustable 3rd valve slide with finger ring and also double nickel water keys which allows you to control it better and without any problems whatsoever, making the 200N one of the best Bb trumpet 2019.


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