How to Choose a Top BBQ Griddle


If you have been tossing and turning about whether you should buy the best BBQ griddle in 2019, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide to assist you in correlating your needs and preferences to the features you’re looking for in a unit. Remember to read as much info as possible before choosing a certain model, as some of the best BBQ griddle reviews can let you know just what to expect from a product.

Best BBQ griddle

Why get a BBQ griddle in the first place?

Iron grills or griddles can be used for a variety of things, ranging from cooking home fries and grilled sandwiches to pancakes. The neat thing about a BBQ griddle is that it usually features two sides: a flat one, particularly designed for pancakes, and grill marked one, which can be utilized for steaks, burgers and even asparagus.

As a general rule, you might want to look into purchasing two BBQ griddles, as some buyers require one especially for cooking fish. It’s common knowledge that fish can leave a typical flavor on the cooking surface, regardless of the number of times one might clean it. Have you ever eaten fish-tasting pancakes? If you don’t ever intend on doing so, we suggest buying two griddles and using them for separate foods.



While most models we’ve come across are universal, some can fit a limited number of grills. In fact, most manufacturers design their products to be specifically compatible their own branded grills. This factor is mostly important for individuals who aren’t willing to break their entire budget over purchasing a barbecue griddle.


Price and recommendations

Most griddles are relatively affordable, as high-end models rarely cost up to or over one hundred dollars. Cheaper units can be found for as little as fifty dollars. If your time allows it, be sure to check out some of the best BBQ griddle reviews. Past buyers are known to write detailed reviews on what they enjoy and dislike about the unit they purchased.


Top Rated BBQ Griddle in 2019


Since research can take a lot of time you might use otherwise, we’ve put together a list of the three most acclaimed varieties we’ve stumbled upon. We have based our selection on the customer reviews gathered by the following units, as most American and international consumers seem to be perfectly satisfied with the value they offer.


Weber 7404 Griddle


1.Weber 7404 Cast Iron GriddleWeber has been designing top-notch outdoor cooking tools and accessories for a decent amount of time now, which is why this product is up to the brand’s quality standards. While some online marketplaces sell it for a little over one hundred dollars, Amazon customers can benefit from the retailer’s sale discounts and purchase it at a much friendlier price.

The Weber 7404 is among the top rated BBQ griddles 2019, as it’s heavy duty and can be utilized for cooking a wide array of foods, from eggs and bacon to pancakes. It goes without saying that cooking fish and veggies can be done as well with the help of this unit. As previously stated in the buying guide, buyers who intend on using the griddle for cooking fish are advised to buy a second one for pancakes, meat and eggs.

When it comes to compatibility, the Weber 7404 fits any one of the following grills: Summit Silver C/D/, Summit Gold A/B/D, the Summit 400/600 series and Summit Platinum A6/B6.

Since over 80% of the individuals who have chosen this model were satisfied with what they’re got, it’s safe to say that the Weber 7404 is among the highly popular iron griddles out there today.

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Little Griddle SQ180 Universal Griddle


2.Little Griddle SQ180 Universal GriddleThis Little Griddle variety is a tad more affordable compared to the formerly mentioned Weber 7404. Since a low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, we’re keen on showing you why the SQ180 is one of the most acclaimed products in the line.

First of all, this griddle works with any type of grill, thanks to its user-friendly size and shape. Secondly, the stainless steel construction makes it one of the most reliable and durable items on the market. Furthermore, if you’re no fan of cleaning the grill and griddle for hours on end, you needn’t worry about anything with this unit, as it has sidewalls to keep the food on its surface and to prevent oil and grease from getting everywhere around it.

The dimensions of the product are 13 inches by 18 inches by 3 inches. This one is considerably more lightweight compared to others we’ve consulted, as it weighs in at only 9 pounds.

It’s no wonder that the Little Griddle has been winning the hearts of buyers all over the world, considering that it can be used for usual foods, but also for roasting coffee and making pizza.

Close to 200 people took the time to write positive reviews on this variety.

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Lodge LPGI3 Reversible Grill/Griddle


3.Lodge LPGI3 Reversible Grill-GriddleWhile the Lodge LPGI3 might not speak to the needs of people interested in buying an inexpensive griddle, it can sure do the trick. It’s a little out of the budget of some individuals, but the really neat thing about is that it is both a grill and a griddle, allowing people to use it as they please.

As is the case with other products in the same line, this one is made of cast iron and can thus heat up as quickly as possible.

The product comes ready to use, as it is seasoned. Buyers are advised to wash it using hot water alone, as some detergents might damage the surface of the griddle.

The manufacturers are offering a limited lifetime warranty on this item.

Let’s see what actual customers had to say about this unit. Considering that Lodge has been on the market for over 100 years, the manufacturer has the much-needed experience to design top-notch grills and griddles. Consequently, unlike the models we’ve showcased earlier on, this one has acquired over 1,500 positive reviews. This makes it one of the most popular products destined to improving the barbecuing experience of anyone.

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