If you are looking for the best beach towel and you do not have any time at your disposal to read the in-depth buying guide offered by our researchers, this paragraph will tell you, in brief, all you need to know. Out of all the products we reviewed, based on customers’ opinions, experts’ advice, sales figures and even social media comments, we noticed that the Dock & Bay is the best choice you can make right now. The first thing you will notice about this beach towel is the cheerful retro pattern. Made from microfiber, this towel is very lightweight and easy to dry, so you will be able to pack it back into your bag once you decide to head back home. The towel can be packed into a small pouch that can double as protection for your valuables. If the Dock & Bay is no longer in stock, try the Dawhud Direct Turtles on the Beach, as it is a second great choice.


Buying guide


What would you say makes a good quality beach towel? Many people make the mistake of thinking that any towel could double as a beach towel, but this is far from being the truth. There are some important differences that you may want to keep in mind if you do not want to end up having annoying grains of sand clinging to your skin, after a day spent at the beach.

The following buying guide is aimed at helping you with finding the best options around, by providing you with solid information on how the best quality beach towel should look like.

Moisture absorbent and quick to dry

There are certain qualities that people expect in a beach towel, even if they may not be well aware of this. For instance, you will want to take along with you a towel that is capable of absorbing moisture quickly.

Imagine getting out of the water, and grabbing a towel to dry. If the towel you have with you is incapable of absorbing moisture properly, you will not have a great time. 100% cotton towels are the best in this regard but do not overlook models made from advanced microfiber.

The microfiber has the advantage that it manages to dry quickly, which is the second thing you want from your towel. The two qualities should go hand in hand, or you will not be able to enjoy a good quality towel. This is the reason why so many people prefer microfiber towels instead of cotton models.


Easy to pack, easy to carry

A beach towel may take up a lot of space in your beach bag, so you may easily become overly conscious about its size and how well it folds. We all know that a beach towel should be large enough to allow you to pat yourself dry in record time. Nobody likes to feel cold as soon as they are out of the pool or out of the ocean waves. However, the best oversized beach towel should not be difficult to pack.

There are models currently available that are very lightweight, and, when packed, do not take up too much room in your bag. Some manufacturers even provide a special pouch or carrying bag, where you can stuff the towel. This helps with easy transportation, and it is a nice add-on.


A good beach towel should be yarn dyed

Beautiful patterns make beach towels stand out, but you may feel disappointed when the print starts fading, and your towel ends up looking like it should be replaced. Search for yarn-dyed models, because their patterns do not fade so easily and you will be able to enjoy a good looking towel for a longer time.

Plus, everyone at the beach will envy you when they see you using a towel with amazing patterns and looking as good as new. The best beach towels to buy are those that do not require fast replacement for the simple fact that their colors have begun fading.



Top Rated Beach Towels in 2019


You will find the best beach towels available listed below. They are great for taking along on sunny days at the beach, as they are quick to dry, they have beautiful patterns, and they are also easy to pack. Praised by those who have already bought them, they are all fine choice if you are shopping for such an item.


Our recommendations


Dock & Bay 


The Dock & Bay is a beautiful beach towel that has already managed to impress lots of buyers. Its retro cabana stripe pattern is quirky, and fun and the vivid colors used by the manufacturer are sure to make an impression.

Along with your towel, you will receive a carrying pouch. The towel is made from microfiber, so it is very lightweight and easy to fold to fit in the pouch, while the pouch is made from cotton and quick to absorb any moisture that may remain inside the fibers of the towel, after using it at the beach. You can also use the pouch for keeping your smartphone and other valuables safe from harm.

The towel is, however, quick to dry, so you do not have to worry about a thing. Microfiber is an intelligent type of fabric that does not retain moisture and does not allow bacteria to develop, something that usually makes towels smell bad, especially when used frequently. At the same time, you do not have to worry that the towel does not absorb water well. The mix of polyester and polyamide is quick to absorb water from your skin and also quick to dry.

Buy from Amazon for ($24.99)




Dawhud Direct Turtles on the Beach 


The first thing you will notice about this beach towel is the beautiful print. Representing several small turtles heading happily towards the water, it will make you want to spend a beautiful day at the beach right away.

The colors are vivid and well picked, and they do not fade in time, so you will be able to enjoy this beautiful towel for a long time. Made from cotton, it does a great job of absorbing moisture, and you will surely love it. Whether you want to go to the beach, the pool or the gym, your faithful towel will help you keep dry and happy.

The softness of the fabric makes this towel a great success with buyers. Many prefer the cozy touch of a good quality towel, and they are interested in getting a model that has all the qualities. Another exceptional thing about this towel is that it is easy to care for.

You can wash it in your washing machine, and you don’t have to worry about its colors starting to fade. Its size is 30 inches by 60 inches, so it is large enough to count as a beach towel.

Buy from Amazon for ($14.99)




Utopia Towels Large 


This is a set of beach towels that you can take to a fun day in the sun with the entire family. Now, there will be no one complaining that they got the less nice looking towel since this set offers all family members the same high quality and the same beautiful cabana stripe pattern.

Each towel in the set has a size of 30 inches by 60 inches, so there are no differences in this area either. Made from high-quality ringspun cotton, these towels are great at absorbing moisture, and they do not need a lot of time to dry.

A few caring tips must be taken into account when you purchase these towels. They can be cleaned in the regular washer, but you should keep in mind to tumble dry them on a low setting. Also, when you clean them for the first time, do not throw them in with other clothes, so that you reduce the amount of lint.

Choose these towels if you are interested in reducing contact with chemicals found in dyes and synthetic materials. The Utopia Towels are made only from natural fibers, and there are no toxic compounds used in their manufacturing.

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