Are you shopping for the best bean bag chair, but time is in short supply for you? Then reading this will help you out, without having the read the entire guide. We searched for the best bean bag chairs on the market, and in our quest, we wanted to see what buyers and experts in home furniture have to say about the models available. The conclusion we reached is that the Sofa Sack 5-Feet is a redoubtable choice. This model can be installed in almost any room, and it will enhance its comfort factor. The cover is made from high-quality fabric, and it feels soft to the touch while being comfortable. The double-stitched seams are a clear sign of the superior craftsmanship of this model. If you cannot find the Sofa Sack 5-Feet at online sellers, the Panda Sleep can fill in the gap, since it has almost the same features.



Buying Guide


Getting a bean bag chair for your home may sound a bit retro, but experts agree in their vast majority that this piece of furniture is back and here to stay. Unlike the unsightly models sold in the past, the new models are better lookers, and they are also more versatile. If you are currently searching for such an addition for your home, this buying guide will offer you the needed information for making an informed decision on good bean bag chairs.

Purpose and size

It is very important that you first decide what kind of purpose you want your bean bag chair to have. Do you want a model for kids? Or do you want a model that can fit an adult? Are you going to place this in your gaming room or do you want it to serve more as a sofa for visitors, in your living room?

A bean bag for gaming, for instance, should be large enough to offer you some back support, when placed against a wall. This is no trifling matter. If you want a model that can accommodate two people and end up with one that is too little even for a single adult, you may regret your decision.

This brings us to discussing size. Usually, manufacturers offer clear information in their specs about this aspect. A model for kids usually has a maximum 2-foot diameter, and it is, by no means, a good choice for an adult. There are, however, models that are much larger. 5-foot or even 6-foot models can serve as sofas, and they are more than just simple bean bag chairs.

The way they need to be placed plays an important role in establishing the purpose. Those that can be used as sofas must usually be placed against walls, for some support. The smaller type just plops like a common bean bag chair.


Material quality

There are two things to keep in mind when evaluating the overall quality of a bean bag chair: the cover and the filling. The cover needs to be soft to the touch, but it has to be made from high-quality fabrics or materials. Take a closer look at the quality of the stitches. If these give up on you, it is clear that you cannot hope the bean bag chair to serve you for long.

The filling should be foam and not the usual Styrofoam pellets that do not last long and also cause deformations that make the chair look bad and lose its fluffiness. The best bean bag chair for adults is one that is executed with attention to details, besides being cozy and comfortable.


Easy care

Since most bean bag chairs will find their way in dorm rooms, or basements used mostly by kids and teenagers, there is another thing to care about: maintenance. Is the cover easy to clean? Your options should narrow down to models that are resistant to stains and do not require more than a bit of washing with a damp cloth.

The best bean bag chairs reviews highly recommend maintenance-free models since they are the most convenient. This way, your purchase will serve the role of a versatile, easy to care for piece of furniture, as intended.



Top Rated Bean Bag Chairs in 2019


Read below to discover the best bean bag chairs you can find at the moment. This selection was made taking into account the overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, as well as the list of features and specs provided by their manufacturers.


Our recommendations


Sofa Sack 5-Feet


This bean bag chair is an awesome addition to any room that is meant to be comfortable and ready for some quirky fun. Its design makes it ideal for dorm rooms, a cool basement, and even your home theater where you want nothing but to be able to unwind after a long day.

The filling is made from foam selected to be soft and very comfortable, so you do not experience any unpleasant sensations when you are using the bean bag chair. The foam used is durable, and it is guaranteed to last for many years if not much more. The 5-feet length makes it optimal for sitting together with a close friend, or simply lounging by yourself for maximum relaxation.

The construction of the bean bag chair is sturdy. The seams are double stitched, so they will not give up even with frequent usage. The cover is made from durable, yet soft materials, allowing you to enjoy a nice mix of durability and comfort.

The only thing you need to do is to decide on a color that matches your current layout. Teenagers, kids and even college students will find it great for their needs and they may not even want to part with it ever in their lives. Even adults seem to be equally in love with this design.

Buy from Amazon for ($119.99)




Panda Sleep


There are several important elements that must be mentioned when reviewing the Panda Sleep. First of all, everything employed on this model, from craftsmanship to the choice of materials, is outstanding. The covers are double-stitched, using heavy-duty yarn that is commonly used for making military clothes.

The fabric used for the cover is named Hypercomfyâ„¢, and while its name points at the superior cozy feeling you will experience while lounging on the bean bag chair, this is not its only quality. It has a triple-layer construction that provides superior durability. Also, it is resistant to stains, and the only TLC it needs is some cleaning with a damp piece of cloth from time to time.

Your safety is important, and there are things you need to consider when purchasing a bean bag chair. The foam used for the filling is made without using any toxic compounds. It contains no flame retardants, and you will not have to worry about your safety.

The bean bag chair is extremely fluffy and comfy. You will find it easy to unwind as you lounge on it and you let all your worries go away. The superior foam used for the filling will not become flat and uncomfortable after a few uses.

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Sofa Sack 6-Feet


If size does matter to you when it comes to bean bag chair, this 6-foot model may be exactly what you need. The Sofa Sack 6-Feet excels in many areas, not only size. The fabric used for the cover is very soft while being durable at the same time. Foam is used for the filling, and it has the ability of maintaining the same shape over years of usage, unlike models filled with Styrofoam pellets that have the nasty habit of becoming flat within weeks.

Comfort is, of course, important when you are shopping for a bean bag chair. That is why this manufacturer goes the extra mile to ensure that this model is extremely comfortable. Both the cover and the filling contribute to the overall fluffiness and coziness, making this bean bag chair a good buy.

The model is made in the US, and it offers superior craftsmanship. The seams are double-stitched for increased durability, and overall, you will get to enjoy this product for many years down the road. You can easily find a place for this bean bag chair in your living room, your dorm room, or your basement. No matter where you put it, you will enjoy the superior comfort it provides.

Buy from Amazon for ($149.99)