Top Beard Trimmer Reviews


It took weeks of itchy skin and careful shaping to get your beard perfect, and you don’t want to ruin it when you are trimming stray hairs. Finding the best beard trimmer in 2019 can be confusing, and there are several factors you need to consider if you want to keep your facial hair looking well groomed. With the informative tips included in this buying guide, you will be able to find the right trimmer to keep your beard looking its best.

A.Beard trimmers 2019


The best beard trimmer reviews suggest carefully considering the design, and models with tines that function as a small comb are generally recommended over other types. These small tines are designed to carefully trim and shape stubble, without ruining the appearance of your beard. Battery operated beard trimmers do have the advantage of easy portability, but might not have enough power to effectively remove thicker growth. Corded beard trimmers ensure that you have enough power to finish shaving, but you are limited in your movements.


Adjustable Settings

Not all beards are the same, and it is important that the trimmers you choose includes the settings you need to keep your facial hair well groomed. The best beard trimmers of 2019 include adjustable settings, along with speed control. Not only will this give you plenty of choices for length, it also makes it easier to remove thicker hair growth. The top rated beard trimmer reviews suggest using a faster speed for thicker hair growth, and the slower settings for finer growth and shaping. Being able to adjust the settings also gives you the ability to change the look of your beard, without having to shave it and start over.



Not all beard trimmers are the same, and reading consumer reviews can help you narrow down your options. The best beard trimmer reviews will not only list top brands, but also consumers’ experiences with the product. Find out which trimmer is perfect for thinning thick stubble, and which one includes the features you need. You can also use the reviews to compare prices to ensure that you the right trimmer that also fits your budget.


Top Rated Beard Trimmers 2019


While we can’t choose the right product for you, we can show you the best beard trimmers of 2019. Each of these trimmers is designed to thin and remove stubble, without ruining the look of your beard.


Pure Enrichment TRYM II Beard Trimmer


1.Pure EnrichmentThere are several reasons this is considered the best beard trimmer in 2019 that include its affordable price, and stylish appearance. You won’t mind leaving this beard trimmer sitting out to charge on your counter, and the sleek modern design takes up very little space. With a quick charging time and long lasting battery you never have to worry about leaving the house with uneven facial hair.

Along with its slim design that is comfortable to hold, you also have the advantage of the included attachments. Not only can you keep stubble neat, but you can also safely shape and trim your beard and moustache. The four include attachments ensure that you have plenty of styling options, and the trimmer is easy to maneuver around the contours of your face.

With the high quality steel blades you can easily cut through thick, coarse hair, without painful pulling and tugging. The steel compound is also durable, and you’ll love how long the blades will hold a sharp edge. With a brush and oil also included, it is easy to keep this beard trimmer in top working condition.

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Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer


2.Philips Norelco QT4070-41Featuring a durable plastic and metal construction this beard trimmer is lightweight, and designed to make grooming quick and easy. With the advantage of the lithium ion battery you have plenty of power to finish trimming the thickest beard. Variable settings give you plenty of trimming options and you will love the fact that this men’s grooming device does not require any maintenance.

The cordless design and included charger make it easy to take the trimmer with you when you travel, and the innovative vacuum system ensures that you don’t leave a mess behind. The stray hairs are simply collected inside of the trimmer so you just have to empty it out when you are finished. You also have the advantage of the locking option, which prevents the trimmer from accidentally turning on when you are not using it.

With the ability to increase speed and power you can quickly cut through thicker beard growth, and you’ll love having 18 adjustable settings for length. Trim or dramatically shorten your stubble for a fresh new look, and the comb tines can also be adjusted to ensure even cutting. This beard trimmer is designed to easily follow the contours of your face, and the included 2 year warranty gives you additional peace of mind.

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Wahl 9854-600 Beard Trimmer


3.Wahl 9854-600One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the sleek and modern design that also fits comfortably in your hand. You will love how easy it is to maneuver around the contours of your face, along with the included attachments that help ensure your beard stays at the perfect length. With a long lasting lithium ion battery you never have to worry about not being able to finish trimming, and the quick recharging time is an added bonus.

The battery can be fully recharged in 60 minutes, and a quick five minute charge will give you enough power for a fast trim. Not only will this top beard trimmer run longer than similar models, it also able to give you more power to cut easily through thick and coarse hair. Shape and trim your beard and stubble, without painful pulling and tugging.

The included attachments give you the advantage of being able to easily trim and remove facial hair around your nose, ears, and between your eyebrows, so you are always perfectly groomed. It is extremely easy to operate, and with guides for all of your shaving needs this might be the only beard trimmer you will ever need.

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