In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best bike helmets money can buy? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient info for you to make a smart choice. We’ve gone through a lot of data regarding the best bike helmets on the market today by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, several expert review sites, as well as the social media activity gathered around some thousands of units. Out of all the products we have considered, the Schwinn Thrasher SW124 is the best alternative you might have available, as it features an adjustable design and is comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s perfectly safe both for men and for women and it’s a helmet that doesn’t make you sweat. What’s more, it is among the most affordable options we’ve come across, as many online retailers sell it for less than thirty dollars. As if its features weren’t enough, this model has been recommended by over 1,000 individuals who have purchased it, as it seems to offer great value for the money. If the Schwinn Thrasher SW124 is unavailable, you could also consider the second best option, the Giro Revel Helmet.



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Buying Guide


Since the market is overflowing with high-quality bike helmets, be they for kids, for round head or for large head, it’s safe to say that any prospective buyer can end up feeling a little baffled. That’s why we’ve decided to simplify your online shopping journey by creating a short guide that can assist you in making the right call. Factors such as the safety, the type of helmet, its construction, as well as many others should be taken into account before choosing one model over another. If you’re having any trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, check out the following tips.

3.Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle


In case you weren’t aware, the safety of bike helmets has been standardized in accordance with the local regulations of the countries where they are being sold. For instance, the United States of America uses the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard which was issued on March 10, 1999. The standard is composed of a series of documents with regard to the mandatory requirements on the topic, and some of the most recent ones deal with the use of lead and phthalates in the materials employed in the construction of these products.

Consequently, the first piece of advice we can give you is to read the unit description so that you know whether or not the model you want to buy meets the requirements of CPSC. While the model may meet some of the standards, the fact of the matter is that, with bike helmets, expensive units are often times safer than their cheaper counterparts. Many manufacturers of high-quality helmets use excellent materials and even back their products up with a warranty that lets the user return the product, should he or she damage the helmet. This is called a crash replacement policy. Whatever the case, the topic should be one of your major concerns, particularly when it comes to safety for kids. Injury prevention might cost you a pretty penny, but you’re likely to be able to use the same model for years on end, should you invest in a high-end, super-safe alternative.



There are three basic types of helmets one may be interested in buying. Recreational helmets are the perfect alternative for commuters, mountain bikers, as well as the occasional cyclists. They usually come with visors. Road bike helmets are uniquely designed to be as lightweight as possible mostly because they are destined for roadie enthusiasts who tend to use a somewhat aggressive riding position. Next, we have mountain bike helmets which, on some accounts, resemble the recreational alternatives in that they have a visor. Other than that, models destined for mountain bikers have a tight fit and a number of units we’ve gone through even have full-face protection.



Nothing in the world can beat a good fit when it comes to using a bike helmet. Choosing a too small model can be very uncomfortable and can even ruin the entire experience, whereas picking a too large one may pose a safety risk no one should assume. The safest bet would be to go to a store and try out some products before deciding to order one online. If you don’t have the time and availability to do so, there’s another way of realizing what your size is. Measure around the largest portion of your head with the help of a measuring tape and then look for the model that features that exact number of inches or centimeters. A size chart can help you know what to expect when ordering an item online, but the usual parameters range from extra small to extra large. Even if you can’t find your proper size anywhere on the internet, there’s still a way of getting a good model. Instead of going for a smaller size, we recommend choosing a larger one. If you’re wondering how to wear a larger size but still be safe, we’ll tell you. All you need to do is use a beanie or a cycling cap so that, in the end, the model does fit your head.

4.Giro Revel Helmet - Women's

Cleaning and maintenance

In order to extend the life of your helmet, refrain from using any type of chemical solvents while you’re cleaning it. Use warm water and soap and scrub the outside and the inside of the product with the help of a sponge. Avoid storing the unit in an area prone to heat or excessive humidity.



Top rated bike helmets in 2019


Some of the best bike helmets are showcased below. We’ve gone through the reviews and ratings of these units and have reached the conclusion that they’re worth every penny. After all, they’ve gathered the immense appreciation of many American and Canadian customers who claim they’re totally worth the research. Be sure to check them out if you’re still looking for the perfect alternative.


Our recommendations


Schwinn Thrasher SW124


1.Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle

If you’ve been tossing and turning about which bike helmet to pick for adult use, you might have just found it. This model has pretty much all the features one might ever be looking for in a helmet. For one, it has an adjustable design that makes it possible for users with head sizes between 22 ⅞ and 24 to be able to wear it. Next, it’s both comfortable and easy to adjust depending on the preferences of the owner. Let’s not forget to mention the 21 flow vents which take the cake when it comes to proper ventilation. Plus, the visor offers more than enough shade.


Buy from Amazon for ($21.99)




Giro Revel Women’s


2.Giro Revel Helmet - Women's

The Giro Revel is another model worth considering if you’ve been trying to find a relatively affordable model that raises up to par in terms of safety, design and ventilation. The size of this item is universal, and so it can be used by almost any type of user, as long as they are female or a smaller male. The polycarbonate outer shell system along with the impact-absorbing foam liner place this product among the safest ones on the market today. Additionally, the 22 cooling vents make for a breezy ride instead of a sticky one. Since the Giro is cost-effective, it has gathered over 400 positive Amazon reviews.


Buy from Amazon for ($43)




Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro


Best bike helmet

Schwinn is a world renowned company for its high quality bikes and the dedication they put in every bike accessory. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see more and more people use the Schwinn Intercept Adult micro bicycle helmet. Designed with attention to offer safety and comfort to the user, the Schwinn Intercept bike helmet has a precise Dial Fit adjustment system that helps make it more comfortable for the wearer. Furthermore, this bike helmet from Schwinn has an easy-to-adjust webbing strap that fits comfortingly under the chin, making it one of the best bike helmets in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($19.8)




Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport


Considered by thousands of users and specialists as the best bike helmet in 2019 from the many available today on the market, the Razor V-17 Youth multi-sport helmet comes equipped with cutting-edge youth safety features that keep the user protected and safe. The bike helmet has an ergonomic interior padding that delivers comfort while also keeping the head comfortable and secure. You should know that the Razor V-17 helmet has 17 top and side vents that help the rider feel a cool breeze while riding during hot summer days.


Buy from Amazon for ($23.09)




Protec Classic


The Protec classic bike helmet from Pro-Tec received high marks and positive feedback on functionality and efficiency from the latest top rated bike helmet reviews, many even awarding it a full 5 stars. This classic bike helmet comes equipped with a tough aero-styled ABS shell with two-stage liner that delivers the best protection to the user. Furthermore, this Protec bike helmet has stainless steel rivets and a soft nylon webbed strap which combines comfort and security with ease.


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Giro Venti


The majority of the latest top rated bike helmet reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and professional athletes emphasize on the solid structure and design of the Giro Venti bike helmet, a product very popular in the United States of America and Canada. The Giro Venti bike helmet was crafted with attention for experienced riders. The Giro Venti bike helmet was made using Giro’s in-mold construction that fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with a precise helmet impact absorbing EPA foam liner.


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Giro Transfer


Giro Transfer Sport HelmetMost of the current top rated bike helmet reviews coming from professional athletes and thousands of satisfied customers underline the efficiency and solid structure of Giro Transfer Sport helmet, a product very appreciated among Americans and Canadians. This bike helmet from Giro has a sleek and compact structure which is exactly what you need while you ride. The Transfer helmet is made out of Giro’s in-mold that fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the highly appreciated impact-absorbing EPA foam liner. This solid and attentive construction provides the user with the highest levels of protection and comfort during bike rides.


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