Top 10 Bike Helmets Compared


Buying the best bike helmet out there seems like a daunting task, particularly with the large number of models coming out every year. There are many details to consider, such as the material the item is made of, its weight and its size. Try to be patient and think of your needs and personal preferences whenever buying such a product.

We’d like to give a helping hand to all customers who are struggling with making up their mind about what model they need to pick. This is why we have selected the top 10 bike helmets we’ve come across during our research.


Amstyle Super Light Integrally Road Bicycle Helmet 


1.Super Light IntegrallyThis is one of the most acclaimed models on the market today, and that comes as no surprise considering the number of impressive features it has. This bike helmet is made of a combination between PC and EPS, and this combo makes it both durable and safe to use. It is perfect to use from spring to fall, as it weighs only 230g and comes with many outer vents and inner air channels.

The product can be purchased in a variety of colors, ranging from blue to orange. The size is said to comfortably fit adults.

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Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet


2.Bell Fraction Multi-Sport HelmetThis Bell Sports model is one of the top rated bike helmets on the market, and its price is what makes it so hard to say no to. It’s made of ABS hard plastic and features an internal dual density EPS foam. It is twice as heavy as the aforementioned model, but it does come with 12 vents, allowing you to benefit from the much needed air flow. The helmet comes with a standard adjustable chin strap.

More than 70% of the individuals who have bought this product thought it was worthy of a 5-star rating.

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Giro Aeon Helmet


3.Giro Aeon HelmetThis bike helmet is a tad more expensive than the models we’ve described above. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny on a bike helmet, it’s recommended that you look into this product, as it has exclusively gathered 5-star ratings. The Giro has an in-mold polycarbonate shell, complete with an EPS liner.

It comes with an especially designed fitting system, that’s known for largely improving aerodynamics. The shape of the helmet is something that contributes to the model being lightweight.

The neat thing about this model is that its back is closed off to the wind.

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Fox Men’s Flux Helmet


4.Fox Men’s Flux HelmetThis isn’t exactly the most affordable bike helmet on the market, but if you’re looking for a model that specifically offers coverage in the rear, then this one is the right choice for you. It comes with 20 ventilation ports and a removable visor. The unit has been approved for safety by various American and international organisms.

Color variants range from the much appreciated matte black to the shiny grey.

This is also one of the most popular models out there, considering the fact that it has gathered more than 150 5-star reviews.

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Giro Revel Helmet


5.Giro Revel HelmetAlthough its looks might seem pretty basic, this Giro model is certainly worth having a look at. First of all, it comes at a friendly price which means you won’t risk ruining your entire budget on account of a bike helmet. Secondly, it can be purchased in 9 color variants, including highlight yellow, industrial green and matte titanium.

The visor of the unit has reinforced anchor points. The model consists of an in-mold polycarbonate shell, complete with an EPS liner. It features 22 vents. More than 150 people left positive reviews on this item.

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Giro Trinity Helmet


6.Giro Trinity HelmetThis is a one-size only bike helmet that can be bought in a variety of colors. The shell is made of polycarbonate and the impact foam is EPS. Since it’s quite affordable, it isn’t as complex or versatile as the models we’ve already described, and the lack of visor is proof. As with other Giro units, this one has 22 air vents.

As for fitting, Giro has included the Acu Dial system on this model, which means your helmet will remain on your head even in the event of an impact.

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Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet


7.Critical Cycles ClassicIf you’re more on the traditional side, you’ll fall in love with this model on first sight. It vaguely resembles the antique helmets belonging to World War II soldiers. The unit meets all the American safety standards. This is a classic bike helmet that comes with only 11 vents and a top-notch EPS foam encased by ABS. If you ride your bike on the town, where there’s little chance of encountering any obstacles, you might be interested in this product.

All of the available color variants are matte and range from white to black.

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Gonex BMX MTB Road Bike Cycling Helmet


8.Gonex BMX MTBThe Gonex model is a great fit for adults, even though its universal size might look a bit fishy to some people. The shell on this model is made of PC and high-density EPS. With a weight of only 275g, it’s somewhat comparable to the Super Light model we’ve described in the beginning. Color variants aren’t so many as with other products of the line, since customers can choose between combinations of black and pink, black and red, and black and white.

The product has gathered approximately 50 5-star ratings.

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Schwinn Aereos Adult Bike Helmet


9.Schwinn AereosThis is probably the most affordable item of the entire line. It can be bought for less than a couple hundred dollars, which is a bargain considering the features it comes with. One of the most appealing characteristic of this unit stands in the twist lock side straps, which make it possible for users to benefit from an exceptional fit.

It is true that it has fewer flow vents than other models, but its price is one of the most noteworthy reasons to purchase the Schwinn Aereos Adult.

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Bern Unlimited Watts Summer Helmet


10.Bern Unlimited Watts Summer HelmetThe Bern model is long-lasting and sturdy, but this is to be expected considering its shell is made of EPS foam with an ABS outer. This is a somewhat traditional model, much like the Critical Cycles unit we’ve described earlier on. It has a hard visor that contributes to the overall ventilation. It’s easy to secure and loosen, even while you’re biking. Since Bern is a reputable manufacturer, this item meets all the safety standards imposed by CPSC and ASTM F 2040.

This Bern product can be turned into a winter helmet with the proper upgrade kit.

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