If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best bike rack money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about the best products for sale by looking into what the expert review sites say about them and then comparing the claims to what actual owner feedback has to say. Thankfully, after that exhaustive product research and comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is the number one product among the many bike racks for cars on the market , the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike. This hitch mount rack is equipped with 22-inch long carry arms that provide enough length and stability to keep bicycles individually secure using the manufacturer’s exclusive tie-down system. This means you won’t have to worry that one of the bikes hitched to the mount will suddenly detach on the road. The carry arms conveniently and quickly fold out of the way when the unit is not in use. Easy to setup and install in less than five minutes, this bike rack is a widely popular product that can easily run out of stock so if that happens we suggest getting only  the second best option that’s  almost just as good, the Yakima Products RidgeBack.



Comparison Table


Product No. of Bikes  Price Dimensions Construction Our Rating Where to buy

Allen Sports Deluxe

4 $$$$ 24 x 16 x 3 inch Sturdy Steel A+ AMAZON

Hollywood Racks E3 Express

3 $$$ 20.3 x 5.7 x 30.1 inch High-strength Steel A AMAZON

Racor Pro PLB-2R

2 $$ 79 x 26 x 19 inch Heavy duty Steel B+ AMAZON

SportRack BSR10

6 $$$ 31 x 29 x 35 inch Tubular Steel B AMAZON

Allen Sports 103DB

3 $$ 28 x 18 x 5 inch Metal C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Providing the most efficient means of transportation, bikes are also perfect for healthy recreation. When you have to drive just to ride your bike, a bike rack provides the most efficient means of transporting your ride. Now what do the best bike racks have that others don’t?

1.Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike

A suitable design for your vehicle

For an SUV or sports utility vehicle, for hatchback cars or sedans, a trunk rack can easily transport two to three bikes. A trunk rack is an economical, lightweight choice that fastens to the rear deck via a system of straps and hooks without damaging the vehicle paint. Installation and removal will be easy with some practice. Support arms hold the bikes in place. Straps, typically made of neoprene rubber, keep the bikes secure. Trunk racks offer the versatility to fit a greater number of vehicles while offering effortless use. Made of better materials plus locking mechanisms, they are equipped with anti-sway cradles that offer a better means of keeping the bikes separated while being transported. Space-efficient storage is ensured thanks to their foldaway compactness. Access to the trunk is blocked, though.

A hitch rack is designed for vehicles equipped with a hitch receiver. You can always choose to install a hitch receiver onto your vehicle if it doesn’t already have one. Hitch receivers are classed from Class I, which can tow up to 2,000 pounds through Class V for heavy-duty vans and trucks, for towing up to 18,000 pounds. Hitch mounts are often compatible with Class II to Class IV hitches only since Class I hitches have a ‘tongue’ (the section of the hitch extending away from the vehicle) that can’t support heavy loads. Check the owner’s manual of your vehicle for the hitch classification. If you do get an aftermarket hitch, determine its classification indicated on the unit itself. Boasting sophisticated materials and features, hitch mounts keep the rear doors of an SUV clear for access via a swing away design, which allows the rack to fold up or tilt out of the way when not in use. Straps hold the bikes in place.

Spare tire racks attach to the rear-mounted exterior spare tires of off-road or sports utility vehicles. Comparatively light and compact, a spare tire rack will not disable access to the rear door of your vehicle. You will have to remove the tire covers though. Spare tire racks only hold two bikes at the most.

Truck racks are geared for pickup trucks, transforming the bed of a truck into an efficient bike carrier. A truck rack has support bars and internal rails through which bikes are held in place with temporary installation on a truck bed. A roof rack offers versatility and with the right accessories, can be adjusted to carry nearly any big-boy toys including a cargo box, bike or kayak. A roof rack is widely popular for its ability to keep transported equipment out of sight while providing a stable means of securing it during the drive. That being said, a roof rack will need the gear to be lifted overhead onto the roof.

A cargo box offers a hard-sided system of transport for snowboards, skis, paddles, boats and bikes. You have plenty of storage space for loose gear while ensuring that everything is kept outside of the passenger cabin of your vehicle. Cargo boxes have a support system such as side rails for permanent attachment to your vehicle.


Ease of assembly, installation and use

Although some assembly is required, you will want the bike rack to come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, convenient packaging and clean overall design. The mount should enable easy on and off or vehicle swapping, when necessary. Assembly should require minimal tool use, if any. Some bike racks use a patented fit dial feature that provides a number corresponding to the suitable angle setting for the carry arms to suit your vehicle. The bike mount should be hassle-free to load.

2.Yakima Products RidgeBack

Durability and security

Many products are designed not to be for off-road use, but the premium quality ones carry a robust design to withstand occasional overloading. Even when exposed to the elements including dust, rain and mud, the ratcheting arms and cable lock of the bike mount should work flawlessly, since the primary reason you get a bike rack is to drive with your ride and not just for garage use. It’s sensible to get a model with very few moving parts plus a simple design that helps you get through many seasons.

Though nothing can hinder a determined thief from stealing your bike/s, it pays to invest in a bike rack equipped with cable locks or that have locks geared into a fork clamp. Some models lock to your car using a tough locking hitch pin. You want the cables to have enough length for threading through the frame and every wheel.



Top Rated Bike Racks in 2019


There are plenty of bike racks on the market, so even the seasoned biker can become as overwhelmed as the first-time buyer because of the wealth of choices. We urge you to carefully look into the buying advice in the above guide for shopping assistance. For even more help, we have showcased the best products below.


Our recommendations


Allen Sports Deluxe


The majority of the latest top rated bike rack reviews coming from technicians and professional athletes underline the solid structure and efficiency of Allen Deluxe 4-bike hitch bike rack, a product very popular among Americans. This 4-bike rack can fit with ease vehicles with a 2-inch trailer. The model comes with 22-inch long carry arms that individually secure the bicycles with Allen patented tie-down system which delivers high performance every time it is used. You should also know Allen Deluxe bike rack can be set up and installed in less than 5 minutes without any problems at all.


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Yakima Products RidgeBack


1.Yakima Products RidgeBack

Designed with the exclusive SpeedKnob, the Yakima Products RidgeBack ensures that you enjoy transporting your bike as much as you enjoy riding it. The SpeedKnob system offers tool-free locking for effortless and quick installation to lock it in place on your vehicle. Equipped with an upperhand lever that tilts the mount down for problem-free access to your vehicle, this bike mount also folds flat for stress-free storage when not in use. The ZipStrips ensure that your bikes are secured to the rack while enabling easy removal. The Anti-Sway system or cradles ensure that bikes do not come in contact with each other during the drive to protect them from damage.


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Ibera PakRak 


2.Ibera PakRak Bicycle

The Ibera PakRak is frame-mounted to handle heavier side and top loads up to 55 pounds. This model comes with a top plate that acts as a rear fender and splash guard for protection during wet conditions. Made of lightweight yet durable heat-treated aluminum, the bike mount boasts a sleek, streamlined profile designed for carrying heavier loads and for touring. It comes with a quick-release bag mounting system that enables simultaneous mounting of Ibera panniers with eco-friendly reusable Ibera trunk bags. It accommodates strap-attached panniers and bags. Thanks to its adjustable height, the bike rack fits most 26-inch to 29-inch bike frames.


Buy from Amazon for ($26.99)




Allen Sports Deluxe


3.Allen Sports Deluxe

Easy to assemble and use, the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike is a rugged rack that ensures safe transport of your bikes. This bike mount can handle up to 5 bikes or up to 175 pounds. It is compatible with most standard Class III and IV two-inch receiver hitches. You bikes won’t wobble during the drive thanks to the 28-inch long carry arms that ensure individual securing of your bikes using the exclusive tie-down system perfected by Allen. Three bolts are all that are needed to put everything together, for out-of-the-box functionality. The fold-down design of the carry arms enable hassle-free out-of-the-way storage when not in use.


Buy from Amazon for ($119.97)




Racor Pro PLB-2R


Best bike rack reviewsThe majority of the current top rated bike rack reviews coming from engineers and satisfied users underline the efficiency of Racor Pro PLB-2R, a model very popular in the North American continent for its solid structure. This 2 bike freestanding rack stand from Racor has independent adjustment arms that permit you to accommodate better the bikes with ease. The vinyl coated cradles protect with precision the bikes and you should know that no bolts, screws or fasteners are required during the installation process.



Buy from Amazon for ($85.59)




SportRack BSR10


Considered by thousands of people as the best bike rack in 2019 regarding quality and efficiency SportRack BSR10 bike rack represents a great instrument in keeping the bikes safe and protected. BSR10 bike rack from SportRack was designed to be used in outdoor and indoor stances, allowing the user to park by up to 6 bikes at once, 3 in each direction. You should know that SportRack BSR10 is made out of powder coated tubular steel protecting with greater precision the models.



Buy from Amazon for ($132.96)




Hollywood Racks E3 Express


According to the latest top rated bike rack reviews’ coming from thousands of satisfied customers it seems that Hollywood Racks E3 Express bike rack delivers high performance and no problems at all. The model has a 3-bike trunk rack, equipped with user friendly hub adjustment system that never fails to be steady. Hollywood Racks has soft cradles that protect the bike in any circumstance. Furthermore Hollywood Racks E3 Express bike rack has integrated tie-down strap for additional security irrespective of the context.



Buy from Amazon for ($76.99)




Allen Sports 103DB Deluxe


Recent online studies and technical surveys show that Allen Deluxe 3-Bike trunk bike rack is one of the best bike rack in 2019 regarding quality and functionality. This model Allen Bike Racks fits with ease most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and also SUVs thus allowing the user to transport the bike with ease and no problems at all. With a modern and single configuration design Allen Deluxe eliminates headaches during the installation process. Furthermore Allen Deluxe bike rack has a patented individual tie-down system that secures with ease the bicycles.



Buy from Amazon for ($44)