Top rated Birdhouses in 2019


Birdhouses have been a traditional ornament that people love to put in their gardens or their backyards. Aside from the fact that it keeps the birds from getting closer to the house, it also serves as an attractive décor outside. Some people make their own birdhouses but there actually are ready-made items available on the market. Here are some of the products that have been recommended to buy or not to buy for the interested buyers. This list is made by evaluating the feedback of customers posted in the best birdhouse reviews.


Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House


Best Birdhouse ReviewsThe Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House is the best birdhouse in 2019 that has an ornithologically correct structure for bluebirds. It is made of red cedar that has been reforested and dried in the kiln for improved weather resistance as well as insect repelling properties. The screws used in its assembly are made of zinc chromate which is rust resistant. The dimensions of the birdhouse are ideal for all species of bluebirds. It is very durable and attractive for a birdhouse.

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Toysmith Paint-a-Birdhouse Kit


The best birdhouse in 2019 in terms of price and design is the Toysmith Paint-a-Birdhouse Kit. It has a very sturdy construction for a birdhouse. In fact, it has a better built than some expensive birdhouse models. The roof is securely attached to prevent any leaks. This is an ideal hanging birdhouse to put in the backyard. It is also a brilliant idea to have this as a fun and exciting painting activity for the kids. Everything comes in one kit but the paint may run short for the entire birdhouse.

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Gingerbread Style Birdhouse Avian Bird House Condo


One of the most attractive birdhouse on the market is the Gingerbread style Avian Birdhouse condo. The whole unit is very sturdy and every part has been put together really well. The detailing is impressive and the item looks more aesthetically appealing in the actual. It works better as an ornament indoors because it does not have the proper coating for outdoor use. Based on the suggestions in the best birdhouse reviews, it needs to be sprayed lacquer to endure outdoor elements.

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Gifts & Decor Thatch Roof Wood Cottage Chimney Bird House


The best birdhouses in 2019 have a very attractive design and durable construction. The Gifts & Décor Thatch roof wood cottage birdhouse is a perfect combination of quality, aesthetic value, and price. For less than $20 one can have a very attractive birdhouse in their garden. This birdhouse is basically made from a durable wood and constructed with delicate detailing. The thatch roof detail adds aesthetic points to it. It is a rather big birdhouse and it is perfect for the garden or the yard.

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My Spy Birdhouse


The My Spy Birdhouse is not the typical birdhouse one usually sees. It has a rather unique and straightforward design that allows birds to put a nest and hatch their young in it. Instead of a wooden material it is actually made of plastic. It is not as durable as expected but the quality is justifiable by its cheap price. Based on all the feedbacks from the customers, this is not a very practical birdhouse unit to buy.

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