A Professional Buying Guide on Blow Dryer


The right blow dryer will do more than simply dry your hair, it can also help you achieve the perfect style. The best blow dryer in 2019 can give finer hair more volume, and when it also includes the right styling tools you can easily learn to love your hair. It is important to realize that not all blow dryers are the same, and there are a few aspects to consider before you purchase one. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you can easily find the right blow dryer for your budget, and hair.

Type of Hair

The best blow dryer reviews agree that the first aspect to consider is your hair. The length, thickness, and whether your hair is straight or curly will make a difference in which blow dryer is best for you. Hair that is long or thick will dry fastest with a model that uses more watts, but the noise output might not be ideal for early morning use. The best blow dryer reviews also recommend considering the health of your hair.

Blow dryers can also use different heating methods, which will affect the health and appearance of your hair. Blow dryers with ceramic heating can prevent frizzy ends, while models with ionic technology can dry your hair faster without causing damage from high heat. The best blow dryer in 2019 uses tourmaline for a faster drying time, and will also give your hair a healthy shine.



Blow dryers are available in a range of prices, and your budget will help you narrow down your choices. While your hair type will help you decide on a type of blow dryer, your budget will determine what additional features and attachments are absolutely necessary. There are several lower priced models that will fit any budget, but if you are planning on using the blow dryer on a daily basis you might want to consider a slightly more expensive model. The added protection from some of the higher end models can prevent expensive trips to the salon to fix dry, damaged hair.



As stated in the best blow dryer reviews there are several convenient features and attachments that can make it easy to have great looking hair every day. A blow dryer that includes a diffuser is ideal for curls, and can help prevent embarrassing frizz. Multiple settings for heat and speed will safely dry and style almost any hair type, while units with a higher air flow can quickly dry thick or longer styles.


Top Rated Blow Dryers in 2019


While we cannot choose the right blow dryer for your hair, we can help you make an informed decision. These are the top rated blow dryers of 2019, and one of these may be exactly what you are looking for.


BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramic Xtreme Dryer


As stated in the best blow dryer reviews it will leave your hair beautifully shiny, and healthy. You have the advantage of ceramic heating which won’t dry or damage your hair, and it is also priced to fit anyone’s beauty budget. With 2000 watts this blow dryer can easily and quickly dry long or thick hair, and the durable motor will give you long lasting, reliable performance.

The rubber housing on the blow dryer is comfortable to grip, and it also gives it a professional appearance. Compatible with most standard electric outlets, you also have the benefit of the two year warranty. The ceramic heating ensures that your hair is not damaged, and it also helps to eliminate any embarrassing frizz. Ideal for use in humid climates, you also have the advantage of the cooling air flow which will help lock your style in place. Easy to operate and quieter than similar models, this blow dryer will keep your hair looking its best.

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Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer


This award winning blow dyer is designed to help your hair looks its best, and for you to easily achieve the style that you want. It features 2 speed settings so you can dry your hair as you style, and 3 different temperatures. Use the high heat setting for quick drying times, and the lower one to style your hair. The classic design of this blow dryer gives it a professional appearance, and you’ll love how comfortably it fits in your hand.

The hair dryer is easy to operate, and you also have the advantage of the powerful 1700-2000 watts of power. Quickly dry thick or fine hair without damage, and style your curls without worrying about frizz. The durable motor is also quiet, which lets you get ready in the morning without disturbing others, and you also have the advantage of an extra filter for optimal performance. A concentrator attachment is also included, which lets you dry certain sections of your hair. Great for creating unique “wet-dry” looks, this affordable blow dryer makes it easy to have great looking hair every day.

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Rusk W8less Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer


Featuring ceramic and tourmaline heating technology, it is easy to see why this is one of the top rated models. The 2000 watt motor is durable and extremely quiet, and also features ionic drying technology. This lets you quickly dry your hair, without causing any damage. While the ionic technology safely dries your hair, the ceramic and tourmaline heating adds frizz free shine. With the advantage of all three types of heating, you will love the way your hair looks and feels.

You also have the benefit of the 8′ long electric cord, and seven temperature and speed settings. Use the higher settings for a faster drying time, and the lower ones when you have more time to spend styling your hair. The different settings also make this blow dryer ideal of all hair types, and will safely give you the style you want. This unit also includes an easy to attach concentrator nozzle to give you even more styling options. Designed to be comfortable and easy to use, this blow dryer can be safely used to dry and style all hair types.

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