How to Select the Best Bluetooth Speakers?


With the advent of the Bluetooth technology, more and more portable devices can make good use of great quality speakers to deliver perfect quality sound. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to find a good model that can deliver quality and performance at a reasonable price. Having the right information is a great way to get the best product that perfectly fits your needs. Read ahead and find more about the most important aspects to look for whenever you want to buy new Bluetooth speakers.

A.Bluetooth Speakers

Sound quality and volume

Above anything else, good Bluetooth speakers must have a loud and clear sound. Getting the best possible sound is the most important thing and that is why the best Bluetooth speakers reviews rate models that deliver good sound quality higher. The speakers must be able to deliver the most accurate sound possible, covering all frequencies whether high or low.


Reliable Bluetooth connection

Nothing is more annoying that losing Bluetooth connectivity with your speakers during a movie or a music video. All the Best Bluetooth speakers reviews praise the models that offer strong and reliable radio connectivity that allows them to broadcast the audio signal with great accuracy and without interruptions. Additionally, newer Bluetooth speakers use AAC or aptX audio codecs that are used to decode compressed audio data with little impact on overall sound quality.


Size and portability

Having good Bluetooth speakers usually means to get the right balance between portability and sound volume. Larger models usually offer a louder volume, while smaller speakers are easier to store and carry around. If you desire the speakers to follow you around whenever needed, then a more compact model will better suit your needs. Look for larger speakers if you want to use them at home or at the office where their portability is not essential.


Battery capacity

Having good batteries is essential for all Bluetooth speakers regardless of model and brand. Offering extended usage time, the battery capacity must allow for at least five hours of continuous play. The best Bluetooth speakers reviews point out that the most popular models today use Lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with ease just like a smartphone.


Top Rated Bluetooth Speakers in 2019


While reading all the best Bluetooth speakers reviews, we found three products that rank high above all others. Loved by all their users and ranking high on all the charts, each of these high quality models are perfect choices for anyone who wants quality and reliability from their Bluetooth speakers.


Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


1.Bose SoundLink MiniConnecting instantly with all your portable Bluetooth ready devices, this speaker is one the best model money can buy today. With its impressive audio quality and clear sound, high volume and compact size, the Bose SoundLink Mini is regarded by many to be one of the best Bluetooth speakers 2019.

Delivering the most accurate and natural sound possible, this compact speaker allows you to listen to your favorite music as never before. Getting all the high and low notes without any distortions, unrivaled by any other speakers when it comes to sound quality, the Bose SoundLink Mini is a dream come true for all music lovers.

Easy to carry in a simple purse or pocket, extremely light and compact, this Bluetooth speaker can deliver its accurate sound whenever it is needed. Using its advanced lithium-ion battery the Bose SoundLink Mini can enchant the listeners with seven hours of high quality sound, making it one of the best portable models money can buy right now.

Offering excellent sound quality, while being light and portable, this speaker has it all. Designed to connect to any device, from smartphones to laptops, the Bose SoundLink Mini is one of the best Bluetooth speakers of the year.

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DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


2.DKnightMagicboxWhen looking for power and endurance, this is the model you should choose. Using a dual 6W speaker system the DKnightMagicbox is by far one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market. With excellent connectivity and plenty of functionality, this speaker is a perfect choice for all those who love high quality sound and portability.

Created to deliver the best possible volume this Bluetooth speaker makes good use of its dual speaker system. Capable of broadcasting sound louder than many other models, the DKnightMagicbox is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Connecting with easy to any possible Bluetooth system, this speaker comes with an additional high quality microphone, allowing it to be used for hands-free calls whenever needed. An incorporated mp3 player is another excellent feature of the DKnightMagicbox. Using a MicroSD memory card, its smart player will detect and play any mp3 tracks without the need to connect to any additional devices.

Turning itself into an mp3 player or a hands-free console, this speaker delivers incredible sound quality all around. Powerful, accurate and portable, this speaker is also listed among the best Bluetooth speakers 2019 and a perfect choice for anyone who wants more from their Bluetooth speaker.

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JAM Classic HX-P230BL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


3.JAM ClassicWith its excellent modern design and superb compact size, this speaker is a favorite among all Bluetooth users. Easy to use and connect, delivering superbly accurate sound, the JAM Classic is one of top rated Bluetooth speakers 2019. Stylish, functional and adaptable, this speaker is a great choice for anyone who wants a practical, high quality Bluetooth speaker for their everyday needs.

Featuring great connectivity, this speaker can connect to any Bluetooth ready device within an impressive thirty feet range. Once connected, the JAM Classic can broadcast the sound it receives for hours and hours, using its excellent long life lithium battery. Easy to recharge from any standard USB or micro-USBport, this Bluetooth speaker will jump back into action in no time.

Compact and portable, the JAM Classic is extremely easy to pack and carry around. Ready to be used with any possible device in range, from laptops to smartphones or tablets, this Bluetooth speaker is an excellent companion for anyone who values speed and mobility.

Designed to function for hours, providing excellent sound and superb connectivity, this is the speaker of choice for many users. Praised by all for its qualities and ease of use, the JAM Classic is one of the best Bluetooth speakers money can buy right now.

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