If you’re looking for a new BMX bicycle, this article should provide all the help you need to make an educated buy. We’ve created the guide so the buying options will be easy to access and that no matter which one you pick, it will bring value to your life. We researched the market by going through expert reviews, opinions from daily riders and bike buying advice so you can have a reliable starting point. One product that impressed past customers is the Framed Impact, a model that meets all the standards of the market. It is made from sturdy metals, it is easy to handle, and all of its safety features are tested and trustworthy. Moreover, the bike can reach impressive speeds. If the model is out of stock or you need an alternative, the Redline Bikes Roam could be just as good in making you a happy customer.



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Buying Guide


All BMX bikes for sale on the market are heavy-duty units equipped with wide tires and 20-inch wheels. Small by nature, BMX bikes are designed for agility so riders can execute stunts, tricks and jumps. The upright handlebars are typically high while the saddle sits quite low, making them look cool as the user does stunts and tricks. The head angle is intended to be steep for easy steering. Single-gear models are used primarily in the street environment or at skate parks. These are the elements to check out in this kind of ride.1.X-Games FS20

Size and Weight

Most complete BMX bikes feature 20-inch top tubes, which are quite small for most riders and for 10 year old boys who are quite tall for their age. While younger riders can go for smaller size bikes in the 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-inch ranges, some companies have decidedly stepped up their products in terms of size to accommodate taller riders, designing their units to have 20.5-inch or 20.75-inch top tubes. Handlebars used to be designed as infamously low aside from being narrow. It is best to give the bike a spin in the parking lot to find out if you can ride it comfortably enough. It can be cost-free to cut down wide bars, but narrow bars will have to be replaced entirely.

You won’t need to get a super light bike to make your child a great rider but a lightweight bike is generally a sign that the units boasts premium components in it, along with quality materials. A lot of riders believe they have better control on a light bike, aside from providing them with a longer ride due to reduced fatigue. Around 25 pounds average weight would be a good enough benchmark.



Bikes are manmade and thus, should not be expected to last forever. Parts will break and wear out, which is simply part and parcel of using the bike for hard riding or crashing. Bear in mind that the more energetic riding you do on the bike, the faster it will fall apart. More often than not, what you pay for the unit is represented largely by the BMX bike parts on the product, so you fundamentally get what you pay for.

A new complete bike will require breaking in so the different parts can settle to their normal usage positions. Expect that you will have to tighten up spokes, chains and headsets shortly after the first few riding sessions on the bike. Majority of premium aftermarket parts are both lighter and stronger compared to generic steel ones.


Frame Material

A bike with a strong frame ensures enough resilience against all the beating the unit has to take from all the tricks, stunts and jumps the rider does. It will also means inconsistencies on the terrain as well as BMX-specific courses with banked corners, jumps and rollers will not knock out vital components too easily. High-tensile strength steel frames may seem to offer plenty of rigidity, but today’s more advanced models are built with innovative materials including alloy and chromoly steel for a lighter yet tougher unit. Chromoly also provides the light weight needed for agile riding so you can execute quick movements and get high in the air more easily. While chromoly alloy frames are designed for advanced and intermediate riders, aluminum frames are made for the speed of BMX racing.Young and inexperienced riders had best start with cost-effective high-tensile steel frames to get a feel for BMX riding first before investing in more expensive frame materials.

2.Razor High Roller

Tires, Brakes and Stunt Pegs

High-end models feature a gyro brake, which is a smart system mounted near the handlebars that enables turning to a full 360 degrees of the handlebars without tangling on the brake cables. BMX bikes are equipped with two brakes but advanced riders remove them altogether when all they really do is trick riding, racing and dirt jumping.

Front handbrakes offer a range of control, enabling the rider to do tricks on the front wheel when doing freestyle or overlap riding. For BMX cruising, front handbrakes deliver better stability. A U-type rear brake provides a low profile so nothing sticks out of the bike and gets caught when performing stunts and tricks.

While some models are equipped with stunt or axle pegs for executing impressive stunts, you can always choose to add your own in other models that do not have them. Thought to be hazardous by other riders, stunt pegs are not standard features in all bikes. They add weight and complexity to the unit. They also make sharp turning difficult to do.

Knobby off-road tires on 36-spoke wheels deliver reliable traction on loose surfaces while being lightweight and relatively durable.



Top rated BMX bikes in 2019


We have proven the following models to be superior to many others on the market, so they are worth checking out. We urge you to put them on top of your list when checking out the best BMX bikes.


Our recommendations


Framed Impact


This model stands out via its steel frame, which guarantees it can help you ride even on muddy country roads. Its HiTen fork is another addition that will consolidate the unit’s lifespan. Since it is constructed from steel, it can hold even someone that is around 150 pounds or slightly more.

The breaks are reliable and snappy, and the bike can reach impressive speeds and will allow you to do plenty of tricks. It also comes with a Neco Headset, and if you are worried about the aesthetic side of things, note that the all-black body doesn’t scratch easily.


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Redline Bikes Roam


This is another example of what a high-quality item looks like. Reviewers love the fresh and young color it comes in and the fact that it features 20-inch wheels made from aluminum, a material that is lighter than steel. This will allow you to do all kinds of tricks easier.

The Kenda contact tires have enhanced traction, a thing that will prove itself useful if you have to ride on wet and slippery surfaces. The pedals are included in the box, and although you have to assemble the unit yourself, the instructions are clear and it will take you less than an hour to do so.


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Razor Barrage


The bike’s white body and blue accents make it one of the most good-looking options out there. It is a freestyle bike built to take abuse, which is ideal if you have an active lifestyle. The design features a high-quality steel welded frame and a fork made from the same material, things that show off the brand’s dedication to durability.

It also has grippy street tires and alloy wheels, which ensure a smooth ride and better braking in demanding conditions. The bike also has a BMX handlebar with a fused cross brace and front, and it features rear hand brakes that won’t fail you when you need them the most.


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Framed Impact XL


This bike is the bigger brother of the famous Framed model. It is made from the same sturdy materials, but it is improved to fit someone that has a more substantial weight or who is taller. You also get the premium Neco Headset and brakes that make sure you avoid all accidents.

Moreover, it is made with HiTen steel, which allows for high jumps due to the fact that it is created to be elastic yet sturdy. The model is ideal for a wide range of activities and it can be maintained easily, which is what you want if you are a busy person.


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Framed Twenty6er


If you invest in this piece, you’ll have a lifetime companion. The all-new Framed Twenty6er delivers more than just an eye-catching design. The 26″-inch wheels transform this unit into a universal bike that can be used even by those who are over 180 lbs.

The quality fork combined with the lightweight alloy frame delivers a smooth ride even if you use it on rocky surfaces. Additionally, the Framed Rear BMX disc brakes add an extra layer of safety so you can rely on it to help you become the best rider you can be. Although it is white, the bike is not hard to clean.


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Redline Bikes MX24


This model will meet all of your riding needs. It comes with a lightweight redline aluminum frame, which is a smart addition for those who like to try new things. The frame also has ovalized anti-flex seat stays for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Its seat is created to bring comfort and to make sure it won’t get in the way of you winning all the races. Another highlight is the fact that the bike is not too rigid and that it takes directions well. Moreover, the brakes are improved to be responsive even at full speeds and not to fail when it comes to preventing accidents.


Buy from Amazon for ($269.99)




RoyalBaby Freestyle


Good BMX bikes are hard to find, that’s why you should not ignore this one. The unisex model rocks many little items that are going to make your life on the road easy – a bell, training wheels and even a water bottle. Also, its quick release seat post makes it simple to adjust the height of the seat.

Speaking of the seat, it is cushioned and very comfortable for extended use. The bike comes with a sturdy steel frame, a one-piece crank, and a ball bearing drive shaft. Plus, the handles are soft on the hands, and the unit takes a few minutes to assemble.


Buy from Amazon for ($139.99)




Mongoose Title Pro


The Mongoose Title Pro is a fantastic BMX bike for the price. Its frame is lightweight since it is made from aluminum and it makes the piece truly versatile. Also note that the patented Alloy V-Brakes in combination with the alloy brake levers allow crisp, controlled stopping.

The brand offers premium quality at a decent price and a fresh design that will surely get you noticed. The bike will provide unadulterated performances in all conditions, and it will stay scratch-free for a really long time, even if you ride in forests and other extreme environments like that.


Buy from Amazon for ($246.74)





Products which are no longer available



Huffy Boys Beserk 


 Best BMX bikes 2019If you are a BMX enthusiast and you are trying to master all the hard but exciting tricks, then you need a top and reliable bike. The Huffy Beserk is one of the top rated BMX bikes in 2019 offering you exactly what you need and more. The bike is made out of highly resistant materials, the frame is overseized hi-ten steel and the fork is also built from steel. The breakes calipers are also made from quality steel and the 36-spoke rims too. A bike like this that offers top performance is a safe bet everytime.



Mongoose Boy’s Scan R60 


Bikes are part of every childhood even if it just for commuting or freestyle riding. Successful stunt balance and full control are key elements in free riding and this model has them liberally. The chromoly main frame makes it lightweight and sturdy. The small gearing hub, 25/9, contributes to weight reduction so your jumps will be easier to execute. It is suitable for experienced freestylers and racers taking into consideration the number of spokes, which is just 36. In case you want to experience new moves pegs can be added for extra stability. Customers have included this product among the best BMX bikes in 2019.



Framed Verdict 


With a Hi-ten steel frame and Velo mushroom 150mm grips, this 20 inche Framed Verdict BMX Bike is available in a combination of black and yellow. This BMX bike can be purchased at an amazingly affordable price. The design gives it a pro model look, and its rear wheel which is a 9t cassette with a 14mm hub contributes to that look. For your convenience, its 5t sprocket stays out of the way when riding anywhere. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about hanging up when you want to learn biking and dropping in at local skate park ramps, because its sprocket is capable of handling drop ins on small ramps.



Kink Gap


Kink Gap BMX BikeWith a 20.5 inches TT Gap Frame-Chromoly HT and a DT Kink Stout Fork-Chromoly Steerer, the Kink Gap BMX Bike is built with durability in mind. Now, you can have less stress when going through almost all kinds of roads, from ramps to trails. Instead, you can enjoy a smooth and convenient ride around the streets. It is built with a chromoly head tube, top-tube, and down-tube, which make it really sturdy. Some of the best BMX bikes reviews from riders of different ages and skill levels really love this model and recommend it to everyone out there. The Kink Gap BMX Bike has three colors to choose from.




Kink Curb


 Kink Curb 2013 BMX BikeA quality bike means that you have the right balance for practicing the tough tricks which the sport of BMX has invented. One of the best BMX bikes today is the Kink Curb 2019. It has a 20” TT Curb Frame built from hi-ten steel and the Kink Volte II fork made from the same material. There is also a Crank Mission Cipher with a 25 tooth sprocket and 9 tooth driver to raise the overall high standard even higher. With so many great features at last you will have the right BMX bike which makes the stunts you do easier to pull off.




Mongoose Dibbs


Today, the Mongoose Dibbs freestyle bike is a reliable instrument of fun and delight that maintains a high level of excitement during any trip. With a compact and stylish design, the Mongoose Dibbs bike is for good reason among the top products in its category. The Mongoose Dibbs bike has a street frame with tight angles that allows more foot clearance and thus greater control during the ride. Furthermore, with alloy rims with 72 radial spokes and 25 x 9 micro gearing and free coaster, it comes as no surprise to see the Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle among the current best BMX bikes in 2019.



DK Siklon 


Considered by thousands of satisfied users as the best BMX bikes in 2019, the DK Siklon model reunites professionalism and efficiency in a smart and innovative manner. With a beautiful and compact design, the DK Siklon BMX bike has the highly acclaimed DK Park/Trail frame and also a machined headtube that offers greater control to the rider. Furthermore, the DK Siklon BMX bike has a 100% 4130 chromoly fork, a DK 2 pc handlebar and also a solid tubular 3 pc crank, making the bike one of the safest riding instruments currently available on the market.



Mongoose El Ray 


 If you want a BMX bike that offers both performance and looks, then the Mongoose El Ray is just the one for you. The rugged boxed tube freestyle frame and the freestyle fork ensure a high level of quality. The Mongoose has 60 spoke alloy wheels and caliper brakes for great stopping power. Also the design is special and it will turn heads when you cruise through the neighborhood. With such a good combination you can`t go wrong when purchasing this BMX bike. A larger and larger number of people are practicing this cool sport and if you want to give it a try make sure you have the right gear.



Airwalk Big Slick 


As one of the best BMX bikes in 2019 according to the latest studies and online charts, the Airwalk 20-inch BMX model is ideal for boys that love to ride in various terrains and for different periods of time. With a solid and compact design that includes 20-inch wheels, hi-tensile steel frame, knobby tires and steel rims this model is a reliable bike that won’t let its rider down. Furthermore, the Airwalk also has a professional cushioned BMX-style seat, KMC steel chain and also an alloy Airwalk head badge which ensures stability during any of the trips you might undergo.



X-Games FS20


2.X-Games FS20Outfitted with both Front and Rear Pegs, the X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle lets you go through the various tricks and stunts you have in your riding repertoire to make you popular in your BMX biking circuit. The front and rear hand brakes ensure dependable stopping power. The TIG-welded steel frame and fork deliver reliable strength and durability. Enjoy consistently smooth rides with the top rated BMX bike’s 4-bolt alloy stem. The strong grippy street tires and alloy wheels work together to bring you a powerful riding experience supplemented with serious braking capability. Execute tricks and stunts without a hitch by maximizing the exceptional BMX handlebar with front and rear alloy hand brakes and a welded cross brace.



Mongoose M8002



If you’ve been looking for a model that costs less than one hundred and fifty dollars and is intended for the use of boys and girls aged 7 to 9, look no further. The Mongoose M8002 seems to have all the features of a safe and dependable BMX bike, which manages to withstand the test of time and allow all rides to be comfortable and easy all throughout. The freestyle frame and fork belonging to this model are lightweight, which is why the Mongoose M8002 can be carried from one spot to the other with ease. Reviewers speak highly of the looks and high-quality build of the bike.



Kent Pro 12098



Although it is primarily destined for the use of boys, there’s nothing stopping girls from using the Kent Pro 12098 freestyle bike, as well. The 20-in wheels with pegs, the alloy seat clamp, as well as the freestyle rotor are some of the features of this model that have people raving about it. Besides, the unit comes equipped with both front and rear handbrakes, therefore ensuring that the user remains safe all throughout his or her journey. Since it is a tad larger than other products out there, this bike is typically recommended for ages 10 and up.



Razor High Roller


Best BMX BikeSolidly built despite its affordable price, the Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike is loaded with features that more expensive models make you pay a high price for. This bike comes with front wheel pegs primarily used for executing tricks and stunts while expanding the types of tricks you can do, including double peg grinds and front wheelies. Just place your feet and weight on the pegs to give you a more stable platform than just using the pedals, enabling you to have more control in moving the bike. Balancing on just one wheel is easier thanks to the provided pivot point for moving and rotating the BMX bike.



Razor Quick Spin


best bmx bikeBMX riding is a fun but difficult sport where balance is everything. While the rider is the main actor, the bike has to be of great quality too. A very good BMX bike that can be acquired is the Razor Quick. It comes with 20-inch wheels and 4 axle pegs for great trick riding. The gusseted-aluminum frame has a striking brushed finish to make it solid and stylish at the same time. The brake system makes the bike stop quickly, having alloy caliper brakes at the front and alloy U-brakes at the the rear. Having such good features, the Razon Quick bike is a definite plus if you are looking to practice this sport.



Diamondback Junior Viper


Son or grandson, it does not matter, anyone who receives this kind of gift will enjoy riding this bike. Keep in mind though that the height of the frame is 20” so it is perfect for taller boys. The instructions for assembly are helpful enough for any clumsy parent. The bike is equipped with a coaster and hand brakes, so try not to worry too much about safety. Its durability and stability are guaranteed by the sturdy steel frame. This model has a weight of 25 pounds so it is better for racing than for  freestyling. In the best BMX bikes reviews this brand and model hold a place of honor.



Huffy BMX Revolt


3.Huffy BMX Revolt BikeOutfitted with four pegs for a reliably professional look, the new 20-inch Huffy BMX Revolt Bike lets you go through your BMX routines confidently while keeping you stable during the entire regimen. This new BMX model comes with an exclusive Revolt rotor that ensures tangle-free 360-degree rotations so you won’t fall flat on your face when doing your stunts and tricks. The bike is designed with the front and rear hand brakes within easy reach, so you can be confident in the machine’s braking capability that doesn’t compromise on your safety. Built lightweight for easy riding, the Huffy BMX Revolt Bike comes with a 4-bolt alloy BMX stem strong enough to withstand the punishment of aerial adventures and urban assaults.