In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best board game? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. Don’t worry about not having enough information, as we have done the difficult part of collecting data for you about the best board game on the market. We were able to do this by looking over expert review sites for board games, actual owner feedback as well as social media activity to prove claims by manufacturers and their marketing gurus.

Fortunately, after that extensive research, we have proven the A Game of Thrones: Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games to be an excellent choice for this product category. Why? Based on a novel that has been adapted to a highly popular HBO series, this board game lets you get into the excitement and challenge of claiming the Iron Throne as your own. Board games based on TV shows are always fun and exciting since you feel like you’re in the middle of all the action that unfolds on the TV screen every week, and this one’s the ultimate! The streamlined rulebook and updated art simplify game playing and offer a realistic feel to it all. You can negotiate alliances too, when playing against up to five opponents.



How to Select a New Board Game


When there’s nothing to do on a Saturday night and you’ve gone through every disc in your movie collection, it would be fun to open up the box of a board game designed for families and spend the good part of the evening eating popcorn and matching your wits against those of the rest of the family. It can be difficult to find the perfect family board game, since designers and inventors of this type of product often intend their creations to cater to specific needs of different age groups. Here’s what to check out when buying board games.

1.A Game of Thrones

Suitability for Players’ Age

You can’t foist a game for college students on a group of 8 year olds, in the same way you can’t impose a kids’ board game on a group of teenagers. It would be difficult to sustain the players’ interest for long, much less get it to even rise at the onset. Choose a game that everybody can play and understand easily. Frequently, board games entail that one of the players serve as mediator, dealer or game facilitator. Though it can be difficult to find a single board game that the whole family can play, you can always go for the classics like Monopoly, where everyone can participate, including kids guided by their parents or other adults in the playing group.

To solve the issue on age bracket discrepancy in the choice of games, better get a different game that players in the family can enjoy with those within their age groups. There’s no sense wasting time trying to figure out how all members of the family can participate in just a single game. Besides, variety is always a good thing to combat boredom while helping promote camaraderie between members of the same age bracket.


Complexity Level

If members of the group are new to board gaming or are mostly children, stick to games that are simple. However, experienced gamers who love to strategize and do a lot of thinking would be delighted with a board game that is suitably complex. Remember that the level of complexity should include the preparation to be done before the game itself, such as setting up of the board, as well as the issuing of instructions for play and the laying down of additional ground rules, if any. Make sure that a game that is touted as good for the brain can be played with ease by the participants.


Playing Time

Games that are played quickly and offer rewards fast are exciting for most kids. On the other hand, strategy games that entail plenty of thinking will require a significant amount of time to finish. Bear in mind to choose a board game that can be completed within the allotted playing period of the group. Play times are typically specified on the box cover of most modern board games. Plenty of board games for sale on the market can be finished in less than half an hour, but there are games that take hours to complete.

It is also best to know when you are planning to play the game, such as during extended family gatherings or over a long holiday weekend. Although most games are designed to be played in the evenings, not all of them are. Games for kids normally last shorter than those designed for teenagers to accommodate the shorter attention span that younger kids have. No matter what the situation, whether you want a game that can be played before the youngsters are put to bed at night, or for a lazy afternoon with them, you must consider how wound up the kids would be after the game.

Number of Players

Make sure the board game can be completed with the number of players you have in the group. The information is also listed on the box cover as well as in the product description. You can also check out the product information in online retailer websites from which you will be purchasing the board game. Whether it’s a game for two players or an entire gang, the board game has to have enough tokens, colors, cards, etc. to go around for better replay value.

2.The Settlers of Catan

Suitability to the Personal Preferences of the Group

Modern board games cover every theme that can be imagined, whether it’s about war, money, property and many more. Thus, you can select from resource collection games, economic games, cooperative games, bidding and auction games, party games, trivia contests, card games, to name just a few. Party games and cooperative games are typically designed to be fast paced and do not really need plenty of strategic and analytical thinking. Economic and bidding and auction games have a somewhat slower pace since the players have to be able to do critical thinking and analysis in order to come out on top.

There are hundreds of board games on the market, but we consider the following to be the best buys for you.


Top rated Board Games in 2019



Cards Against Humanity


Best Board Game ReviewsMarketed  as a truly irreverent party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity has long been a bestseller, regularly cited as one of the  most popular board games 2019. This game is best played by 4 to 12 people, preferably ages 17 and up. There’s crazy humor involved, and the more accomplished you are at that, the better. Mechanics are simple and straightforward. This is not for the faint of heart or the profoundly prudent. It can even calibrate political sarcasm. The humor is designed to shock but not be downright distasteful.


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Ticket To Ride


Based on the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days, the Ticket to Ride Board game is a replayable two- to five-player cross-country adventure. It celebrates Phileas Fogg’s  reckless and profitable gamble to navigate around the globe by postulating a new bet. This is a winner-take-all competition that demonstrates who can travel to the most number of US cities in one week’s time. Ticket to Ride is the best board game 2019 for bringing out one’s skills at planning and strategizing. The 225 colored train cars empower the players to collect cards to use for various railway routes connecting different cities.


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A Game of Thrones: The Board-Game/Second-Edition


Thanks to the huge success of the HBO series that inspired its creation, the A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition has become the best board game 2019 for fans of the TV series and the novel on which the show  is based. Three to six players try their best to win command over the six Great Houses of Westeros. The updated second edition integrates the elements of earlier expansions, ensuring that the game is as fresh and updated as the TV series and utilizing players’ abilities to negotiate alliances with opponents.


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The Settlers of Catan


Recognized as the bestselling game of the year in both the USA and Germany, The Settlers of Catan is an engaging strategy game that offers tons of replay value with outcomes that are different each time it is played. Requiring three to four players, this is a wholesome family game made for participants ages 10 and over. It’s fun, easy to learn and invites experienced players  to do more every time. The ever-evolving playing field will make you want to play the game over and over again. Use your opponents’ strategies to help map out your own.


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Qwirkle Board Game


Lauded in plenty of best board game reviews for its simple setup that attracts children to try it out, the Qwirkle Board Game is an advanced form of tic-tac-toe using 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes and colors. Players try to score the greatest number of points by building lines of the same color or shape. Adults can find their strategizing skills put to the test with this simple yet addictive game. It combines the elements of Othello, Scrabble and Sequence and properly seasons everything with its straightforward objective. Great for players ages six and up.


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