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When your toddler has outgrown his highchair but still can’t reach the kitchen table a booster seat can come in handy. These sturdy little chairs are convenient and easy to use, and will make your little one feel like a big kid. To help you choose the best booster seat in 2019 we have included the following tips in our buying guide.

Best Booster Seat


As stated in the best booster seat reviews the most important aspect to consider is safety. Since it will probably be placed off of the ground, you want to make sure the booster seat can be securely attached to the chair. Sturdy straps that lock or tie in place will keep the booster seat firmly in place, and prevent potentially dangerous falls. You also want the booster chair to include safety buckles that keep active toddlers securely seated. Booster seats are also rated for weight and this will defer between various models. To ensure the one you choose is able to safely support your child’s weight it is important to check with the listed manufacturer’s description.



The best booster seat reviews also recommend choosing one with a durable and study construction. Strong plastic bases will support toddlers’ heavier weights, and are resistant to bending and cracking. Sturdy backs will provide additional support, and help keep toddlers sitting upright comfortably. Some booster chairs are also constructed with padded seat cushions for extra comfort, but you do want to ensure that the material is washable for easy cleaning.



Booster seats can also include several features for added convenience. Chairs with removable or adjustable backs are versatile and make it easier for your child to stay comfortable, and can even grow with your toddler. Adjustable seat belts and included shoulder harnesses keep active children securely in place, while also ensuring their comfort. Removable seat cushions are easy to wipe clean, and some booster chairs also include small feet that help to protect your furniture from scratches and other marks. There are also booster seats that fold down to a compact size for easy portability.



Top Rated Booster Seats in 2019


While we can’t choose the right chair for your toddler, we can show you the top rated booster seats of 2019. Designed to be easy and convenient to use and safe, maybe one of these durable booster seats is exactly what you need for your toddler.


Our recommendations


Fisher-Price BMD93


1.Fisher-PriceIt is easy to see why this booster seat is a best-selling model on Amazon. It features a “kid friendly” design that will make your toddler feel like a grown up at the dinner table. The booster seat is affordably priced, and you will also love how easy it is to assemble.

The “frustration free” packaging is always appreciated, along with the included instructions. This booster seat is designed to be functional and convenient to use, and is perfect for feeding older babies and toddlers at the table. The durable plastic construction can support heavier weights, and it is also incredibly easy to wipe clean. As an added advantage the removable tray is rated safe for the dishwasher so you can clean and sanitize it at the same time.

The adjustable safety belt will keep active toddlers securely seated, and it will also expand to keep up with growing children. There is also a belt that attaches the booster seat to the chair, though it is still recommended that you never leave your toddler unattended while he is strapped in. The lightweight construction makes this chair easy to move where you need it, and when it is combined with its convenient folding design you can take this booster seat with you when you travel.


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OXO Tot Perch


2.OXO Tot PerchIf you have a toddler who can’t quite reach the dinner table, this booster seat might be exactly what you need. It should be mentioned that this model is only designed for children ages three and older since this booster seat does not include safety straps or harnesses. It is the perfect solution for older toddlers who need a little boost, and its contemporary style won’t make sensitive kids feel like they are being treated like babies.

The curved back will provide plenty of comfortable support, and the plump seat cushion gives toddlers just enough height while also providing plenty of padding. You will appreciate the durable urethane material that is resistant to stains and incredibly easy to wipe clean. The booster seat also features small feet on the bottom that will help protect your furniture from marks and scratches.

The durable plastic back and base are designed to support heavier weight, and you will appreciate how easy it is to wipe clean. The booster seat is also free from PVC, BPA, and phthalate so you can feel comfortable knowing it is safe for your child. Lightweight and collapsible for convenient travel and storage, this booster seat might be exactly what you need for older toddlers.


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Graco Blossom


3.Graco BlossomThere is very little not to like about this booster seat, including its affordable price and “frustration free” packaging. Every aspect of this model is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and it’s durable construction can support toddlers up to 50 pounds.

The plastic seat is lightweight and easy to wipe clean, and the sturdy construction is resistant to bending and cracking. Since the booster seat is designed to support growing toddlers, the back features two adjustable positions or can be completely removed for maximum comfort.

The flat base is designed to sit securely on bare seats, and you will appreciate the two sturdy straps. With one located in the front and back, you know your active toddler can’t accidentally wiggle the booster seat off of the chair. There is also a safety harness that can be adjusted that will keep your child securely seated. The lightweight construction also makes this booster seat easy to take with you, and the removable back can be packed for convenient storage.


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