Top Rated Box Security Cameras in 2019


Helping keep your home and business safe, the featured products in the best box security camera reviews let you keep tabs on what’s going on inside or outside your property. Giving you peace of mind , a box security camera helps you with safety and security for your loved ones or your commercial establishment.


Q1C1 HQ-Cam® Security Surveillance Box Camera


Best Box Security Camera Reviews This color professional digital device is regularly part of many best box security camera reviews. It is solidly built with a 1/3-inch Sony Super HAD II CCD plus a 6-60mm vari-focal lens to ensure outstanding image capture.The camera offers a high rate of 650 TV lines, ensuring greater resolving power to deliver finer details for easy perception.

With its vari-focal lens, the Q1C1 HQ-Cam® Security Surveillance Box Camera offers electronically-controlled auto-iris, allowing it to adjust to deliver the best quality of images in a given lighting condition. The device offers versatility in power options, letting you select between 24-volt AC or 12-volt DC to suit availability. Thanks to the C or CS mount lens, this camera capably achieves a focused image.

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Video Secu Home Video Surveillance Box Security Camera


Built for various surveillance applications, the Video Secu Home Video Surveillance Box Security Camera is an ideal unit for day and night monitoring. Even under varying light conditions, it offers exceptional picture quality. The day/night functionality is highly useful when there’s a need to capture clear images in dim night lighting and in bright mid-day sunlight. This eliminates the need to get two different types of surveillance cameras.

Operating in normal color mode in bright daylight and then automatically transitioning to black-and-white mode when light is low, this best box security camera 2019 offers 24-hour functionality. The camera offers 700 TV lines of high horizontal resolution for blur-free images.

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Video Secu CCTV Surveillance Camera


With its built-in 1/3-inch Sony Effio CCD Color DSP security camera, this model efficiently captures images in full clarity and detail. The device offers 700 TV lines of horizontal resolution, ensuring excellent delivery of quality images. The 0.01 lux minimum illumination ensures non-interference with ambient lighting. The auto-iris electronic shutter offers high flexibility in delivering consistent video signals by adjusting intelligently to varying levels of lighting.

The Auto-Iris feature also helps in maintaining a single consistent level of light for optimal outdoor application. The Digital Noise Reduction feature ensures that images remain uncluttered by ghosting or blurring.

This best box security camera 2019 can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, so you can choose to make the most of its many features.

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HD-SDI Box Security Camera


Thanks to its 1/3-inch progressive scan Panasonic CMOS sensor, the HD-SDI Box Security Camera offers outstanding, blur-free images for easy monitoring. The true day/night mechanical lens filter enables the camera to have dual functionality. It works as a color camera during the day, then changes to monochrome or black-and-white mode at night for better sensitivity.

The security camera offers motion detection to capture images when movement is sensed. This device is versatile for international use, as it supports English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and Russian on screen display languages.

The camera also supports wide dynamic range (WDR), which enables balancing out of images so they don’t appear washed out in high brightness of incoming light.

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