How to Buy the Best Bread Box


A bread box is not only used to stored assorted baked goods, it is also a decorative item on your countertop. As stated in the best bread box reviews the right model can prevent mold and moisture, while preventing items from drying out. There are several types of bread boxes to choose from, and there are certain aspects you need to consider. In this informative buying guide you can find tips to help you choose the best bread box in 2019.


As stated in the best bread box reviews one of the first aspects to consider is size. These vented storage boxes are designed to keep breads and other baked goods fresh and free from mold, and are available in several different sizes. The size of your countertop and number of items you are planning to store will help you decide which bread box is right for you.



The best bread box reviews state the metal storage bins that are vented often work better than wood or enamel models, but this often depends on other factors. Higher temperatures and humidity might cause metal bread boxes to develop mold more quickly, but the opposite is also true in cooler climates. Enamel material is ideal for giving the bread box a vintage appeal, but it can let in mildew and moisture when it is used inside. Wooden bread boxes are also popular, but it can leave your baked goods with an odor when it is used to line the interior. The average climate you live in will help you determine which vented bread box is right for you.



While you do want the bread box to look appealing on your counter the best bread box reviews agree it should also be convenient and easy to use. Almost all bread boxes feature an easy to open and close door, you do want to consider how easy it will be to clean. Mold and mildew can occur in the best model, and you want to be able to clean it thoroughly without any hassles. While most wood bread boxes can be quickly wiped down, stainless steel models are generally considered the easiest to keep clean.


Top Rated Bread Boxes in 2019


We can’t decide which model will work best in your kitchen, but we can show you the top rated bread boxes of 2019. Each one features its own advantages, and one these vented bread bins might be perfect for storing your baked goods.



Brabantia 299445 Roll Top Bread Bin


There are several reasons why this is considered the best bread box in 2019 including its sleek and stylish metal design. You will love how it looks with the rest of your gleaming stainless steel appliances, and the vented design ensures that all of your baked goods stay fresh for days. It features a compact construction that fits perfectly in smaller spaces, and the metal bread box can even slid underneath low hanging cabinets.

You have the advantage of the flat top for storing frequently used food items, and the plastic stopper ensures that the lid slides quietly up and down. You have plenty of room inside the box for storing two large loaves of bread, and the vented opening ensures that it stays fresh and moist for days.

The metal bread box is easy to clean, and its durable construction is also resistant to scratches. With the advantage of the adjustable vent openings, you can control how much air is entering the interior, and keep all of your food free from mold and mildew. Enjoy fresh tasting bread and other baked goods longer with this sleek and modern metal bin.

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Blue Donuts Bread Box


One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the contemporary design that is also extremely convenient. This bread box features a durable bamboo construction that helps to absorb moisture without drying out your baked items. It is safe for use around food, and the bamboo material gives the bread box a charming look.

It is designed to go in any kitchen, and it does not require a lot of counter space. The clear acrylic lid lets you see what is inside, without letting any moisture or mildew in. The bread box is large enough to hold two family sized loaves of bread, and you’ll appreciate how quiet the lid is to lift open and close.

You have the advantage of the two year warranty that is included in the affordable price. Not only is this bread box convenient to use, it is also easy to clean. The bamboo material can be quickly wiped clean, along with the clear lid. See exactly what you have inside the reliable bread box in a glance, and you’ll love how it looks sitting in your kitchen. Designed to be durable and elegant, you’ll enjoy years of great tasting bread with this charming storage bin.

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Pure Bamboo Modern Bread Box


Even though this bamboo bread box has a modern design, it still features the old fashion charm that looks great in any kitchen. It has the traditional fold down door that also latches securely, and it is sized large enough to hold two loaves of bread. The bamboo construction is durable, and the moisture absorbing design is ideal for warm, humid climates.

The stylish bread box is design to fit on most countertops, and since it features a pull down door you can easily slide it underneath your kitchen cabinets. This bread box also features a tight sealing door that prevents moisture from getting inside. The magnetic strip gently keeps the door closed, and prevents it from banging. You also have the advantage of the flat top which is perfect for storing frequently used items.

You will appreciate its simple and durable construction that is also incredibly easy to wipe clean, and the lightweight design lets you shake out all of the crumbs. Perfect for large families or for anyone that loves the taste of fresh bread, this bamboo box is ideal for almost any kitchen.

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