Tips For Buying the Best Breast Pump for Working Moms


Working moms may feel disadvantaged when it comes to breastfeeding because they need to juggle their careers at the same time with taking care of their infant. A good and reliable breast pump is actually everything they need to make sure that their babies are well fed and do not have to rely on baby formulas. Reading more about the best breast pumps around will help you decide on a model that really comes to your aid when in need.

 A.Best Breast Pump for Working Moms


It is important to know that your baby is not only well fed but also well protected against any kind of sickness. Mother’s milk contains important nutrients that are not easily imitated by baby formulas, which is why breastfeeding is recommended. When you are using a breast pump, you need to make sure that your milk remains uncontaminated, so a good idea is to look for pumps that are BPA free and cannot transfer toxins into your milk when in use.



A breast pump with double pumping is more efficient than single pumping models. However, there are many single pumping models that offer great results, as well.



Discretion is important when you need to take your breast pump at work with you. A discreet stylish carrying bag is just the best solution for working moms.


What Are the Most Appreciated Breast Pumps for Working Moms?


Working moms should never feel like they are missing on providing their children with the best care possible. For them, a good breast pump is indispensible, and that was why we ran an extensive research to identify the best models on the market, according to the vast majority of reviews from users.


Medela 57081 Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump


1.Medela Pump In StyleThis electric breast pump is a great piece of equipment you can take to work without anyone suspecting anything. Designed to ensure that your milk supply never runs dry as long as your baby needs proper feeding, its gentle action will not hurt your breasts during use.

But what exactly makes the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump the best breast pump for working moms? Employing their proprietary 2-Phase Expression technology that simulates the way babies feed naturally when placed at their mothers’ breasts, the manufacturer succeeded in creating a complete, efficient product that you will surely love.

According to research, babies have two feeding phases, one in which they stimulate the breast to start the milk flow, followed by another during which they suckle at the breast with more force, to get as much milk as possible within a short time.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump works just like that, and there are many pleased moms who praise its abilities. The stylish carrying bag is an added bonus, and you will feel great knowing that you can use the pump at work, even several times daily.

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The First Years Quiet Expressions Double Breast Pump


2.The First Years QuietWhat do you need most in a breast pump as a working mom? If discretion is paramount for you and this is the first thing that comes to mind when asked the above question, then the Quiet Expressions breast pump from the company The First Years may be just what you are looking for.

Especially if you need to pump a few times daily, you need to make sure that your breast pump will not draw unnecessary attention from your coworkers. The great looking tote bag supplied with your purchase will make it easier for you to just grab it and head for a quiet place where you can take care of your noble task.

The Quiet Expressions Double Breast Pump is designed not only to ensure safe healthy milk for your baby. The Soft Flexi-fit shields will fit on your breasts to make sure that you experience no discomfort while you are using the device.

Considered by many to be the best breast pump for working moms, this model provides safety, efficiency and reliability, in a stylish package.

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The First Years Sole Expressions Single Electric Breast Pump


3.The First Years SoleNot everyone requires a double pumping breast pump for their little ones. Actually, it is well known that babies often prefer one breast and rarely feed from both of them. If you do not want the milk supply in your baby’s preferred breast to deplete, before getting the chance to place the baby at your bosom, maybe a single pumping model is the best choice for you. The Sole Expressions from The First Years is a great choice and it comes equipped with all the accessories and features offered by the double pumping model from the same series. On top of it all, it is small, compact and discreet, and you can take it along with you when traveling.

The model operates on batteries, too, and it has perfect portability. The available 8 suction settings let you decide your own rhythm and you will never feel uncomfortable when you are using the breast pump.

The Sole Expressions is easy to use and to assemble, which makes it the perfect choice for busy moms.

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