In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best butane torch? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information on the best products for sale on the market by comparing the reviews and ratings in expert review sites and the comments in actual owner feedback. Fortunately, after in-depth research and tireless product comparisons, we have been led to what we believe is the top selling product, the Blazer GB2001. Superbly lightweight at just 6.88 ounces, this gas torch produces a precise flame emitted via the nozzle head that enables direct application of heat to objects. Suitable for different applications such as for plumbing, brazing, soldering, cooking, jewelry making, dental, automotive and lab applications, this product is equipped with a rubber outer body with diamond-shaped finish to ensure effortless use and easy handling. The gas flow adjustment lever enables effortless heat and precision change on the generated flame for adjustment from yellow to hot blue depending on the application. Should the Blazer GB2001 run out of stock, which is highly likely because of its immense popularity, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option that’s just as great, the Blazer GB4001-02 Stingray.



Comparison Table


Product Fuel Price Weight Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Blazer GB2001

Butane Gas $$$$ 0.43 lbs Included A+ AMAZON

Iwatani CB-TC-PRO

Iwatani Cassette Gas $$$ 0.42 lbs No A AMAZON

Blazer GB4001-02

Butane Gas $$$ 0.39 lbs No B+ AMAZON

BonJour Creme Brulee

Butane Gas $$ 0.15 lbs No C AMAZON

BonJour Chef`s Torch

Butane Gas $$ 1 lbs No B AMAZON



Buying Guide


With butane gas as the fuel and heat as the catalyst, butane torches can be used for cooking and for jewelry making along with a variety of heavy-duty applications. For multi–metal jewelry, a butane torch offers matching versatility, and this is the same for culinary recipes that call for precise heat application. What makes the best butane torches distinctive?

1.Blazer GB2001 (singura varianta)

Safe and easy to use

Whether you need a butane torch for finishing up a fantastic creme brulee or just for lighting a charcoal grill, you’re going to want the tool to be safe and easy to use. Find out whether the product is intended for industrial and professional applications or for home use. Industrial or professional applications include for automotive work.

Many butane torches come with a nozzle head that enables easy application of direct heat to objects. You also want the butane torch to provide effortless handling by way of a rubber outer body finish with an easy-grip pattern and a lightweight design. Others have an anodized outer body finish to ensure thickness and strength for enhanced durability along with easy cleaning and superior heat resistance. The body should not get hot even if you apply the flame to an object for long periods of time.

Some models feature a safety switch that has to be deactivated first before the flame is turned on. Then, the ring has to be turned to enable the flow of the gas. An electronic ignition button needs to be pressed to light the torch. Some top rated models feature a piezoelectric ignition system that requires no electric connection thanks to how it employs a pressurized molecular reaction, or a button that you simply disengage to keep the flame steady. When the trigger is activated, a small, spring loaded internal hammer strikes a crystal to produce a spark that results in the ignition of the gas flame. Manual locking of the ignition when not in use is a sensible feature.

Some models are equipped with a gas flow adjustment lever that enables easy control of the length of the blue flame. Some use a ring to achieve this and to match the application. The ring simply has to be rotated till the flame disappears. You want the torch flame to be easily adjustable from yellow to a more precise and hotter blue flame. Some models feature a tabletop stand that you can attach and detach to enable hands-free work.


Convenient and reliable flame performance

Refueling should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. This may involve stepping outside for a few minutes. Although most butane torches are similar, you will have to look over the instruction manual first before attempting to refuel this kind of equipment. Bear in mind that even a minor error in general operation could result to a disaster.

You want a large fuel capacity for less frequent refilling. Some models offer a maximum flame temperature from 2,370 and 2,500 to 2,730 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for applications that require intense heat application. Some models offer a sustained and extended burn time from 60, 90 to 120 minutes at maximum fuel volume. The torch head has to be angled optimally, preferably at a 90-degree fixed angle, and with the flame range varying between half an inch to 1.25 inches. Some models run on a separately sold standard butane canister.

2.Blazer GB4001-02

Versatile use

Most butane torches make the perfect addition to your collection of high-end tools thanks to their versatility. They can be used detailed purposes such as brazing, culinary, dental, jewelry making, lab, plumbing and soldering. In addition, they can be used for dabbing as well as heavy-duty or industrial applications such as in the automotive industry. For dabbing, butane gas is preferred over propane because the substance burns relatively clean to produce carbon dioxide and water only, compared to propane that produces carbon monoxide.

Aside from providing flame control and safety, the torch should also offer an anti-flare feature that prevents accidental flame activation, plus a gas-flow adjustment dial for flame length control. Stress and strain on the wrist while working is prevented if the butane torch comes with an ergonomic design that also ensures safety. An adjustable temperature regulator enables flame size control.



Top rated butane torches in 2019


There are plenty of butane torches to choose from, but this shouldn’t complicate your shopping decision and make you spend unnecessarily on many different products instead of settling for just a single one. To enable you to get the best one for the money, we encourage you to check out the above buying guide. We have also featured the best products below to make your shopping journey smoother.


Our recommendations


Blazer GB2001


Best butane torch reviews

The majority of the latest top rated butane torch reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and engineers underline the efficiency and solid design of the Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting model, a product very popular in Canada and the United States of America. The Blazer GB2001 model has a rubber, precise grid-designed body that delivers a safe grip every time you use it. Furthermore, the GB2001 has a gas-flow adjustment lever that allows you to fully control the flame length and width in order to obtain solid results.


Buy from Amazon for ($47.95)




Blazer GB4001-02 Stingray


Blazer is renowned for its high quality products, designed with attention to details and using vast technical expertise accumulated along the years. To this extent the GB4001-02 Stingray butane torch is an anodized and refillable device that delivers a precise flame emitted from the nozzle head, thus allowing direct heat application to any object you desire. You can use with confidence the GB4001-02 Stingray in a variety of purposes such as plumbing, soldering, jewel crafting, culinary delights and also dental and lab applications. This is the reason most of the current top rated butane torch reviews gave the GB4001-02 model such high marks.


Buy from Amazon for ($33.33)




Titan Products Professional Grade TT-01


1.Professional Grade Butane Torch

This Titan Torch offers versatility and multifunctionality to suit a variety of applications. It has flame control via the gas-flow adjustment dial, so you can do direct heat application at precise temperatures. Ideal for culinary use, soldering, plumbing, brazing, industrial, jewelry making and other applications, this butane torch features an ergonomically designed body that enables comfortable gripping while minimizing stress and strain on your wrist. The one-click trigger ignition enables easy flame activation. The built-in safety mechanism comes with anti-flare technology and a safety lock to keep the flame from being activated unintentionally. You can expect a full tank to provide up to 60 minutes burn time at a sustained temperature of 2,730 degrees Fahrenheit, for great results every time.


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Iwatani CB-TC-PRO


A growing number of the latest top rated butane torch reviews underline the efficiency and functionality of the Iwatani torch burner, a product very appreciated by chefs and restaurant owners. With a unique built-in pistol design, the Iwatani torch burner with the type piezo ignition allows the user to fully prepare quality food, worthy of sharing with friends and family members. The model can be used with Iwatani Cassette gas and more importantly can be maneuvered without any effort due to the Push’n Twist gas cylinder attachment.


Buy from Amazon for ($33.53)




BonJour Creme Brulee


Considered as one of the best butane torch in 2019 regarding quality and efficiency, the Crème Brulee Chef’s culinary from BonJour helps the user make restaurant quality desserts worthy of sharing with friends and family members. You can use with confidence the torch in order to make caramelized sugar, browning meringue, melting cheese and even soup gratin. The Crème Brulee from BonJour is made out of die cast aluminum and is powered with standard butane fuel containers that maintain the efficiency levels at high standards.


Buy from Amazon for ($13.75)




BonJour 53386


 If you want to make restaurant style desserts and just as good, than you need a butane torch to aid you in this quest. The Bonjour Chef`s Torch is such an device allowing you to make quality desserts at home. With it you can caramelize sugar, brown meringue or melt cheese. The power comes form butane fuel containers and it is built form die cast aluminum. You also have a fuel indicator so you know when it will run out and you need to change the container. With this you have the specialized tool you need to make some delicious desserts.


Buy from Amazon for ($34.32)