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We certainly know how tedious it can be to do your own research about the best camera flash so we took it upon ourselves to simplify your decision-making process through this short but informative paragraph. Our own research comprised the comparison and evaluation of some of the popular products available and this has thankfully led us to a good choice, the Altura Photo AP-UNV1 Bundle. The primary item of focus in this choice is the Altura Photo AP-UNV1, a capable manual flash that can be used in manual, S1 or S2 mode. The 7-item kit also comes with flash stand, a Softbox Flash Diffuser, a convenient Universal Wireless Remote Control along with 4x Polaroid Alkaline AA batteries, a MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloth, and a protective drawstring pouch. If it’s excellent value for money you seek, the Altura Photo AP-UNV1 Bundle is the solution, which makes it easily run out of stock. However, be assured that there’s a second best option, the Canon 270EX II.



Comparison Table




Buying Guide


Camera flashes are becoming more and more popular nowadays when people are starting to realize that their DSLR built-in flashes just won’t cut it. While they may be good enough for the occasional shoot where you really have no other option than to use the built-in alternative, we recommend browsing several models and reading some articles on the topic to understand why external options are preferred these days. If you’ve been thinking of getting a professional camera flash, be it with a deflector or not, you should check out the following buying guide that we’ve put together for your consideration.

2.Altura Photo AP-UNV1


Most of the models you might come across during your search for the perfect unit can be split up into two main categories. Some flashes can be attached to the camera whereas others are floor flash alternatives. All DSLRs come with a hot shoe at the top where users can place various accessories such as a flash or a microphone, depending on their needs and the occasion that arises. Once the flash is locked in the hot shoe, the camera controls when the flash is being fired. The user has a lot of freedom regarding the customization of the settings, both because he or she can modify the distance of the subject and because one can change the angle or rotation of the flash. Many buyers seem to prefer the models that can be attached to the camera simply because they are more convenient when it comes to capturing moments at weddings and other special events.

Floor flash units are different. As their name suggests, they are not directly attached to the camera. The main advantage of these kinds is that they can provide continuous light, which is beneficial for portraiture work and other shots in the studios. What’s more, they can be placed anywhere in the room and at various distances from the object being captured by the camera. Therefore, they allow a lot of room for experimenting. The only minor drawback when using such a type is that it produces some heat which might be an inconvenience if you position it too close to a human or animal subject as he or she can become uncomfortable.




Another factor you should take into account when making your final call is the matter of compatibility. Not all camera flashes are created the same, just like cameras are different from one another. After analyzing many options, we have seen that many manufacturers of which the cameras are world-known for taking the cake when it comes to performance create dedicated flashes. The only problem is that virtually all of these models are expensive. If you’re part of a photography group or have friends that have different brands of cameras and you intend to use the same flash model or share it with them, you need to pay attention to the product description to find out if it’s for Nikon, for Canon, or if it is universal. While some say that the performance of universal alternatives can’t compare to the ones developed by reputable brands, sometimes it’s a good idea to check some of these affordable options as you might be surprised with the results.

3.Neewer TT560

Common terms

If you’re just starting your research, you might come to notice that there are several terms that are used to make the difference between various camera flashes. The terminology is usually composed of three things: the guide number, the flash sync, and the recycle rate. The guide number is in direct relation to the type of photography one is interested in. The smaller it is, the better it is for portraits; the larger the guide number, the better it is for shooting interior spaces or architecture. The flash sync has to be correlated with the one of the cameras. With low-budget cameras, there’s a high chance of the flash limiting the shutter speed. On the contrary, high-end cameras require a high sync speed and thus trigger no shutter limitation.

Even though camera flashes have seen a lot of technical advancements during the last years, they still need to charge before they can be used again. This factor is called the recycle rate and it shows the user just how much time it will pass before he or she can make use of the flash. For people interested in shooting static subjects, this isn’t a core detail to consider as they have enough time on their hands. However, a too low recycle rate means the world for photographers who take shots of moving subjects.



Top rated camera flashes in 2017


Some of the best camera flashes are showcased below. All of the following units have gathered a significant degree of appreciation on the part of American and international photographers alike. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and offer the results you might be looking for.


Our recommendations


Altura Photo AP-UNV1


1.Altura Photo AP-UNV1

The AP-UNV1 is one of the top rated alternatives you might want to take advantage of, considering that it has garnered over seven hundred positive Amazon reviews. That says something when it comes to compatibility and performance as this model works with all standard hot shoe mounts for most cameras out there. The neat thing about the AP-UNV1 is that it comes with many accessories that come in handy when being out in the field. For example, the pack consists of the actual flash as well as a MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloth, four AA batteries and a universal remote control.


Buy from for ($39.99)




Canon 270EX II


top rated camera flash reviewsMost of the current top rated camera flash reviews recommend the the Canon Speedlite flash for the Canon Digital SLR model, renowned for its capacity to enhance the camera’s ability to capture pictures. With superior build quality and compact design that includes a metal foot needed for extra strength, the Canon Speedlite has approximately 20% faster recycling time thus allowing the user obtain sharp and detailed pictures, worth sharing with friends or family members. In addition, with the 1-touch quick-lock mechanism you will be able to attach and detach the flash from the camera faster and without any problems.


Buy from for ($159.99)




Yongnuo YN-560 II


When it comes to quality and efficiency Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight flash for Canon and Nikon, delivers the very best of results. You just need to attach the flash, shoe mount to the camera and get the desired illumination system to all the photos, adding to them clarity and unique brightness. The camera has a guide number of 58 meters (ISO 100, 105 mm) permitting you to flash away at the subject with great ease and no problems. Furthermore Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight has a recycle time of 3 seconds, featuring a 24 mm C 105 mm auto zoom range, placing the model among the present best camera flashes 2017.


Buy from for ($83.03)




Yongnuo YN-560


Best camera flashes 2017 One of the best camera flashes 2017 is, according to the latest technical studies and specialist reports, the Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight flash with direct compatibility for Canon and Nikon cameras. Coming with 57 levels of fine tuning and an impressive 8 levels of output control, the Yongnuo YN-560 eliminates the redeye issue and also enhances the clarity of the pictures taken. In addition, the YN-560 flash camera features the electronic head zooming, sound signal, personal computer port, an efficient power saving mode and also a solid over heat protection, thus improving the overall durability of the model.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Neewer TT560


Neewer TT560Considered by thousands of satisfied customers as one of the best camera flashes 2017, the Neewer TT560 is a professional Flash Speedlite model, known for its high quality and compatibility with the top rated Canon Digital EOS and Nikon DSLR cameras. The Neewer is equipped with a reliable power management system that allows a longer life span. This flash unit has a compact structure with 8 steps of power output control that indicates that state of all the pieces of the LED for a better management system. The Neewer TT560 flash is the right tool for obtaining clear pictures worth sharing with friends or family members.


Buy from for ($48.99)




Neewer 48 Macro


The majority of the present top rated camera flash reviews recommend the usage of the Neewer Macro Ring LED light which is compatible with Canon/Sony/Nikon and Sigma lenses. This device is designed for close shots, emitting light and brightness capable of creating high quality pictures worth sharing with friends or family members. Through the LED lamp mode controller, you have the possibility to adjust the three modes of the device: all light, half left light and also half right light. In addition the Neewer Macro Ring includes 6 distinct thread adapter rings 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm and also 67mm.


Buy from for ($22.99)