If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best camping axe money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about camping axes & hatchets for sale on the market by looking into what expert reviews and ratings have to say about different products and comparing the claims to what actual owner feedback has to say. This extensive comparison and evaluation led us to what we believe is the number one product in this category, the Estwing E45A, which makes a really good axe for camping, farming and hunting trips. This amazing product is equipped with a 4-inch cutting head that is more than large enough to make quick and efficient cuts. It is safe and easy to use because of its nylon vinyl grip handle designed with shock reduction capability that reduces shock by up to a whopping 70 percent, so you won’t get jarred by the strong impact of the axe against the object you’re cutting. The included embossed leather sheath provides a most effective and safe means of storage while keeping the blade protected as well. The popularity of the Estwing E45A can make the product easily run out of stock but we recommend getting only the second best option out there, the Gerber Gator Combo II 22-41420.



Comparison Table


Product Length Price Weight Material Our Rating Where to buy

Estwing MFG E45A

26 inch $$$$ 4.3 lbs Steel A+ AMAZON

Gerber Gator Axe II

15 inch $$$ <3 lbs Rugged forged steel A AMAZON

Estwing E44A

16 inch $$$ 2.9 lbs Steel B+ AMAZON

Estwing E24A

14 inch $$ 1.7 lbs All Steel B AMAZON

Gerber 31-000913

13.48 inch $$ 1.4 lbs Durable forged stee C AMAZON



Buying Guide


A camping knife is good enough for miscellaneous cutting but it will take a hardy lightweight camping axe to notch, chop, peg, shave, build a fire and do ridge poling on your tent. You will need a good quality camping axe for pretty much everything that uses wood around your camp. Now what exactly does a top quality camping axe have that others don’t?

1.Estwing E45A

A good axe head on its handle

The weight of the axe head is a vital consideration. Most guys want to wield the best camping axe for chopping with the heaviest head possible because it will produce more force when chopping. In cutting competitions, it is common to find ax heads weighing from six to even seven pounds because of that factor. However, for those just starting out and for everyday use, you will want the axe head to weigh no heavier than five pounds. A lot of experts suggest starting off with just a three-pound head on a full-size axe and a two-pound head on a boy’s axe. You can always bump up in weight as you get more experienced and stronger at using the implement.

You may indeed derive more force from a heavier axe head but this will compromise the accuracy in your swing. If you use a well-balanced small camping axe, it will be the weight of the head doing the work, so you won’t need to muscle through the task like you would to make up for lighter but oversized knife blades. Some camping axes are forged as a one-piece design with the handle and head inseparable, which can ensure long term durability. Others just come with a forged stainless head that won’t corrode or chip too easily several years down the road.


Premium handle material

The handle can be made of wood, metal, glass reinforced plastic or fiberglass, and rubber. Wood handles can be hickory or ash. Hickory, which is cheap, offers strength and the ability to withstand massive shock without getting cracked or split. It is specifically grown in the US and Canada as a crop for use in tool handles thanks to its superb resistance to splitting, shock and its extreme flexibility. Ash wood is a traditional material used in bows and tool handles especially axes and hammers, snooker cues and tennis racquets. A number of true hickory species offer higher shock resistance than any ash wood. Generally, wood is preferred despite the fact that it gets more easily damaged than other materials because it provides good shock absorbency and is easily replaced when damaged.

Metal may be too heavy for a large axe but is quite popular in some hatchets. The material tends to be heavy for the size and if bent, will be highly likely to be impossible to replace. Cheap axes have hollow metal shafts so be wary of those products. What you want is a solid bar if you prefer a metal handle. Rubber handles tend to be dodgy and springy despite providing a good non-slip grip.

As for fiberglass or glass reinforced plastic handles, bear in mind that there are good ones and there are bad ones. Good quality fiberglass handles boast the same shock reduction and flex as a wood handle. They generally offer greater durability than wood, and won’t crack, shrink or get loose. Good fiberglass handles enable you to leave the axe out in the weather without getting soaked or rotting. You can simply toss them in the back of an open bed truck without any worries. The bad glass reinforced plastic handles feel like a steel pipe handle that’s just welded on. They can cause many joint problems and are simply worthless. Poorly designed fiberglass handles are too heavy and aren’t ergonomic enough to fit your personal grip. They are not even available as replacements so replacing one is a huge problem. Handles carved to your personal grip are springy and reduce shock well while providing a grip you are familiar with.

2.Gerber Gator Combo Axe II

Good balance and suitable size for you

When you rest the tool across your hand while letting the shoulder to the neck just hang off your thumb and finger, the axe should feel perfectly balanced from the head to the toe of the handle being level. The bit and the pole should not even touch your hand. This is the kind of balance that makes an axe a delight to use.

In terms of size, a reliable camping axe will be a match to your arm. To determine this element, you need to hold the head of the axe with the bit or edge forward and tuck the haft into your armpit. The toe of the haft or handle should sit comfortably inside your armpit if you’re an adult male. This is recommended when measuring up a limbing axe. If you choose a smaller tool, all you need to ensure is a good alignment between the haft and the head to ensure good cutting efficiency. Hold the head in your hand and look straight down the bit to check if there’s perfect alignment of the bit along the handle and it points to the toe of the haft.



Top rated camping axes in 2019


There are plenty of camping axes on the market, so the seasoned camper or axe man can get overwhelmed as easily as any beginner. We strongly urge you to check out the buying tips in the guide above to help you along when shopping. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


Our recommendations


Estwing MFG E45A


4If you want a camper’s axe that can last a lifetime, this axe is the one you are looking for. It has a molded handle that is absolutely the most comfortable handle you can ever feel in an axe. It is perfect for splitting wood for kindling. Because it is light enough, you can comfortably use it even with single hand. Its solid handle and its sharp edge is makes it an extremely likeable axe model with superb quality and an amazingly affordable price.


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Gerber Gator Axe II Combo


2If you want a rugged feel to your camping axe, this gerber gator axe is definitely for you. Its forged head constructed of steel retains the blade edge. You will find its ling gator grip really good as you hold it. This results to a greater striking force through maximum grip. Even with its rugged built and compact construction, it is a pretty lightweight axe that you can bring for camping. Considering all its excellent features, there is no surprise it is the best camping axe in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($39.21)




MTech USA 


1.MTech USA Camping Axe

Shipped with a black nylon sheath for hassle-free storage and transport and user safety, the MTech USA camping axe has an 11-inch overall length that is easy to work with. This compact and easily portable product is equipped with a 3-inch, satin-finished stainless steel two-tone blade that resists chipping and corrosion and allows you to make precise cuts. The black rubberized handle is durable enough to withstand repeated, long-term use and provides a comfortable grip. Expect outstanding edge retention and hardness from the carbon-reinforced bit, which enables you to hack through dense undergrowth for hiking trips through the jungle. You’ll love chopping, ridgepoling, notching, shaving, pegging and working with wood using this axe.


Buy from Amazon for ($15.61)




Schrade SCAXE2L Survival 


2.Schrade SCAXE2L Survival

Lightweight at 3.2 pounds, the Schrade SCAXE2L Survival hatchet should be in any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection. It boasts a titanium-coated 3Cr13 stainless steel head made durable to resist corrosion and chipping and tough enough to do all sorts of tasks involving wood in the campsite. The lightweight black glass fiberfilled polyamide (PA) handle is fitted with a black thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip that ensures exceptional slip resistance even when held with slippery or wet hands. The hammer pommel enables you to break glass when needed or to strike objects without using a hammer. The ferro rod with lanyard is useful for fire building and can easily be stored in the handle. The axe comes with other useful accessories including a sharpening stone for on-the-go axe maintenance, and a polyester belt sheath for easy and convenient transport.


Buy from Amazon for ($37.72)




Estwing E44A


3This is one of the great solid steel tools that is manufactured by Estwing. This steel camper’s axe has excellent quality and balance. Like most of the camper’s axe in the market, it is forged in one combined piece. It is designed with an excellent shock reduction grip. It is a very solid and heavy axe. Unlike some axes made for a recreating camping trip, this one is designed for serious work. Some people still think it is big enough for many camping functions. It is extremely durable that is why it is considered as the best camping axe in 2019.


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Estwing E24A


Best Camping Axe ReviewsBeing a top model in the best camping axe reviews, this all steel hatchet is an excellent tool you can bring to your camping getaway. Its head and handle are forged in one piece, which is further polished with a genuine leather grip. Even with its overall metal construction, it is very light and great for light packing. Its edge is very sharp and it has a really good feel in the hand. You can easily sharpen it because its blade is thin.


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Gerber 31-000913 Sport Axe II


5The top rated camping axe in 2019 list also includes this Gerber high performance axe. It has an extremely durable forged steel body with a very sharp edge. The fiber made compact body is absolutely indestructible. It has perfect balance and a comfortable grip that allows you to make effective swings. It is conveniently portable because it is lightweight and compact. It is definitely an excellent choice considering weight and space issues.


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