If you’re here just to find the best camping hammock and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We want to help you find the best camping hammock out there, so to do this, we have gathered plenty of information about the top rated ones on the market. To achieve this end, we studied expert review sites, sales figures and even social media activity to prove the veracity of manufacturers’ claims. This comprehensive research led us to the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest, a US-made product that comes with extreme strength at a maximum capacity of 400 pounds, for solid support and unbeatable value for money. This model is solidly built throughout with superior quality materials including the aluminum wiregate carabiners, triple interlocking stitching along with breathable woven nylon construction. Made for years of use, this hammock features a nautical grade line with stainless steel snap links for safe securing to poles, trees, boat masts or even to the wall. If you want the best among the extreme cold camping hammocks on the market, this one’s for you.  Should the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest be unavailable, we recommend going for the second best camping hammock, the Clark NX-270.



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Offering the ultimate range of relaxation, camping hammocks are made lightweight and portable so those who love the outdoors or who just want a means of safe outdoor sleeping can indulge themselves to some rest and sleep without having to be on the damp ground. When looking at the camping hammocks for sale on the market, you need to take note of specific aspects in this kind of camping gear.

1.ENO Double Nest Hammock

Hammock Style

When buying a hammock, you must choose the one suitable for your lifestyle. There are a large variety of hammocks and they are available in any of five basic styles.

Typically made of cotton or polyester fabric, a Brazilian hammock has no spreader bar. The Brazilian style hammock is perfect for sleeping on whether it’s to replace a regular bed or just to take a snooze out on the patio. It can hold from one to two people. The Mayan hammock features a handwoven construction and can come in bright multicolor or a simple natural creamy white color. Also designed for sleeping on, a Mayan hammock acts like a cocoon with you inside while ensuring breathability. A Mayan hammock comes in a large size range so it works best for kids and their parents who want a fun time relaxing outdoors together.

Hammocks with spreader bars are American style camping hammocks. They are constructed of various materials including quilted, fabric, or traditional rope. Best for large men, these hammocks’ spreader bars keep it from enclosing its occupant in the hammock material. However, an American style hammock has a tendency to tip over because it can swing greater than hammocks without a spreader bar. It can hold from one to two people.

A quilted hammock is most likely the most comfortable there is on the market. This hammock style features polyfill stitched between two layers of fabric material, giving it a quilted appearance. It has spreader bars just like an American style hammock so it will be easy to get in and out of it. A quilted hammock is typically reversible so you basically get two hammocks for the price of one.

Considered an American classic, a rope hammock has spreader bars at each end and comes with a charming yet durable design that can liven up your outdoor space. The rope hammock is woven using cotton rope or tough polyester and is designed for lasting use.



A cotton hammock typically comes with a traditional and more natural look while being softer compared to one made of polyester. A cotton rope hammock tends to turn tan with sun exposure and a cotton fabric hammock is likely to fade with time, so you should either keep the hammock indoors or store it in the garage or shed when not in use. It is sensible to invest in a cotton hammock with sun shade to offer some form of protection for the fabric.

A hammock made of polyester is made more resistant to the elements compared to cotton ones. Using the latest in fabric technology, hammock manufacturers have thought of ways to make polyester achieve a level of softness unlike before. Polyester fabric hammocks have lower incidences of fading compared to cotton fabric ones. A good option would be polyester hammocks with rain fly or with mosquito nets.


Hammock Bed Size

Referring to the midsection area of the hammock, the hammock bed size is where you will be lounging and relaxing. This area doesn’t include the hammock ends and determines the width of the unit, so you’ll know if the hammock can hold just a single occupant or a family.

Made for an average-size adult, a single hammock comes with a bed size width of 39 to 50 inches and a length between 76 inches to 79 inches. A hammock with a double bed size can easily hold two average-size adults at once. The bed width is between 52 to 60 inches while the length is normally from 74 to 79 inches.

A matrimonial or queen-size hammock is perfect for two adults with average builds as well as for tall people, with its 69-inch width and 79-inch length. A hammock with family or king-size dimensions is quite large and can comfortably hold from two to three average size adults. It is made with larger dimensions of 79 inches width and 79 inches length.

2.Clark NX-270

Suspension Method

You can choose to hang your camping hammock on a universal hammock stand, which can accommodate different hammock styles. You can also hang the hammock on hammock posts. To increase the length of the hammock, hanging chains can be used for easy stretching between walls, posts or trees. A durable and dependable method of hammock suspension is via hanging springs that allow installation on a tree trunk, post or wall and provide flexion during movement of the hammock. Hanging the hammock between trees is best done using ropes or tree straps, which wrap around the tree.



Top rated camping hammocks in 2019


This buying guide is designed to help consumers make an easier choice from among the many products on the market. You have hundreds of options on camping hammocks, but we have found the following to be the perfect acquisition for any camping enthusiast.


Our recommendations


Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest


top rated camping hammock reviews Most of the top rated camping hammock reviews speak highly of the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest model, known for its solid structure and innovative design. The DoubleNest hammock permits two or three people combining around 400 pounds to sit in the 6-foot 8-inch wide surface. The model can be folded in the size of a grapefruit and has a quick and easy installation pattern. Made out of breathable woven nylon microfiber that ensures superior strength and resistance, the Eagles Nest Outfitters is a high quality way to sleep under nature’s gaze.


Buy from Amazon for ($66.64)




Clark NX-270


1.Clark NX-270

Made with built in rainproof tent, this US-made hammock uses American fabrics, which ensures you of superior quality and craftsmanship. Offering a comfort/ safety weight limit of 300 pounds, the Clark NX-270 is the most versatile tent you can get on the market, as it offers two functionalities in one. It features military-grade bed fabric that is mosquito resistant to keep you protected against bugs while sleeping. The full no-see-um netting can be left unzipped to the foot end and neatly stores in its own pocket. This four-season hammock serves you well whether in tropical settings or snowy conditions. The breathable WeatherShield zips over the netting to add an extra layer of protection from the elements.


Buy from Amazon for ($479)




Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro


Made out of 100% nylon and equipped with a reliable Grey No-See mosquito netting overhead, the Grand Trunk the Travel hammock is ideal for any camping trips, hikes or sleeping outdoors. It is so roomy and comfortable that you can even read a book in it and sleep with ease without feeling claustrophobic. The Grand Trunk has two interior storage pockets for small items and all you have to do once inside is to zip yourself with the double-sided zipper. This model certainly could be one of the best camping hammock 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($59.95)




Hammock Bliss Double


It comes as no surprise to see the Hammock Bliss Double receiving so many positive marks and feedback from the current top rated camping hammock reviews since the model combines in a smart way durability, comfort and efficiency. The Hammock Bliss double measures 80” by 118” meaning 6 foot 8 inch wide by 9 foot 10 inch long which is more than enough to ensure comfort and space for the inhabitant. Furthermore, the hammock is made out of 100% high grade nylon parachute silk that ensures a breathable and warm environment inside.


Buy from Amazon for ($13.01)




Texsport 14242 Wilderness


1.Texsport Wilderness HammockConstructed with a roof of 100% nylon, a bed of 100% cotton canvas and mesh walls of 100% cotton, this product offers genuine value for money. The affordable Texsport Wilderness Hammock is built with convenient mosquito netting, making it perfect for campers and hunters who might venture into mosquito country. Pests don’t have a chance to bite you thanks to the fully-enclosed, no-see-um cotton mesh shelter configured around the hammock. The rugged cotton canvas sleep surface offers a generous capacity to let you stretch in relaxed comfort in the wilderness. The hammock has a 250-pound weight capacity to accommodate average-sized users.


Buy from Amazon for ($38.39)




Clark NX-250 – Not Available


best camping hammockThe Clark NX-250 Four-Season model is considered to be the best camping hammock 2019, due to its solid design and great structure. The Clark NX-250 four-season camping hammock is designed out of military grade 100% mosquito-proof bed fabric that combines in a smart manner innovation with comfort. In addition, this hammock has an ample sil-nylon Rain Fly XL that protects the inhabitant from the weather conditions with ease. It is the ideal camping hammock for any environment, with six storage pockets hangs under the bed and a subtle insulation system needed to repel the cold.