In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best car subwoofer? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information about the best car subwoofers for sale by looking into claims in expert review sites and comparing what they say to actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D is incomparable because of its unparalleled performance and incredible bass. The state-of-the-art enclosure design supports the bass performance to exceed expectations. The polypropylene dust caps on the revolutionary Terminator subwoofers are made durable to withstand the rigors of most car trunks while being lightweight,  which makes it quite efficient in terms of power usage. With each subwoofer able to handle 200 watts RMS power, you can expect an exceptional 400 watts RMS power level for the entire enclosure. Providing the ideal solution for those who want to enhance their vehicle’s sound system with more bass, this model is the best car subwoofer for the money that delivers chest thumping bass without going over the top or breaking the bank. In the event that the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D runs out of stock, we don’t hesitate to recommend only the second best option that’s just as fantastic, the Dual Electronics BP1204.



Comparison Table


Product Speaker Size Price Output Power Voice Coils Our Rating Where to buy

Pioneer TS-W304R

12″ $$ 1300W 4 Ohm A+ AMAZON

Power Acoustik MOFO

15″ $$$$ 3000W Dual 2 Ohm A AMAZON

Kenwood Excelon Kfc-xw1200f

12″ $$$ 1400W Single 4 Ohm B+ AMAZON

Boss Audio P156DVC

15″ $$$$ 5000W Dual 4 Ohm C+ AMAZON

Pyle PLW10BL

10″ $ 600W Single 4 Ohm B AMAZON



Buying Guide


The best amplified car subwoofer reproduces low frequencies extremely well so you can put more oomph and pizzazz in your car music. Helping improve your overall listening experience, a good quality sub drives your car stereo’s sonic performance to unbelievable levels. Just how does a premium quality subwoofer do that?

1.MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D

It’s the best type for your needs.

If you’d rather build a personalized system for your car, component subs are your best bet. A component sub starts with just the speaker itself that you have to mount in a subwoofer box to ensure proper operation. You will also need an external amplifier to power the sub. Component subwoofers come in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 15 inches. Various models run on low or high power and in a selection of different boxes. You can choose from various voice coil and impedance configurations to match the design of your system.

A sub/enclosure off-the-rack combo offers an easy option. You can get an enclosed sub already pre-mounted into a custom-designed box for the component itself. This type of setup eliminates the need to buy an enclosure separately, while also reducing the work you need to do to design and build your system. Of course, there won’t be much choice on the box types and speakers available and you will still have to get an external amp to power the subwoofer.

If your preference is for space-saving systems, a powered sub is the best way to go. Powered subs come in convenient car subwoofer and amp packages,where a woofer and amplifier are already in an enclosure. The built-in amp means simplified car subwoofer installation with only a single piece of equipment to set up space for. Majority of powered subs carry a compact design so they won’t eat up plenty of space in your vehicle. Considered highly effective bass producers, powered subwoofers typically come with small amps that can disappoint some users with their sonic power if they seek nothing else but pure big bass.

Vehicle-specific subwoofers can be powered or unpowered. They are intended for installation in uncommon locations in different vehicles but often come color-matched to the interior of the vehicle. They don’t generate big-sounding bass but will prove to be adequate for the average listener’s needs while not being heavy on space.


Audio performance to blow your mind

A system that delivers the boom you seek should boast plenty of power. By power we mean RMS power ratings and not the cosmetic peak power ratings. Continuous power handling or output information is precisely provided through RMS ratings, which provide a more realistic means of quantifying output compared to mere peak power. Do bear in mind that the power output of your amplifier and the power handling of your subwoofer should be a match to prevent incompatibility issues.

Hand in hand with power comes sensitivity, which also contributes to high output. A subwoofer boasting a higher sensitivity rating will need less power to generate the same level of sound as a unit with a lower sensitivity rating. In addition, you’ll also want to look at the frequency range of the subwoofer, which gives you information on how low the unit can play. It is common to find 2-ohm, 8-ohm and dual voice coil subwoofers along with the popular impedance rating of 4 ohms.

Don’t let the foregoing information mislead you into thinking that the actual performance of the subwoofer only depends on these values, since audio output really depends on a lot more variables besides these. For instance, it can be influenced by the type of box it is mounted in.

2.Dual BP1204 12-Inch

Woofer features and enclosure type

The level of sound produced by the subwoofer is hugely influenced by the type of enclosure it’s mounted in. Sealed boxes generally provide the deepest and most accurate audio quality. For greater volume, you may opt for bandpass and ported enclosures. Subwoofers equipped with dual voice coils provide greater flexibility when wiring your car’s sound system. While most subwoofers come with a single voice coil setup, dual voice coil subwoofers utilize two independent voice coils that have their own separate connections while mounted on a single cylinder that is in turn connected to a common core. You can go for the biggest subwoofer you can find if space is not an issue and you seek nothing less than a system that plays genuinely loud and low. With that said, smaller models, when properly powered and mounted in the perfect enclosure, can generate plenty of awesome sound.

Enclosures can come with an exclusive kit that prevents subwoofer rattles while minimizing road noise for richer and boomier bass. Sound waves are slowed down inside the subwoofer box with polyester fiber box stuffing, resulting in a sub with bigger sonic volume and greater efficiency. A sub/amp combo or pre-loaded sub box can get power and signal via a speaker wire and amp wiring kit. This is aside from the necessary box building hardware for making your own subwoofer enclosure.



Top rated car subwoofers in 2019


vThere are plenty of car subwoofers on the market, which can give the average consumer or simple on-the-go music lover much to think about. We have designed the above buying guide to help you become a more informed buyer who can make the right choice. Furthermore, we have also showcased the best products below.


Our recommendations


MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D


1.MTX Audio Terminator Series

Housed in an enclosure that blends classic looks with contemporary styling, the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D delivers unparalleled sonic performance highlighted by unbeatable bass. The vented enclosure encases two 12-inch Terminator subwoofers, each delivering 200 watts RMS power for an awesome 400 watts RMS of power level. Make car rides more enjoyable every time thanks to the Spider Plateau Venting integrated into the subwoofers. This is an innovative mechanical cooling process that allows the components to refresh the air around the voice coil continuously for effective heat dissipation when on extended play. Made of extra-strong ⅝-inch medium density fiberboard (MDF), the enclosure offers more benefits than what other manufacturers provide with their ½-inch boards.


Buy from Amazon for ($149.95)




Dual Electronics BP1204


2. Dual BP1204

Want a futuristic element to boost your car’s sound system? The Dual Electronics BP1204 is equipped with a subwoofer enclosure that provides a light show to complement its impressive peak power of 1,100 watts and 600 watts of RMS power levels. The dual-chambered enclosure is designed to be durable while housing two DS Series 12-inch subwoofers. Enjoy the light show delivered by the patent-pending Illuminite bulb system for viewing through the plexiglass windows. This can make even the most ordinary-looking vehicle feel like a wonderland of music. Get easy and quick connection from your amplifier to the sub box via the input terminal cups, plus 12-volt inputs to run the Illuminite feature.


Buy from Amazon for ($169.99)







The MTX TNE212D is mounted inside a fantastic enclosure designed to deliver bass at astounding levels every time. This complete package includes the loaded MTX car subwoofer system, a Mono amplifier and a complete amp installation kit. The single terminal cup on the dual 12-inch sealed enclosure carries a final 2-ohm load to any connected amp. The polypropylene dust caps on the Terminator subwoofers are built tough to withstand the rigors of majority of vehicle trunks while being lightweight enough to move efficiently with less power involved. Each subwoofer handles 200 watts RMS power for a total power level of 400 watts RMS and 800 watts peak for the whole enclosure.


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Pioneer TS-W304R


Best Car SubwooferThe Pioneer TS-W304R subwoofer is an affordable unit that delivers big bass on just a small budget. This model boasts an updated look plus new features that ensure a more robust performance than ever before. It also offers an increase in power handling thanks to the impressive 1,300 watts maximum and 300 watts nominal power. The IMPP composite seamless cone woofer from Pioneer ensures delivery of powerful and accurate bass quality while ensuring minimization of distortion. A sealed or ported enclosure delivers even more awesome performance so you can enjoy your music on the go. The 6-Layer Copper Voice Coil ensures efficient energy transmission of the same current for better quality and output performance.


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Power Acoustik MOFO


best car subwooferIn the car subwoofer industry is a tight competition between brands so choosing one can be overwhelming. This model is considered to be one of the best car subwoofers in 2019 because of its high quality and durability. Capable of reproducing low frequencies and outstanding bass, this product will upgrade your music so you can enjoy every minute spent behind of the wheel. Unlike other subwoofers that can easily break, this one is designed in order to support a lot of power, RMS of 1700 watts. The cloth and paper composite, aluminum basket, the coated foam and metal frame distinguish it from the rest.


Buy from Amazon for ($159.89)




Kenwood Excelon Kfc-xw1200f


Most of the current charts and online statistics place the Kenwood Excelon Kfc-xw1200f car audio system among the best car subwoofers in 2019, known for its power and clarity in transmitting sounds. The Kenwood Excelon Kfc-xw1200f car audio system has a textured polypropylene cone with rubber surround, machine accurate mounting holes and high quality spring loaded terminals that maintain a clear sound and precise audio experience worth sharing with everyone present in the car. Furthermore, this model has multiple layers of high-grade glue that provides a long lifespan to the subwoofers.


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Boss P156DVC


Considered by passionate car lovers as one of the best car subwoofers in 2019, New Boss P156DVC model comes equipped with a powerful pair of Boss 15” 5000W subwoofers and dual 15” sub box enclosure that can deliver an impressive 2500 watt each and 1250 watt RMS with dual 4 Ohm voice coils. This is a solid step in the clarity of music and the force of the bass, making your audio system something more, a special way to deliver your favorite music to your friends or family members.


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Pyle PLW10BL


Most of the current top rated care subwoofer reviews conducted on effectiveness and audio sharpness underline the positive functionality of the Pyle PLW10BL 10-inch 600 watt model, known for its durability and strength. This car subwoofer is equipped with Blue CD wave electro-plated cone, 4 ohms impedance, SPL: 86.7 dB, Wide Butyl rubber surround w/new pattern, 70 oz. magnet structure that maintains a clear audio frequency within any context. The Pyle PLW10BL brings a touch of elegance in the interior of your car, while also strengthening its audio enjoyment.


Buy from Amazon for ($25.66)





Products which are no longer available



Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series


With a sleek and modern design the Legacy LWF8X, from the highly acclaimed “L” series, allows the user to expand his audio system power, making room for powerful and clear sounds. The Legacy LWF8X car subwoofer has a strong 300 watts maximum power capacity which is more than enough for a solid audio experience every time you press play. Furthermore, this car audio subwoofer comes with a poly cone 1.5” kapton voice coil, 50 oz magnet structure and also a mounting depth 3.31W that make the Legacy model receive positive feedback from the current top rated care subwoofer reviews.



Dual BP1204 


Driving in your car while listening to music with a high quality audio system is always pleasant. To upgrade your car`s audio system I propose to you one of 2019`s most popular car sobwoofers, the Dual BP1204. The design is special having blue illumination with plexiglass windows. The sound it produces is of high quality, making your all time favorite songs sound even better. The acustic chamber is computer-tuned enhancing the output efficiency. Therefore the Dual BP1204 is a definite plus to your car`s audio system and to the overall enjoyment level of your car ride.



Hifonics HFX12D4


In respects to quality, efficiency and sound clarity it seems that one of the best car subwoofers in 2019 is the Hifonics HFX12D4 12” 800W, compatible with any car and audio system characteristics. The particularities of this car subwoofer place it among the top products currently available on the market, letting the user enjoy a powerful sound of 800 watts with impedance of 4 ohm. Furthermore, the model has integrated one piece poly cotton spider and also DVC 4 ohm high-temp KSV voice coils that maintains clarity in sound and also sustains only good music to erupt every time you press play.