If you’re here just to find the best car swivel seats and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about the best car swivel seats by looking at ratings in various medical gear reviews and actual owner feedback. Thankfully, our extensive research and product comparisons led us to what we consider the best one on the market, the Sojoy iGelComfort. It comes with memory foam material that helps relieve back and hip strain. This product ensures you are safely in your seat with its revolutionary non-slip design as well as innovative 360-degree pivot capability to work with your body and not against it. Equipped to make getting on and off a chair or seat easy, this model also has a machine-washable cover for easy maintenance. If the Sojoy iGelComfort is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the VIVE 028841241345 as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


If you have limited mobility, nothing beats the functionality of a swivel seat cushion to help you overcome the limitations of your condition. A swivel seat cushion enables differently-abled people to get out of or leave a seat without the need to pivot their body. How can you tell if you have a high-rating product in the best car swivel seats reviews?


The reason for the invention of this type of product is simple: to allow those who can’t move their body freely, like people with physical disabilities, to leave a seat or chair in a less awkward position. When you get off a chair in an awkward stance, this could cause you to fall to the floor or worse, hit something on the way up.

Therefore, a quality car swivel seat should pivot with you at a full 360 degrees to enable effortless use. This enables you to get in and out of any seat without the need for assistance from other people.

A quality car swivel seat requires minimum effort on the part of the user to leave a seat unaided. It increases your mobility while seated and rotates to help preserve the integrity of your back by preventing unnatural twisting movements.

The product should encourage effortless swiveling in your seat while minimizing back and hip pain when you need to exit your car or get up from a chair. Some products can even be used on bucket seats and make it effortless to swing your legs in the proper direction.



The car swivel seat cushion should provide soft, customized comfort during use. Most products come with a memory foam material that conforms to the shape of your buttocks and prevents back and hip strain by encouraging a natural pivoting motion when you prepare to leave the seat or chair.

Most products offer the benefit of a contouring capability that provides a natural cushion for the rear and relieves pressure points when moving in the chair or seat.

A good-quality product minimizes the sensitivity of pressure points that can be a source of pain. Those who suffer from chronic pain know how any extra movement can easily give rise to discomfort.

The cushion minimizes the pressure on your back that can be attributed to twisting and turning that might be needed when getting out of the chair or seat.

Regardless the material it is made off, the swivel seat cushion should prevent strain to the body. Most importantly, it should support your entire body weight so check the weight specifications on the product before purchase.


Easy use

A full 360-degree pivoting design ensures easy use, especially for those with limited mobility. Getting in and out of a car seat or a chair should require no drastic twisting and swinging of the entire body.

The product should be suitable for use in chairs, cars, and wheelchairs. Look for products made with a velour cover that keeps the cushion cool and comfortable. The cover on the cushion should be removable and machine-washable in cold setting, then tumbled dry on low heat.

The seat should be made with a durable, plastic, anti-slip base design to allow swiveling without causing users to fall to the floor accidentally. It should be lightweight to ensure easy portability. The cushion should fit into almost any seat.



Top Rated Car Swivel Seats in 2019


The market for car swivel seats is a growing one, and this makes the purchasing decision more complicated for the first-time buyer. Hopefully, the above buying guide will enable you to make a more informed decision. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.


Our recommendations


Sojoy iGelComfort


The Sojoy iGelComfort is a product of ingenuity designed for those with limited mobility. It enables those confined to a wheelchair or those who suffer from hip and back pain to move in and out of their seats more easily while preventing accidental falls from a seated position.

The memory foam material of this product ensures body contouring capability while preventing back and hip strain. Designed to keep you safely in your seat, this product is geared to pivot 360 degrees with your body so getting out of the seat is effortless even for those with limited mobility. No need to twist the hips and back unnaturally just to get to a standing position.

This product makes it easy and comfortable to leave your chair and prevent accidental falls that could also result in more injury. At just 3.8 pounds, this product is portable and lightweight to allow easy carrying and positioning on the seat.

The cushion measures 16.5 by 16.5 by 3 inches to provide enough space for you to sit on. Its cover is both removable and machine-washable to ensure effortless maintenance so the cushion remains looking clean and good as new. No need to get a replacement cover after the one on the product becomes dirty.

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VIVE 028841241345


The VIVE swivel seat boasts high-quality construction to give you dependable functionality and service. The product comes with an extremely comfortable foam material that has a contouring capability to help prevent strain on the hip and back when getting out of a seated position.

This versatile cushion ensures you are safely in your seat and pivots as well to follow the natural movement of your body when you have to leave your seat. It rotates a full 360 degrees to ensure superior ease of use.

The contouring foam is encased in a machine-washable cover to enable you to maintain the seat’s neat, clean look. No need for scrubbing or using special detergents as the cover is machine-washable.

This is a versatile cushion that facilitates easy in-and-out of a wheelchair, car seat or chair. It is ideal for non-contoured seats or those with a flat surface.The non-skid surface offers safety in use

The contouring foam also offers supreme comfort, so you don’t feel pain in your rear after prolonged sitting. You will love how the foam material follows the shape of your body without being too plush or too hard. It also feels cool while avoiding any hip or back strain.

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Drive Medical RTLAGF-300


Designed to facilitate easy in-and-out of a wheelchair, car seat or chair, the Drive Medical RTLAGF-300 is a swivel seat that lets you turn up to 360 degrees easily. It offers a comfortable seating area for people who suffer from hip and back pain or have limited mobility.

Durable yet superbly lightweight at just 3.25 pounds, this swivel car seat is comfortably portable, so that it can be brought along during travel for use in the car or to other places away from home. It also provides a stable seating surface, so those who can’t really move that much do not have to worry about falling off a chair.

Engineered to make it easy to assume a standing position from a seated one, this cushion features a diameter of 15.625 inches to provide a cool and comfortable spot for you to sit on. The soft velvet cover provides a neat look around the polyester foam cushioning that ensures padded comfort.

The non-slip base ensures stability and durability. Getting in and out of your seat has never been easier even if you can’t move that much like those who do not have any disability. This product offers a generous weight capacity of 300 pounds to provide adequate support for average-sized individuals.


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