We are aware how doing your own search for the best car vacuum cleaner can turn out to be one of the most tedious things you can do. That is why we wrote this short paragraph to help more consumers become more informed buyers. While doing our own research on this product category, we have evaluated some of the popular options on the market based on quality and value. According to consumer preferences, the light and ergonomically designed Dyson V6 makes a good choice because it offers three times the power compared to any other handheld model in use. The powerful Dyson digital motor runs up to three times faster than conventional motors, which, combined with the machine’s two-tier radial cyclones, increases the airflow and even makes the unit capable of capturing fine dust. Suitable for car cleaning, especially for the upholstery, footwells, and underneath car seats, the Dyson V6 tends to run out of stock easily but there’s still the second best option, the MIDEA Eureka 71B.



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It can be a huge hassle to drag your household vacuum cleaner across the driveway just to clean your car seats and then realize that the cable length won’t allow you to reach the car. This is where such specialized pieces of equipment as the best car cordless vacuum cleaners is handy. Now what makes a car vacuum cleaner the best option for the job?

1.Dyson V6 Trigger

Suitable functionality and reliable cleaning power

The amount of suction power that a cordless car vacuum cleaner has is determined by the level of suction power it delivers. While some car vacs boast superb suction power, others are not quite as stellar. Powerful car vacuum cleaners can even be used on other areas that require cleaning outside of your car, such as the floor of your garage. You will want high performance cyclonic action for the machine to sufficiently provide superior cleaning performance and detailing work. Do remember that the battery life has a lot to do with the suction power of your cordless machine.

In addition to battery life, amperage is another primary point to think about. You can expect high suction power from a machine with high ampere rating. Power rating can range from 12V, which is about the same as what a home vacuum cleaner is equipped with. At full charge, a 12-volt car vacuum should provide a maximum of 30 minutes cleaning without using up all the juice from your car battery.

Make sure the car vac can clean all the debris and dirt from your vehicle. An important aspect of car vac design is the included attachments. Don’t forget to check out a car vacuum cleaner with adequate reach along with added attachments such as a long enough hose. Go for units that have an ergonomic design to ensure comfort so you won’t experience quick onset of fatigue when cleaning your vehicle.



Portability that befits your car

A cordless portable vacuum cleaner is perfect for on-the-go cleaning of your car. Your car may be for personal or family use, but your car vacuum cleaner should be easily stowable inside your trunk or in the back of your car. If you use your car for commercial purposes, you will need to touch it up by cleaning it a bit before using it to pick up passengers. A portable machine allows clean-and-go functionality. That being said, a larger cleaning machine is still the device to use for once-a-week cleaning.

The ideal size to get for your car vacuum cleaner will depend on the dimensions of your car, especially its interior measurements. Go for a larger, heavier machine if you’re cleaning an entire family van, as an entry-level unit will be unable to handle the messes that toddlers tend to leave in your car, such as cereals and snacks and all sorts of messes. With more trash in your vehicle on a regular basis, there’s a need for a more heavy-duty machine. You may even have to really use a full-size bagless vacuum cleaner just to handle the task.

2.Black & Decker PAD1200

Reliable charge duration and battery life

All cordless vacuum cleaners run on batteries but this does not mean you should not expect too much on battery life. On the contrary, it is sensible to expect a longer battery life even on such a small device as a cordless car vac. This will ensure reduced interruption to your cleaning task. The device should preferably have a battery life indicator such as an LED display so you are not caught in the middle of a cleaning session with a dead battery. The battery life indicator allows you to do prompt charging. The battery should hold a charge for a long time.



Top rated car vacuum cleaners in 2019


The market for car vacuum cleaners may be one of the smallest in the vacuum cleaner industry, but there’s no shortage of choices on machines to help the car owner make an easy choice, or complicate the buying process depending on your perspective. We hope the buying guide above will be a great complement to consumer reports about this kind of equipment so you can become a more educated consumer. We have also showcased the best products available below to help you even more.


Our recommendations


Midea Eureka 71B


When it comes to vacuum cleaners the Eureka model reunites the latest installments when it comes to efficiency and professionalism. This ultra-modern vacuum cleaner is a very powerful electronic device designed to eliminate all the dirt, dust or other elements that might prove inconvenient in the car. The Eureka Hand-held vacuum cleaner has a 20 foot cord just right for you to clean all the areas of the vehicle fast. With a powerful cleaning effect of 5.5 amps, the Eureka model can remove dirt from the cushions of the car or from those hard to reach places. The Eureka hand-held device has definitely earned a spot among the best car vacuum cleaners in 2019.


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Dyson V6


1.Dyson V6 Trigger

Powered by a highly capable digital motor from Dyson, the Trigger offers superior cleaning performance in a sleek and portable package. The device may just have small dimensions of 10 x 16.3 x 6.1 inches but it boasts revolutionary two-tier radial cyclones to consistently deliver higher amount of airflow and to effectively capture more dust in your car. Offering up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted suction, this cleaning machine offers battery power genuinely designed for cleaning. Set it at the maximum power mode to get 8 minutes of greater suction for more challenging cleaning tasks. The ergonomic design of the vac is made to fit precisely in your hand.


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Black & Decker PHV1810


Best car vacuum cleaners 2019Looking for the best cleaning instrument for the interior of your car can be difficult given the number of products available on the market. To help you out, we recommend the Black & Decker pivot vac 18V cordless hand vacuum cleaner  as it is the most effective device capable of thoroughly cleaning the inside of your car. This cordless 2-speed cleaner is small, quiet and very easy to use in various conditions. The 18 volts of power and the high performance motor with cyclonic action, enables the user to clean fast and without any problems. Seen as one of the best car vacuum cleaners in 2019, the Black & Decker pivot vac provides high quality results every time you turn it on.


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Black & Decker PAD1200 Flex


2.Black & Decker PAD1200

Exceptionally lightweight at 4 pounds, the Black & Decker PAD1200 Flex is a delight to use with its sleek dimensions of 12.5 x 7 x 9.8 inches. Easy to carry and position while cleaning the interior of your car, this car vacuum cleaner comes with a four-foot flexible hose that enables easy reach in high places and tight spaces of your vehicle for top-to-bottom car cleaning. Precisely engineered for detailing, this machine delivers extremely reliable cyclonic action to capture all the dirt and mess in your car. The unit ships with a flip nozzle with brush plus a narrow crevice tool to help you achieve showroom-worthy cleaning results.


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Dyson DC34


best car vacuum cleanerPowered by a Dyson digital motor, this convenient hand-held vacuum is up to three times more powerful than conventional vacuums. It just amazes me how its portability and convenience make it efficient. Without a loss of suction, the Dyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum can be recharged three times faster and even has a dual power mode, giving me 15 minutes of constant high suction or 6 minutes of MAX mode. Weighing 2.9 lbs., this is just perfect for tough cleaning jobs. Its hygienic bin is clear, making it easier for me to see it when it’s full, or how much dirt I have gathered from cleaning.


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Black & Decker FHV1200


The current top rated vacuum cleaner reviews underline the efficiency and professionalism of the Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex vacuum cordless cleaner. The model is ideal for car cleaning and it can easily maintain the level of cleanliness you want for your vehicle. The FHV1200 cleaner has a high performance motor that uses a 3-stage filtration system for a clean air exhaust. The basic package of the Black & Decker FHV1200 includes a charger, storage caddy and also a solid dishwasher-safe filter. These features make sure that the unit is all  you need for cleaning all the tight spots of the car.


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Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa


Top rated car vacuum cleaners in 2019Current detailed top rated vacuum cleaner reviews underline the efficiency and professionalism embedded in the Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa bagless auto vacuum model. With a 120 volt design that makes use of 55- watts of pure cleaning power, the Carrand vacuum cleaner helps the user to have a vehicle free of dirt, dust or other unwanted elements. Furthermore, with the 360 degree pivoting elbow and a 40 inch flexible vacuum hose, the Carrand cleaner allows easy access to all the tight spots inside the car without any problems.


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Products which are no longer available



Wagan 2326


The Wagan 2326 vacuum cleaner is easy to use and can quickly clean large areas of the vehicle without any problems or restrictions. You plug the device into the cigarette lighter so that you don’t need additional elements to get it charged. The Wagan vacuum cleaner has a 14 feet power cord which enables the user to get all the places within the car. The mobility provided by this cleaning device enables you to get into all the tight spots which are very hard to reach and clean.



Euroflex HO55 Monster


This portable hand vacuum can also be converted to a heavy-duty stick vacuum for cleaning the floors and carpets.  It also has a washable bagless hand vac filter system. Built to provide high performance and style, the Euroflex Hand Vacuum is capable of delivering uttermost versatility and convenience. This model is appreciated by many of the best car vacuum cleaners reviews because it provides loads of functionality in an affordable and portable package. The package also includes a main floor tool, pet-hair tool, and crevice tool; along with a two extension tubes, and a carry bag.