How to Buy One of the Best Cash Boxes


Buying one of the top rated cash boxes in 2019 is a serious investment. There are many models on the market today, but customers need to assess their needs and preferences before choosing a unit over another. Cash drawers are used by a large variety of businesses, such as restaurants, kiosks and retails stores. Some boxes can be connected to automatic systems which open them when a purchase takes place. Simple models can be used for carrying or storing money.

In order to better estimate the features you might be looking for, we recommend reading the best cash box reviews.



Cash boxes can be split up into two categories: standard and heavy duty models. Frequently operating the drawers will inevitably damage the overall aspect, and a used cash box will sometimes be prone to malfunctioning. Even the ones that are strictly utilized to transport valuables can deteriorate in time, if buyers operate them very often.

A sturdy and dependable unit is a must for busy businesses. On the other hand, since heavy duty drawers cost more money than their standard counterpart, it’s up to the buyer to assess the machine’s frequency of use.



When it comes to interface, there are basically three types of cash boxes out there. Some can connect to the receipt printer and open up automatically at the exact time of a purchase, while others can connect to a POS computer.

Manually driven models still exist, but they are considered somewhat unsafe compared to their automatic counterparts. Most large retail stores use the serial driven models, while kiosks rely on utilizing the manually driven ones. Yet again, classic cash boxes require no operating system and no connectivity, which is why they are cheaper than the ones used in retail shops.



Security is an important part of working with money. This is why some cash box models come with media slots. This feature generally allows the operator to introduce checks and/or bills without opening up the drawers. This is a useful extra for POS systems that control the box, thus giving a limited amount of freedom to the operator. This feature is rarely present in simple cash boxes.

Some of the best cash boxes of 2019 will inevitably come with inserts. These allow users to customize the space of the drawers, by inserting or removing coin or cash trays.


Top Rated Cash Boxes in 2019


Since a little research never hurt anyone, we recommend you take the time to go over the best cash box reviews. These will help you find out the exact opinions customers have about certain models that you might be interested in purchasing. The following three models can be used by people interested in storing money without needing to connect the box to a register.


Steelmaster 2216194G2 Tiered Cash Box


1.STEELMASTER Tiered Cash BoxIf you want to keep your money safe, you clearly can’t go wrong with this cash box. It is true that it is a little more expensive compared to other models out there, but its features make up for a higher price.

The unit is made of durable materials and weighs in at 6.1 ounces, unlike other models that are more lightweight. In spite of its weight, one of the notable advantages of buying and using this box is that it works perfectly even when it’s connected to a computer.

The Steelmaster model is composed of 4 compartments destined for bills and 6 smaller-sized ones that can be used for coins. As is the case with other products belonging to the line, this one features a recessed handle that assists users in carrying the box.

Let’s see what customers had to say about their experience with this model. The item has gathered some of the best cash box reviews. Most buyers emphasized the fact that the product offers good value for the money. Some people have complained about its small size and about the dimension of the bill slots, while others spoke highly about how well made the box is.

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Sparco SPR15500 Cash Box


2.Sparco Cash BoxThis is a larger-sized cash box. It is composed of 10 compartments, which can be used efficiently for storing both small change and bills. Users can customize the drawers to their heart’s content. Unlike other models belonging to the same line, this Sparco product has 5 larger-sized compartments for bills.

The weight of the item is on the friendly side, allowing users to comfortably carry their valuables around with only 4.7 pounds.

Yet another plus of owning the model is the fact that it comes with steel hinges, which is a rare feature in cash boxes, since there are many units that have plastic hinges.

The only apparent disadvantage when it comes to purchasing the model is its list price, which is usually around $100.

The Sparco has gathered some of the best cash box reviews, with people claiming it is sturdy and dependable. The only noteworthy complaint of some individuals is related to the size and the weight of the model, but these two characteristics may prove to be advantageous for some other buyers. Some customers might be looking for some more space than others.

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First Alert 3026F Cash Box


3.First Alert 3026F Cash BoxThis is one of the most dependable models on the market, which is one of the reasons why it has been named the best cash box of 2019. It is one of the most popular units on Amazon, and that comes as no surprise considering it’s made of sturdy steel. As for the space, the model comes with 6 compartments that are fully removable, according to the needs of the users.

If you need to transport a sum of money from one place to another, you can do so thanks to this cash box, as it features a carrying handle. Buyers can store coins in the 7 compartments specifically designed for small change and bills in the 4 spring-loaded compartments. The item has a weight of only 4 pounds.

The manufacturers are offering a 90-day warranty with this product.

With more than 150 5-star reviews, it would not be far-fetched to say that this is one of the most appreciated models out there. Customers speak highly of the lock featured by the box, and some buyers even claim they’ve used the model as a personal safe. However, some individuals were unimpressed with the design of the unit.

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