If you’re here just to find the best cat food for hairballs and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cat food for hairballs on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Purina ONE Hairball Formula is the best because of its great health benefits. The kibble contains 100% chicken, with zero fillers, and it is a great source of protein. It also contains natural fiber to reduce hairballs and the content of Omega 6 will reflect in the cat’s shiny healthy coat. If the Purina ONE Hairball Formula is unavailable, you could also consider the Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 as the second best option.



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Cats are notorious for their grooming habits, and they spend a lot of time every day licking their own fur, which is why it always looks so smooth and shiny. However, while most hair ingested in this manner is passed through the digestive system without a problem, from time to time, hairballs can form and these can cause some problems for the cat. Vomiting hairballs is nothing unusual for both short hair and long hair breeds, although it tends to be more problematic for felines with longer hair. As a pet owner, what you can do to limit such problems is to regularly brush your cat’s coat. However, there is an extra solution to consider: hairball cat food formulas that take care of this problem, by promoting a healthy digestive system. See below what the top cat foods recommended by vets have in common when it comes to eliminating hairballs the natural way.

High content of dietary fiber

Just like humans’ health, cats’ health depends on a digestive system that works as it should. The number one reason why hairballs get vomited back instead of being passed through the digestive tract is the inability of the digestive system to move it through the bowels in a timely manner. The best advice is to have your cat eat enough fiber, but, since felines tend to prefer meat as their first and only course, it is not exactly possible to feed your furry companion beans and peas. So, what you should do is to go for a cat formula made for eliminating hairballs that has some content of dietary fiber.

This way, your cat will have a healthier gut and it will deal less and less with annoying hairballs. The best cat food for constipation is usually rich in dietary fiber, so you may want to keep this in mind when you are shopping for a new formula.


High quality protein

Although you may find that there are plenty of cat food formulas on the market designed specifically for eliminating hairballs, not all are the same. What you need to buy is a top quality formula that contains one primary source of protein, with no fillers. No cat will be able to live healthy and happy, if the food they eat every day is loaded with preservatives and other substances that are difficult to digest by their sensitive stomach. Think in terms of 100% protein cat foods, since these are the only ones that will keep your pet well fed and properly cared for.

Chicken is often preferred by top of the line cat food manufacturers because it is a lean source of protein and it ensures your cat gets all it needs in its nutrition, without gobbling down on unnecessary fat.


No grains

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for a cat food formula for hairballs is that it should contain no grains. The best cat food for sensitive stomach contains zero grains, as it is believed that cats have a hard time digesting grains and it may even been a major cause of frequent vomiting. Especially cats with frequent episodes of regurgitating hairballs should be switched to a grain free diet, for this reason.



Top Rated Cat Food for Hairballs in 2019


The best cat foods for hairballs currently available are showcased below.


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Purina ONE Hairball Formula 


The best cat food for hairballs, according to many experts and cat lovers, is the Purina ONE Hairball Formula. Making sure that all the dietary needs of your cat are met in each delicious ratio of kibble, this formula is designed to help your furry friend thrive and lead a healthy life.

The protein source is represented by 100% chicken, with zero fillers, so that your cat will enjoy nothing but the best. A concentrated content of 38 grams of protein in each cup of kibble ensures your cat has everything it needs in order to grow strong muscles and bones.

Why is this formula working so well for hairballs? You may ask. Its content of natural fiber makes sure that the hairballs, even when formed, are passed through the digestive tract with ease, so they are not regurgitated back, causing discomfort for your cat.

The Omega 6 content is included for giving your cat healthy skin and a shiny coat you will be proud of, as a cat owner. The kibble has another great quality; because it is so crunchy, it helps reducing plaque, so your cat will not suffer from bad teeth later in life.

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Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 


The ROYAL CANIN INTENSE HAIRBALL 34 is a cat food formula designed after thorough research on what happens to cats who lead most of their lives indoors. It seems that artificial lighting, as well as constant temperature, is not that good for a cat’s coat, so it is not unusual for house pets to lose more hair than those living outside.

While your cat may enjoy its life to the max living with you, as a pet owner, you need to be responsible for its health problems and discomfort. Cats that shed more hair are more likely to deal with hairballs, so regular brushing and feeding them a formula designed specifically for eliminating hairballs are two things you can easily do.

The top cat food ratings and reviews praise this particular formula for its great combination of fibers whose main purpose is to promote intestinal transit; this way, hairballs are eliminated and your cat will experience less vomiting and discomfort. Another great benefit of this formula is that its specific nutrients have the ability to trap calcium, in order to avoid tartar build up. Overall, your cat will enjoy better health, when fed with this formula.

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Wellness Complete Health 


Another alternative to the foods presented above is the Wellness Complete Health. This is another formula designed for eliminating pet hair from the digestive system in a natural manner. It does not matter if hairballs are already formed; they will be eliminated with the same efficiency as smaller clamps of hair, so that your cat can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable life.

This formula is not focused only on hairball elimination, although it is one of its greatest benefits. It is a complete formula that promotes overall health and wellbeing for your pet. The protein source is represented by chicken and the formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals for maximum health, as well as natural fiber for a healthy digestive tract. Made from only natural ingredients, this cat food will not trigger allergies, and it will not cause any problem to your cat’s health.

It must also be noted that it contains no grains, artificial substances, or meat byproducts. If you have been looking for a premium cat food formula, this may be exactly what you need. With its zero grain content and made with premium quality ingredients, it is guaranteed to help your cat lead a healthier, happier life.

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