Keeping your cat satisfied is not an easy task, as felines are known to be extremely picky and hard to please. Apart from keeping your cat entertained all day long, indoor cats also tend to be less active, so they are prone to gaining weight. Thus, maintaining a strict yet delicious diet is a must. If you are looking for the best cat food for indoor cats, our short paragraph will help you easily pick the best products available on the market. So, after going through numerous online reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Hill’s Science Diet Indoor is the best option because it offers the perfect balance of ingredients for cats of all ages and life stages. Besides, it was clinically proven to provide antioxidant benefits, and it promotes a healthy and gentle digestion. If the Hill’s Science Diet Indoor is not available for sale, we do suggest choosing the second best product in the line, the Goodlife Recipe Adult Dry Food.



Buying Guide


Shopping for the best cat food for indoor cats could prove quite a difficult process, especially since there are plenty of possibilities available for sale. And, while we cannot vouch for any product as the best indoor cat food, we did gather a few things you might consider when looking for good cat food for indoor cats.

Package convenience

Although buying more is always the cheapest solution, when it comes to cat food it may not be the right one. Wholesale products are known to be cheaper in the long term, but let’s face it – how many important brands store their products in super large packages?

Usually, the food types you will find in large packages are of lower quality, hence the cheaper price as well. So we do suggest keeping that in mind when searching for the right type of food for your cat.

If you don’t want to become broke after one month of feeding your cat only gourmet food, you can always opt for a varied diet, combining both fresh meat-based dishes with dry, store-bought food. This will definitely diminish the monthly price you will end up paying while still maintaining high and healthy food standards for your cat.

As a general rule, we also suggest looking for smaller food packages because the food maintains fresh for longer. Smaller food bags of 4 – 7 pounds will finish earlier while still offering fresh food for each serving, as opposed to 20-pound bags that will take several months to finish.


Variety of options

After reading the best cat food reviews we concluded that no two cats are the same, hence the variety of eating habits and personal preferences. Cats are known to have bossy and strong personalities, so don’t expect them selling themselves short, especially in the food field.

Thus, it is extremely important for the cat to have a variety of food options to choose from the same brand or manufacturer. Most companies only offer the basic options of chicken and salmon or fish, but there are so many other available possibilities you should explore.

We strongly recommend looking for brands also selling tuna, shrimp, turkey, ocean fish, salmon, or liver pate formulas for a diversified diet. This will maintain your cat’s interest in the special daily menu while still providing all the right vitamins, nutrients, and minerals required for a healthy immune system, healthy and strong bones and teeth, and more.


Carefully selected ingredients

Another important aspect to look after is the selected ingredients contained in the formula. Lower-quality foods massively base their formulas on wheat, corn, and soy, which don’t provide any healthy nutrients and are merely considered as empty calories due to their zero nutritional values.

Thus, you should mainly consider products with high intakes of proteins, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins, and calcium. The proportion in which these ingredients are found in the final product is also important, so look for products selling whole pieces of meat or fish.

Carbohydrates should not be avoided either as they will help maintain your cat happy and playful, but since we are talking about indoor cats, watch out for the daily intake of carbs. Indoor cats are known to be lazier and more prone to obesity and other health problems related to weight gaining.



Top Rated Cat Foods for Indoor Cats in 2019


Out of all the products available for sale online and offline, we think the following three are among the top recommended choices of this year.


Our recommendations


Hill’s Science Diet Indoor


What we like most about this product is that it is available for all group ages, meaning you can stick to only one type of food no matter the development stage of your kitten. You can choose between the kitten, adult, adult 7+, and adult 11+ assortments of food, depending on the age of your cat and its specific age needs.

The product is made using top-quality, natural ingredients and is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to promote a healthy immune system. The clinically proven antioxidant benefits of this food will keep your cat looking and feeling fabulous day by day.

Another great aspect of this food is that it doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, to avoid the risk of allergies or triggering potential health problems in the future.

According to the manufacturer, the HIll’s Science Diet dry cat food is specifically created not only to meet the nutritional needs for a balanced diet but also contribute to a good digestive system. The added fibers will help you, as well, in making the litter box cleanup easier and faster.

Last but not least, you can choose from a handful of mouthwatering tastes, including chicken, salmon, tuna, and other ocean fish.

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The Goodlife Recipe Adult


We like that this product comes in multiple package sizes, depending on your needs and budget. You can choose the 3.5-pound bag or go big with the 22-pound bag if you want to save a trip to your pet shop for the following couple of months.

The product is specially designed to meet the needs of indoor cats and is enriched with high-quality ingredients such as farm-grown fresh fruits and veggie accents for a delicious taste your cat will absolutely going to adore.

This food is also made with wholesome brown rice, which is an important source of carbohydrates that will keep your cat playful and happy every day. In addition, the product doesn’t contain any soy or wheat so you can rest assured there won’t be any empty calories providing zero nutritional elements.

The real chicken is the number one ingredient on the list which provides an important source of proteins to keep your cat’s immune system and muscles strong.

If you’re not keen on serving your cat chicken every day, you can always opt for the salmon package, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and fish oils.

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Natural Balance Ultra Canned


Out of the three products reviewed, this one has the largest number of options available when it comes to a delicious taste. The formula is specifically designed to meet the needs of indoor cats but you can always choose from different flavors, depending on your cat’s preferences.

Chicken and liver, tuna with shrimp, turkey and giblets, ocean fish, and a salmon formula are some of the brand’s most popular choices of cat food, and each of them is packed with delicious pieces of real meal and contains an important source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For instance, the crude protein mass is 9% of the product, sufficient to keep your cat healthy and its fur shiny.

The storage pack is not the most convenient though, as it only comes in small packages of 3 ounces and 5.5 ounces. This means that if your cat is used to these gourmet treats, you will have to restock it quite often.  

The price of this product is also quite inhibitive, but you have to pay for good quality ingredients. If you don’t plan on breaking your piggy bank anytime soon, we suggest you keep this type of food as a weekly treat and opt for more affordable products for daily-basis meals.

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