How to Buy the Best Cat Litter


Cat litter is an important pet oriented product, because it helps maintain your home clean and odorless, even if your cat sees about her business inside. Various types of cat litter are available, and, based on your preferences – and, of course, your cat’s – you can choose between clumping/non-clumping, scented/non-scented, and many other aspects that may be of interested to you. Reading plenty of best cat litter reviews is highly recommended because it helps you identify just the right type of cat litter that will keep your home clean and your little bundle of fur happy.

Odor control

The main quality of good cat litter is the ability to absorb odor, since cats can be pretty nasty in this respect. The odor producing bacteria must be counter-attacked successfully by the composition of the cat litter, or otherwise, you will end up cleaning all day long after your cat, and still feel the unpleasant smells. Cat urine has a distinctive, ammonium like smell, and having good quality cat litter helps a lot against the odor. Always opt for high grade products that the best cat litter reviews strongly recommend.


Clumping vs non-clumping

There is a small debate whether clumping cat litter is better than non-clumping varieties or not. It mostly depends on preferences, and how busy you are. The clumping variety is easy to use and it provides great odor control, but keep in mind that you need to remove the waste transformed into clumps regularly. Replacing the entire litter must be done once a month. The non-clumping variety does not require regular clean-up, but you need to replace it weekly.



Cat litter cannot be flushed down the toilet and it cannot be composted either. If you are interested in the green aspect of your cat’s litter, you should opt for biodegradable varieties. There are plenty of them on the market, and the good thing is that they are great for cats with allergies.


Scented vs non-scented

You may feel tempted to think that this is mostly a preference for owners, but the truth is some cats also manifest preferences, so just pay attention to what your four legged companion prefers. You may just be surprised.


Top Rated Cat Litter in 2019


Seeing that there are so many different products to choose from, we decided to put together a list with the top rated cat litter 2019 that pet owners prefer. See below our selection and choose a type that fits best with your lifestyle, and, of course, your little friend’s preferences.


Tidy Cats for Multiple Cats, Breeze Cat Litter


Created by Purina, this type of cat litter has surely won over plenty of pet owners by now. Enjoying an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, the Breeze Cat Litter variety was designed, as the name indicates, for households with more than one cat. As you may well know, cats have very strong preferences when they use their facilities, and numerous cats in one place can trigger some territorial fights once in a while.

The Breeze Cat Litter is certain to help you solve at least some of these issues, and cats seem to prefer the Purina cat litter over many others. The best cat litter reviews strongly recommend this brand, and for all the good reasons.

A great quality of this type of cat litter is that is 99.9% dust free. For pets and owners with allergies, this is a great plus and one you definitely want to keep in mind when you are shopping for the best cat litter 2019.

This type of cat litter scores high in all the other aspects, too. It fights odor efficiently and it absorbs urine with great ease; the clumps formed are easy to scoop up, leaving the litter box clean again, ready to be used by your tidy cats.

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World’s Best Cat Litter


If you are the environmentally friendly type of person, this is, most probably, the type of cat litter you would choose for your pets. The World’s Best Cat Litter satisfies the most pretentious cat owners, as well as the most pretentious cats, and, in this case, it does not just carry its name as a marketing gimmick.

Plenty of cat owners consider the World’s Best Cat Litter to be the best cat litter 2019, and it should come as no surprise that so many positive reviews have been written for it. With its superior odor fighting control and quickly clumping formula, it is indeed, exactly what pet owners need to maintain their home clean and their kitties happy.

Since this is a biodegradable formula, you are probably interested in what it contains. Made entirely from renewable whole kernel corn, you will not have to worry that throwing the cat litter away will hurt the environment.

It also minimizes dust and you will not see traces of it everywhere. The World’s Best Cat Litter was especially designed to maintain your house in order and your cats will definitely love it. It can be used in households with one or two cats, and the superior odor control will not send your kitties in a frenzy, even if they use the same litter box.

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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter


Allergic cats have a huge problem with cat litter that releases dust, so getting a variety that does not have this problem is very important. The Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is the ideal choice in this case, because it has no added perfume, chemicals, additives and it is pretty must dust free. This is another great type of cat litter that you will often find mentioned by most of the best cat litter reviews you can read online.

The formula is 100% natural, and it can be used for households with multiple pets. Since it fights odor very efficiently, you will discover that all the cats love it, and you will not encounter problems with one kitty not wanting to use it.

The most important aspect of this formula is that it does not contain any type of chemicals. Cats are very sensitive creatures and if a certain smell is found intolerable, you will have a hard time making your kitties use the litter box. This is not the case, however, for the Feline Pine Original Cat Litter that so many pet owners absolutely love.

The formula absorbs odor well and it delivers as promised, which is the most important aspect for such products.

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