If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cat tower money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about cat towers by looking into actual owner feedback and consulting the best cat tower reviews in order to make objective product evaluation and study. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the IRIS USA CL-205 Navy is number one because of how it allows your pet to enjoy a variety of play activities while  also having a place to relax. This awesome product has a plush-lined house where your majestic pet can enjoy a snooze after playing around on the swing, enclosed perches, round and tunnel hideaway and ramp. For relief, your cat can use the multiple vertical scratching posts on the cat tree. If the IRIS USA CL-205 Navy is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the Go Pet Club F2040.



How to Choose a New Cat Tower


Cats thrive in an environment where there’s not just a horizontal aspect but also a vertical one. They make use of both aspects with zest, where vertical areas should incorporate fun, comfort and safety. Any multicat home would benefit from providing well-delineated vertical territory and the best cat towers of 2019 certainly deliver an effective and convenient means to provide that for your cat menagerie. Here’s what you should look for in this kind of cat equipment.

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High quality materials/ construction

You want the cat tree to be as solid as possible, so it is never a bad idea to purchase a cat tree made of real, strong wood. Treated wood is often characterized by harmful finishes as well as nylon or olefin carpet that can’t withstand the punishment of cat’s claws digging and ripping into it. You want a heavy duty cat tower with right dimensions and size, the perfect level of sturdiness and stability with a wide base to handle the weight of several cats swinging and playing on it, especially if you have more than one cat. Check the maximum load to ensure your pet/s safety.

A coarse and durable natural fiber, sisal is typically utilized to cover scratching posts. Non-scratching post poles and flat surfaces are typically coated with carpet, which enables your cat to rest on a soft and comfortable spot. Corrugated cardboard is a material used in cheap or more budget-friendly products. Durability is an issue though, since the material can tear and rip easily.


Adequate provisions for your cat’s level of activeness

Do not get a high tree if your pet is not quite the frisky or mobile type or is elderly. Go for cat towers and condos for large cats with spacious beds and perches that offer more room for play and exploration without the need to do plenty of climbing. The cat tower should be well designed to allow easy reach of components from level to level or post to post.

If your pet is active and young, it deserves to play in a tall cat tree or tower that provides more areas for playing, scratching and climbing.Cats who enjoy sleeping or playing in enclosed areas will need a tree with cradles, tunnels or just a house. A basket is great for snuggling, and so are oval and round beds. A carpet or sisal scratching post is useful if your pet likes to do scratching to keep its claws in healthy condition.


Style and build that goes well with your home furniture

You can opt for cat tree to be delivered fully assembled and ready to use or a modular type. Modular cat trees are easier to transport and can even be disassembled at option for transfer. The unit has to be easy to put together and install, preferably needing only one tool. Contrary to popular perception, not all modular towers are unstable just because they have several parts that have to be joined together, suggesting weakness in the joined segments. Just make sure everything is securely tightened or fastened.

Tightening should be easy when you have to do that from time to time with use. Consider a cat tree that looks good and easily matches the decor of the room. To promote family interaction with your pet, position the cat tree in an area of the house where family members come together.



Top Rated Cat Towers in 2019


It can be a huge challenge to purchase something as basic as a cat tower when your full focus is on your pet’s safety, health and well being. The many brands and models makes the search even more complicated. We have showcased the best cat towers on the market below.



IRIS USA CL-205 Navy


1.IRIS USA CL-205If you want a kitty wonderland for your pet, the IRIS USA CL-205 Navy is the best buy. This product offers irresistible features to ensure the happiness of your pet. The dangling rope allows your pet to hang like crazy, while the snuggle cup lets your pet take a nap. There are so many components to keep your feline friend amused and entertained, from the enclosed swing to the two separate round perches, round hideaway, tunnel hideaway and sisal-covered ramp.

There is a number of vertical scratching posts on which your pet can find relief when its claws start molting, or to relieve stress or mark its territory. There’s also a lot of plush-covered surfaces along with a large plush-lined house, which can serve as areas of rest for your pet after it has grown tired of jumping, hiding, playing, climbing and scratching. This 6-tier, 7-foot cat tree is large enough to handle an entire cat family. The sturdy wood components and heavy-duty hardware ensures years of safe fun while ensuring easy assembly using a single hex wrench.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)




Go Pet Club F2040


2.Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040The Go Pet Club F2040 comes in a neutral beige color that makes it easy to put up in any area of the house without clashing with the rest of your furniture. The base board offers a stable foundation on which the rest of the cat tree is supported, thanks to its 28-inch width and 24-inch length. The condo is roomy at its 20-inch width, 15-inch length and 11.5-inch height, which provides more than enough space for your pet to rest and relax. The smaller condo measures 15 inches wide, 12 inches long and 10 inches high, providing another area where your cat can rest and survey its surroundings.

The perches mounted on the top measure 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches by 2.5 inches, allowing three different cats to have their own place to rest lazily as well. There are 10 posts in all in the wooden cat tree, all covered by natural sisal rope and dividing the unit into 15 levels in all. The posts provide convenient scratching posts to mark territory, relieve stress or itching on your cat’s claws when they start molting.


Buy from Amazon for ($77)




Go Pet Club F49


3.Go Pet Club Cat TreeThe Go Pet Club F49 boasts a large overall size of 32 inches width, 25 inches length and 47.5 inches height, enabling it to handle the rest and recreation needs of a single cat household. Not too large nor too small, this model can easily be positioned in a corner of the house where your cat can easily interact with the rest of your family. The brown color enables it to easily blend in with the rest of the house decor, certainly not becoming an eyesore. The posts are covered by natural sisal rope, ensuring safety when your cat scratches them when its claws start becoming extremely itchy during their molting period

The cat tree is equipped with faux fur covering material to provide a smooth and soft surface on which to rest. The cat tree is constructed of pressed wood, ensuring years of use and enough strength and stability when your pet hangs on the dangling rope or repeatedly reaches for the hanging toy.


Buy from Amazon for ($56.7)